Power – WORDS – Power

cymatics describe frequency

You – WORDS – Happiness

an eBook to show the powers withheld from you within words, speech and language to absolutely manage and maintain your self to complete control of your relationships and views of others and the world around us.

Words have power. A title in many books about the power of words. But where is the power exactly?

Please use the links below as an introduction to how to completely dominate your reality through knowledge of how words, sounds, letters and numbers influence every part of our daily lives and happiness. Now that you own this eBook, we will update you with our web hub on word power and link you to any updates.

The video below is in audio format and has transcripts and closed captions. It will walk you through the hidden knowledge on the power and influence available through use of words and their sounds. A PDF file will be available in the near future.

Words are rooting for you!

5 Articles on Word Power we have Written

1to 9 and A to I Decoded – our first website on this knowledge we self-revealed to ourselves over many years and validated through pattern resolution and observable agreements with thousands of sufis, philosophers and prophets from Atlantis to the USA. A raw website and article that we built on, think of it as one of our backstories.

Adjust your frequency with sounds, letters, words and intentions.

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