Heart Magic Mastery

red bloodcells on white surface

The Heart and Blood is

Your Best Friend

Learn to Master

Fear Love


There are two emotions or two energies throughout life, biology, building, travel, communication and men and women. One is in, the other out. Anode/cathode, acid/alkaline, on/off/. Our language is how we do all of the above.

Learn the deeper knowledge of language origin, symbology and influence. Especially, learn to own all words by claiming them in a way that no judgement is felt or thrown toward another ever again,

The language is the key to opening up your Heart Magic. Learn here all there is to know to date about the Heart, it’s magical powers and how to ‘turn them on’!

Master Fear

All tension is related to some fear with a fancy name and convoluted explanation. Let us simplify it.

Master Love

Love is emanating from your best friend, your Heart. It considers you, it’s best friend and loves you more than anything.

Master Language

The letters and the sounds and their origins can be learned and used as your force of cognition on fear, love and persuasion.

Sum Proof of Heaven and getting there
Proving Creation inside and the Hierarchy
All emotions are two, fear and love.

“We love the Heart Magi!

Roger S Buck

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Nature shows the 27 code of sequences. Man/Woman over seen by Who, What Why Am I, overseen by the Fours
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