The Road to Kindness for Human Beings


Miracle in SE Oregon

Destiny-Density and Moral Immoral

In the simplest way, we, Humanity did emanate from the Center as superior etherical beings with all knowledge to begin the journey of density/destiny.

The journey is a production of developments of free will, consequence, developments and Creation itself. We live as Creation. Creation is within us and all around us.

Our destiny of density includes the mixing/blending/resolution of all things unperishable and perishable. We truly are a most dynamic and courageous crew!

Over millennia(s) we have adapted and changed to allow for more data from all previous experiences to be contained within our density. Our ‘child-like’ and apparent immature state is evidence we are being looked after as super dynamic co-creators in a massive energetic production of untold and mysterious proportion. Just look inside your body.

The immorality exhibited and especially what we see at the management level is enough to shake anyone to their core!

We are about to graduate. Spontaneous evolution is real and upon us. Peace.

Who is your Silent Partner(s)

Observation indicates that before we have a thought in our mind we have a silent partner that provides those words.

However, there are two silent partners inside your mind waiting to provide reactions and words to you.

One of our silent partners is the original silent partner that we recognized before we learned words, became self aware, knew the world and started to follow its ways. The world is full of references and named and claimed things.

We carry the second silent partner with us for all of the references that we must make to coexist with others who focus on references..

Of course we have an original silent partner that cannot be referenced but can only be revered. Some people say this is related to your consciousness or your conscience. In reality this truth detector aspect of yourself is your original partner that can never be correctly referenced but only revered. Through reverences.

This authentic silent partner is only known through reverence and experiencing allowance of uncontainable and unnamable things. Your authentic silent partner can be referenced or reverenced, your choice.
Pick a partner to win

What we now know we know

As Rumselius was kind enough to leave us, there are things we know we know and things we know we do not know, but there are also things we do not know we do not know.

We now know that Nature is always a mirror of itself achieving balance. It is always in flux and always achieving balance. Nature itself is a mirror anyone can use to view the outside world, their inside world or their relationships.

Spontaneous Evolution is Real

Free Will
Development – including wholeness and separation, Abundance and Lack

β€œIn essence we are in a perpetual process of adaptation, which means that we have the potential for continuous evolution in our environment, moreover, spontaneous evolution.” from ….

Mirror vs Miracle

In 1966 the old sage named Donovan sung many wise words. Mostly they landed in things we know we did not know. Today, we have 20/20 vision on that year, those words and so much more, from what happened that year, the years before, today and how to mold our future.

IE, what to do next, or rather a proper and purposed plan.

As it turns out, when we look back at Donovan and his songs, they were a mirror to the times, the previous times and the future times. The more we look at these song, stories and shows, they are all mirrors just like Donovan’s songs.

They are all mirrors to current times, previous times and future times. Making mirrors very helpful. These kinds of mirrors anyway. Of course, there are physical and Nature’s mirrors. Even people who are close to each other can, and do mirror each other. Even pets and people tend to mirror each other.

And of course there are mirrors made of glass. These mirrors are typically reflecting mirrors, made to provide reflections. The reflection contains minute information about the whole, but it does provide a reflection or a tone.

The mirror made of glass provides a reflection from a technical perspective, but from an emotional perspective, it provides love and vanity. But even these 2 different types of mirrors will interlace upon inspection.

Mirror vs Miracle

When mirrors are used correctly, be it a physical mirror or a metaphoric mirror, the mirror can provide the lesson and the lesson can provide the miracle.

The mirrors on glass provide the vanity, the pride and the selfish love. The mirrors that nature provides show the undoing of that. Man is made from nature so everything man makes is also from nature. Whether man wants to make mirrors to help him or not, nature overpowers any desire he might have.

Thereby, everything man makes is natural and has nature’s mirror in it, as nature reveals itself in all things. This can be witnessed anywhere outside of your skin that is observable in anyway, and anything you observe under your skin or within your thoughts or emotions.

Whatever Nature makes, it always makes a mirror of it. Nature’s Mirror always shows us unselfish love and the way to true Love. The glass mirror shows vanity and self love or selfish love. The key to the miracle is to kill the mirror, the glass mirror, and use nature’s mirror to guide you in every way.

To love all lives as you would love yourself.

Mir Arrr vs Mir A Cull

When you reign in your attachment to glass mirrors and black glass mirrors (scrying mirrors, smart phone, PC and TV screens), you will have culled your last mir arrr (mirror) and provided yourself a mir a cull (miracle).

If you have seen the Scrooge story then you know Mr Scrooge made a ton of messes in his life in the community, personally and in his personal and not so meaningful relationships. All cured in one night when he culled his attachment to his selfish love mirror and returned his love to all lives. Completely cured and all messes being addressed in one evening.

cull (v.)

mid-14c., “choose, select, pick; collect and gather the best things from a number or quantity,” 

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