How to “FIND” Intuition (eternal vs dual)

INSIDE: HUMAN SECRET not taught in school! — “Intuition” is very misunderstood – but there are millions of testimonies and witness that it is real and all powerful when tapped into and recognized. Whenever we are face to face and eye to eye with another – Intuition is drawn to the surface and becomes ‘known., relished and respected. Intuition is delivered to us from a place of “complete stillness”.

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Biden Revealed (Chuc-King) deposes QEII Drag On Queen

ChucKing is in charge of the Four “F’s” now, Feed, Fight, Flee, F**k – unless you see it and say:

Reptilian Brain – ‘Drag it on Queen’

Stress means – you have more on your plate/table than you can handle. Momma dragon queen in your brain loves to ‘partner up’ with you in these situations. Her and her loyalists create most of the stress situations we encounter!

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R”U” a cog in the COG, continuity of gov’t

According to Black’s Law Dictionary 6th edition, a corporation is “an artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a state.”

Because the government is a corporation (artificial person), it is a fictitious entity that has no natural rights and power. Its main source of power comes from feeding on the energy of the people.

rome burning

‘US Dolls Are’ – US Dollars – how is it done?

Is Rome burning? Have we become slaves, puppets and dolls to the dollar and our screens? Has our dilemma of very low proportion and dedication to face to face relationship time – caused us to forget or believe in Intuition? Is this Intuition the very glue that gives us all the confidence and THE ANSWERS whenever we face challenges? Have we forgotten the power and ‘magic’ possibilities of Intuition?

FUN v Amuse vs Funny – “the skinny”

In our modern world, Fun is innocent and natural. Fun is filled with peace and love. Funny is hurtful or peculiar. Amuse is to fool, cheat or trick, see below.

According to ancient texts, we were poly-theistic in the past with hundreds of gods and souls on earth who controlled nature and directed humanity. The Olympians were the most powerful, but stories also indicated a vast number of other competing ‘gods’.

FEAR D’eath – Run from Dogma N E W S noose

“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.” Mark Twain

Selling Cell -(Block)- ‘Fields’ Theory

Cells are very small living organisms that maintain living bodies, their organs and functions. Trillions of them, all immensely complex in function, design and effectiveness. Scientists tell us the building blocks of these living cells – are quanta or quantum particles, ions, atoms and their parts.

Intuition vs Abstraction vs Analytical

Many children and adolescents possess a high degree of intuition, but as they grow older their thought process become more analytical causing more activity within the left hemisphere of the brain. But, ESP studies show highly successful business executives rely more on intuition than do those who are less successful. Individuals in the creative arts, who give free rein to fantasies and imagination, tend to be highly intuitive. Intuition plays an integral part in all forms of Divination and psychic consultation.

analemma the Pole Shift dilemma

pole – “northern or southern end of Earth’s axis,” late 14c., from Old French pole or directly from Latin polus “end of an axis;” also “the sky, the heavens”

“alpha beta says so” – faux net, ic EMP

…personal study of what each letter means and the significance of the position in the
“standard keyboard” in relation to the journey of Humanity.

“My” – “Th”, Mythos, Mythe – Myth, DEFINED

‘word’ or ‘tale’ or ‘true narrative’, meaning ‘to teach’, or ‘to initiate into the mysteries’.
“Myth” has traveled many paths since ‘myths’ started.

boob tube tv

How Did We Get Here? Alpha Beta, the letters

In 1969 GE hired a researcher to show the reaction of the brain to television. It was discovered one minute of TV moves the human brain wave patterns from Beta to Alpha, the transitive, meditative state of allowing ‘messages’ to flow into you without objection, to the deepest recesses of your thinking, memories and associations. Thereby molding your beliefs and actions when reinforced with peer pressure.

“B” aNd “K” – Debt is Good?

Americans are led to ‘believe’ that debt is good. It ‘affords’ them better houses to rent and more objects to possess. We also ‘believe’ it helps to build business and the general economy. The latest ‘freebie – giveaway’ of forgiving loans to students is delivered to student loan contractees unequally.

Emp-Ire of Pain – Oxy-Continent of MED-USA – SHTF

“Kill people slowly with Opioids”
has been one of 100’s of tactics of ‘slow kill’ our world’s peoples have been subjected to for eons of repeating cycles of civilizations. Our handlers are able to ‘stay alive’ from era to era through Ancient Alchemy. WE MUST RESPOND!

$ – two lines behind the “S”?

The symbol below has helped us into the “paycheck Era” where our beliefs and actions match the fervor of ‘maintaining’ our PAYCHECKS!

a purple jester mask on display

Metamorphosis Gen-Isis to Gen Z

Before the Greeks raided Egypt was all the histoy of Egypt for 1,000s of years. Before them from references, we ‘see’ Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu along with other sunken continents. All the history of those times is in the sand buildings we live in, drive on and walk on.

Got Vexed – Blue Tooth – NEAT! – You Are ONLINE

The “plan” is to take you from IO – “Internal Operator” to IOS – “Internal Operator plus ‘S’ystem”. And ultimately to giving your sovereignty to a Farmer by transcending to IOB – Internet of Bodies”

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