Immortality NOW

Shortcut 2 Immortality

We are Rebels. We play by rules found in Creation and within. We know the Secrets to Immortality. All truth is in plain sight. It is organized here in an easy to read, applicable to anyone, format. There is a Rebel Yell in each of us.

  • Identify Your Baby ‘Gift’ of Cognitive Dissonance Delivered at Birth
  • Learn how CD is re-enforced through handed down memes and cultural acceptance.
  • Learn the “7” Loop of Sequentiality – The Prison
  • Learn All About What Cognitive Dissonance Is
  • Break your Dissonance for Harmony (via Actions and Intentions)
  • Heart Subtle Intelligence will Invade Brain
  • Immortality is Recognized

It is hard to see over the glitter and associations of the World. The Creation song plays inside every person, in a subtle Intel Flow that may be un-hearable over the noise and ‘responsibility/attachment’ level inside most Brains today. Let us show you how we overcame and found true love, peace, fearlessness and purpose.

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