Zero Doctrine Immortality

Immortality vs Theocrats

Theocracy has ruined every map to freedom of our ‘virtual’ prison handed down since long before the time of Ieosus to Buddha to Satan. There is a beautiful deception in front of us, enhancing the quality of this proving ground called Earth.

Each story and conclusion of the Rebel Avatars from Heaven are mis-told to support the notion promoted by Theocrats of unguided and unbridled devotion to a Hate/Love God whose ridiculous codes of behavior ‘to pass’ into Immortality are NOT possible to achieve.

Leading to reincarnation and endless unfulfilled lives of mixed joys and pains, untimely death and reborn randomly without memory. This method supports a few spiritual beings and their Physical Human partners. For the average Human it is like being a factory tool.

Avatar etymology: it means one who has crossed into the secret of his Immortality and has returned to us to divulge the keys. An Avatar is also considered a Holy person or a Hallowed person.

(This can be confusing as spiritual beings who are immature have gifted us the bastardization of Hallow with the child ritual of Halloween. However, beneath the word Halloween is Hallow Een or Holy One. Who is the ‘holy one’ that this celebration day is exalting? Is it the god of the Theocrats who repps good and bad? Or is it the One True Creator God(s)?

Immortality is built in to all persons for the asking. Every Man Woman and Child has the keys for another person to recognize their Immortality. When we regard others enough to gift our Immortality to another, Immortality will be recognized for us. Many basic ‘direction’ or mental focus changes can set you on the right course to recognize your Sovereignty and your Soul.

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