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Idiocracy … “vati-crown-ington re-veil”

.. chess endgame, the game is technically over
but there are moves left to make, allowing – IOS and OS ‘time to Rule’

Heru is a Hero ? (25×8) Who Are You?

did the Kemetians inadvertently EXTEND materialism and modernism – returning Man to his base animal and materialistic tendencies? Shall we explore?

kemet couple

Am I affecting you?

Masters taught that all manifestation of thought, emotion, reason, will, desire, mental state or condition, are accompanied by vibration, a portion of which are cast off and tend to affect the minds of other persons by contact and “induction.” — … induction is the principle which produces the phenomena of “telepathy”, mental influence, and other forms of the power of mind over mind, of which we all have, to a certain degree depending on our vibratory rate.

Lamenting 2023 USA in 900 BC

We have reached the crossroads of the “X” inside the ‘8-ball track of life/death. When the 7 to 8 loop – restarts.

Christ/Crystal within – Secret Garden in Heart

Where/how is the christ within?
At the Monadic center point inside each personal ‘existence’ – the infinitesimal center point of a human heart – an atomic sized light ray particle – home to all the universes and pure wisdom.

IOS Hue-Mans OS -the Heart Code

As a person approaches a physical object, the object apparently increases in size. The same is true of the mind as it approaches the subject of its consideration.

endless (k)NOT

Common Man Cooperation – How?

Who does not remember making tons of agreements when you were little between you and your childhood mates? When we become adults and worldly we find a disagreeable world full of 99.99% confused pacifists blinded to a small group of fascists, ruling their mind, hearts, beliefs and actions. Good grief!

Sovereign binary/unary beings

Everyone likes the idea of being self-directed, blazing your own path, self-determination, ‘tuned-in’ to intuition and synchronicity. At the same time, we are presented a caretaker world, where all the toughest decisions are delayed or left unresolved. A sovereign being would not behave that way. What is a Sovereign Being/Person”

mary shelley

Is Everything ‘Coming & Going’ – Franken-Stein

Seriously, why is everything ‘coming and going’? Not just today, but all through history and inside almost every story – we see issues and dilemmas left unresolved. As if it is built into our Nature. Well, is it?

Humiliation to Appreciation!

July 21, 2022 my left shoulder exploded into fragments, including the head, during a clenched fist seizure, at 4:00 AM, while I was sleeping -…….

Great Work – Social Alchemy Pharmakeia

What is ‘alchemy’ – it means “L” Chemistry or divine chemistry.
Man as he is born is the product of Nature. However man can improve himself to become more than Nature. He is able to manifest his true divine potential, by transmuting his common, every day nature into the full divine nature that he really is.

NFL – “911” – Mysticism

A football is a ‘sacred geometry’ geometrical shape. A prolate spheroid is a shape in which the polar axis is greater than the equatorial diameter. The center is the fattest point and it gets skinnier as you get closer to the ends. Or two pyramids, base to base.

HOMO vs Hetero SPHERES = Light

The homosphere is a thick zone of atmosphere around the Earth where the gases of our atmosphere are thoroughly and evenly mixed up. Weather and other influences insure that these gases remain mixed up. The homosphere extends outward to an altitude of about 50 miles (80km).

Eisenhower to “MacK” TRUCK, humans collaborate in self destruction?

First Contact event on February 20-21, 1954. …a race of human looking aliens contacted the U.S. Government. This alien group warned us against the aliens that were orbiting the Equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development.

Fermat Theorem: 1,2 only – Proves Creation

Pierre de Fermat is the man. Fermat’s Last Theorem is a popular science book by Simon Singh published in 1997. It is the search for proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem, first conjectured by Pierre de Fermat in 1637 – a time of alchemy, alchemists, mystics, science, chemists and chemistry. Back then, the Church dominated all beliefs and memes in the mainstream society.

queen of magic

Magic Arithmancy vs Neuro-linguistics vs Numerology “7”

We have written many articles on neuro psychology and influencing it primarily with phonetics, letters, and words through the use of Neuro-Linguistics. It is an ancient Hermetical Art in use today – secretly – by the powers that be, a very small number of fascists, fighting for their lives and ensuring continuous Earthly catastrophes and re-starts. “When will we wake the f*ck up!?”

thought era, ride thera, ride the ra, magnetic magic .net

Is “GQD” GOD, “gone wild” – 2DAY?

It is in the food, the doorways of businesses, on their shelves, in all packaging, in the air and water, emanating from the screens we use and within the myriad-ated infrastructure of man/hermetic designed/altered EM waves used to transport these tiny grapheme quantum dots. We are all infected.

Only ‘GREEN’ neutral, center focused energy from seeking Inner answers will cause these dots to lose their power over you.

Social Alchemy (Sa) = Consensus Reality (Kr)

Social Alchemy (now secreted), was learned and passed down from the Hermetical Arts (includes Mnemosyne, Thoth, Mercury and The Fool/Trickster – the Olympian 12, Zeus and their unnamed directors):

man standing near seashore holding fishing rod on grayscale photography

“Y” is EVERYTHING Equal Measure “Y”

Awesome powers are emanating from me and contained in me. They are tightly wound within and completely unwound in front of me. I am contained and also un-containable. My response to these revelations, becomes the joy of my life – Earth is just one Name — EARTH aka IOS, TRUTH, HEART, NATURE, Body of Man – INTUITION and EQUAL MEASURE — YAY!

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