“19” -M45- Air or Density – Where do Thoughts Originate

From V Shauberger: “Protecting the secret of water is a means to protect the interest-power of money. Only in an economy of scarcity can interest thrive. The price of food and the cost of mechanical power would sink to such low levels that speculators would be able to gain nothing from them. Free access to nutrition and mechanical energy are such radical ideas that our concept of the world and all ideologies would be turned upside-down…The secret of water is the capital of Capital—which is why any attempt to reveal it is ruthlessly terminated in embryo.”

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Brain Reign Evolution vs Revolution

We now know the Brain is always growing, changing, adapting and creating new ways for us to find what we are looking for. Always in a constant change or flux and always exactly matching our reality based on our Will and our will is based on: