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Words and will are your tools to success ….

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One thing the whole world agrees on, being nice works.

Acts of Kindness cure and resolve all woes, Acts of kindness are rewarding, satisfying, meaningful, subtle and evolving for all parties involved.

Acts of Kindness are very easy to do and can occur without awkwardness or struggle.

Sometimes being nice includes doing something uncomfortable but we do it anyway because men and women are good. Kindness sometimes includes discomfort – we embrace both.

Why doing an act of kindness makes you feel better

Pain and sadness inside will lessen. Relationships become meaningful. Each act of kindness be it speech, writing, action or thought raises your ability to do the next acts of kindness.

Each time you apply yourself, noisy thoughts inside your head will subside to allow for quiet and more clear thinking to enter.

The person you were courteous to
or listened quietly to or did a favor for will also feel better and do a similar act of kindness toward someone else and so on. One action by one person causes a ripple effect across many people.

My first step to kindness
was to see and feel appreciation and respect for my own existence and toward other human beings. To be in awe of the complexity and potential of Humanity. Learned through observation of Nature in action within and without.

My second step to kindness was to learn about what the many parts and tools of me – a Human Being – I can access and learn about.

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Nature is Balance in Flux – Balance in Flux is Nature.

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Humans Contain 3 Independent Bodies

As I have experienced first hand, a man or woman has 3 independent ‘bodies’ to utilize. Documented in mountains of Ancient texts.

They are the mental/thinking part, the emotional/feelings part and the physical (voluntary and involuntary) part. Each of us has a unique arrangement. All our movements are based on a combining of our thinking, emotional and physical bodies.

Paying close attention to the three bodies can make it easier to make decisions and easier to know one’s self. It also makes it easier to see how others are making their decisions and actions. Leads to improved relationships.

3 Powerhouses Inside

These 3 powerhouses of thinking , feeling and physical are inside each unique man or woman. Each of us develop on our own way of attending to or ignoring these aspects, each person adds to others experience and knowledge and we allow developments to our life from watching and being part of others experiences.

As a unique man or woman you are the fourth part – you, with your three bodies- the thinking you, the feeling you and the physical you. And Unique you, fully assembled and working!.

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Un-seeable Immeasurable

The four definitions of us are all powered by one unmeasurable source of power that provides all life making our total number of parts that make up one Man or Woman as five – demonstrated on one hand.

Each person also carries duality or individualism:

  • rational and emotional aspects
  • or logical and emotional
  • or masculine and feminine
  • or positive/negative
  • or light/dark
  • anode/cathode
  • acid/alkaline and so on.

These duality aspects work in tandem with the five parts. This is demonstrated by looking at both hands.

Your two hands represent your two sets of five parts on each side of duality, the logical side and the emotional side aka the black and white intellectual side and the colorful emotional side.

You Are a Perfect “10”

After we recognize these different parts then we can see how they respond to the different experiences and people we meet. This makes it easier to find a balance of your different aspects since you are now recognizing them.

Every act of kindness will benefit and cause betterment to all your parts including the mystery of the power of everything.

Get started today healing, repairing and finding the best life possible through small acts of kindness.

Here is One Plan

Here is a plan. Start with 3 or more people who agree on a message of unveiling and relief. They do not have to agree on how the world they see around them works.

Only agreeing to help people through knowing they are being owned and traumatized. The trauma/addiction covers the truth built-in birthright to each Man or Woman.

Because truth is entirely too close for our enemies to risk. (Enemy phonetically is “N” in Me)

Anyone will recognize their birthright and power when they lower the noise in their head and consider our message / tips on understanding what is happening.

By applying ourselves into service to others via acts of kindness, we will improve all we contact and our personal realizations.
This can easily be avoided by maintaining your focus on the events of the world. Or embraced by turning toward your Heart.

We can be for examining the world
Or we can be for something we truly care about – each other.

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