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Are you a Rebel? Do you feel the bondage of sequentiality and endless antagonism? Do you want answers and solutions to your Immortality? Ultimately, the battle is within. A matchup of Soul and Physical …. continued below menu.

Zero Doctrine Immortality
When we face our own shadows by observing them in others, it becomes obvious, the world outside of us is an outcome that emanates from our inner world. Religion and indoctrination, provides cover to this truth.
Perfect Health
Readily available through intention. Every Human Body is ready to provide the best Life possible. Learn all we have on diet, exercise, thinking and resting.
Save A Relationship
One person in a relationship has the power to save and improve the relationship through careful application of listening. It leads to losing your flaws and judgement of others.
Language Repair
Through centuries, language has been modified and extended to keep regular people down and greedy people on top. Learn the codes and become free.
True History-AI
Theocrats, media, institutions and billionaires are all on the same page. Find out why and who they are working for.
Helping Others
The best way to help others is to help yourself. When you help others it will hyper speed your evolution. And you will gain peace much faster.
Two Worlds in One World
Each of us is a Physical Being and a Spiritual Being. We live in both Worlds at all times. Earth is a Physical and Spiritual realm, at once.
Truth of Bible, Jesus & Buddha
Each major character, even Satan, is mis-represented to enhance the agendas of the Spiritual Beings our ‘leaders’ work with.
Cyclical Earth Cataclysms
It has been proven through extensive research, cataclysms on a schedule over the last 5500 years. Dates for future catastrophes.
Simulation Evidence
It is proven, we are in a type of dream within a dream or a type of ‘suspended animation’ as part of the proving grounds of Earth.

Have Rebels came and conquered Theocratic Doctrines here on Earth before? Yes. – The enemy is the Theocrats (false doctrines) and their Ruled Dominance of our thinking. They promote and enforce ‘Surrender’ – (do not fight it). The Rebel rejects this. We do not Surrender. We resist and fight. Theocrat translates to thought ruler, is that OK with you.

The concepts ahead are concepts – before they are realized. It happens in steps. It is OK to hold a concept that you desire to realize. There is no clock to realization. It happens with a compass only.

We Humans are each Soul Partner Ships. We are sailing a vast Sea of Universes and experiences. We are solo and together, at once. We are the most Exalted Creation on Earth and that carries obligation.

Our lineage, bloodline – timeline,- which our Souls and we have created, are linked forever. Soul Combat is here to be your guide to who you are, what your true Purpose is and grant you the recognition of where your ‘Learning and Fighting Implements’ can be accessed.

Earth’s persons, have been focusing on a tiny dot (The Spot) of ourselves and missing the Grand Mansion of our Being. ‘Nare do wells‘, have moved into our Mansion, as happens in any neglected House. – Today is Clean House/Kick-Out Day.

Soul Combat is a place to identify our pests and enemies who manage our Attention on the Spot we have found ourselves focused on. We find ourselves near devoted to ‘The Spot‘ – mentally, emotionally and physically. It will be undone.

We Human Beings are in Actuality, Mega Beings and we exist in a gigantic Mansion, physically (condensed-finite-created) and as spiritual Beings (vast, eternal, emanating), at once. Having your two forces, meet and agree, well, that is the key.

Human Soul Partnerships are the most exalted Creation on Earth and have special power, and obligation. We are maturing and clarifying ourselves. We are Immortal Soul Children, Co-Creating with the One True Creator(s).

We are both Physical and Spiritual, at once. In each Human body and experience are literal worlds of experiences and potential. Our ‘handlers‘ have selfish agendas and do not suit us. Our view of ourselves is blinded by our Ignorance, but not for much longer! Evidence and details in the links above. Enter the chatroom when ready.

Tao┬áis not a name for a thing, but the underlying natural order of One True Creator God’s Created Mega-Verse, whose ultimate essence is difficult to circumscribe because it is non-conceptual and non-compliant to Man’s demands, yet evident in one’s being of aliveness and Witness.

Tao is eternally nameless but we swim within it. – It is a consciousness ‘field’ we live inside of. We can literally, as personifications One True Creator and of this “Perfect Magic Earth Playgrounds” – and we walk within a completely recognized Being – do exactly the same actions it does – to the point, we can cause and effect. You have witnessed many testimonies. We all do it now/today.

Tao/”Perfect Magic Earth Playgrounds” is distinguishable from all the ‘named’ things that are considered manifested from Tao. — Tao would then be, the actual reality of life before it is named and claimed.

Metro” means Metered “O”, showing brightly, Man’s ignorance to demand payment for Nature’s gifts. And ignorance to the point we overlord and charge for our birthright positions and access to Natural or Spiritual. In today’s evolved ‘networked’ MOaNEY world, everyone has bills to pay in order to co-exist in Metro.

In the rurals and countryside, we can still find people living with no money and no job except working their land and sustaining their families – so it is there for us also. In the meantime, we CAN wind down our attachments and prepare to join the countryside and the Tao. Make a list and check it twice. Peace to all Seekers.

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