Map to Meaning of Life

Earth / Game / Challenge is a creative world of superior designed counter forces causing friction (we call them matchups) where free choice is the fundamental and most important rule. All other rules carry this rule as their root.

All actions carry consequence. We call it Parity.

All the matchups are countered to us, the (players/invitees) or supreme beings of Earth. Free choice allows developments from the blending of the choices.

Our intentions (demonstrated by choices or ignoring choices) and actions arrange the blends and developments to our favor or detriment including all who we love to influence.

We mold our realities with the choices we make or ignoring choices on two fronts:

  1. The world of the senses and the mind where all things (proven or not proven) are named, identified, organized and possessed. Or known.
  2. The ‘world’ of life and the source of it’s power. Nothing is ‘known’, can be named or contained. Or the unknowable.

Our free choice allows blendings, developments and outcomes on either front or combination of.

Observing this demonstrates the purpose of the human – to establish the best outcomes, choices/responses to the matchups, blends and developments, which allow:

a complete understanding of the outcomes, responses, developments, blends, matchup world/earth, the unknowable creator, designer and life/persona provider and your authentic silent partner to your challenge.

Through repetition, peer/parental pressure, school, institutions and media, we develop a set of imprints, memories and directives which develop a second but not authentic silent partner within.

These two silent partners are who are closest to you right before you think a thought. The original source of all, who you remember as a child’s silent partner.

And the developed, calculating, imaginative, mind partner which creates memories, stigmas and memes to give you your thoughts and reactions.

When these two silent partners are recognized, you will know what to do and what your purpose is.

Please exchange energy here if you benefitted. It will enhance and speed up your journey.

Explain Human Supreme Being

The unknowable source of all is present everywhere and special gifts from it are bestowed on Humans.

It manifests and deploys in the subtlest and loudest ways. All can be observed.

We Humans, are also bestowed creator status within the Earth Game Experience. All is Parity within the Game.

When we ‘achieve’ God status in our minds we may forget the unknowable source of all. Parity means when we forget the unknowable – it will appear to us, the unknowable has forgotten about us.

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