What we know about Blood Cells

What is Blood?

Blood is composed of mainly red and white blood cells. There have been detected, 10s of trillions of them in your body. Each cell contains within it, 100s to 1000s of distinct structures, each with it’s own specific function relating to the receiving and delivery of elements in and out of the cell. The blood cells manage and execute the delivery and receiving of goods and services and the direction of waste to it’s partners in the lymphatic system (your body’s waste management system) and the interstidium (the largest organ of the body) is made of interstitial fluids providing a medium for cells and other operators to travel. The Blood’s partner is the Heart. When the tired and oxygen starved blue blood cells arrive at the Heart, it opens it’s door, allows the blood in and re-energizes it for another trip around your body. The top jobs of the blood cells are to transmute Air and Water into your Life Power. They also manage all the dirty jobs that have to do clean up duties. One time in history: Michael Servetus: The scientist who discovered the pulmonary circulation of the blood was sentenced to death by a founding father of protestantism, John Calvin. John Calvin: One of many murderous Christian “saints.” Others include Martin Luther, Thomas More, various Puritans including Oliver Cromwell, and a number of canonized Catholic popes. Albert Einstein: Devout in his youth, Einstein’s knowledge and appreciation of science led him to reject the Bible’s miracle-producing God. The Bible has some interesting maxims and behavior suggestions but is full of BuyBull. No1 cause of death is dehydration of the blood cells. They are made of 90% water and cannot operate dry. With correct amount and correct type of waters, your body will stay at PH7 and you will never get sick. You can treat your water, avoid adulterated beverages and eat fruit water (Fruit) whenever possible. Water is nature’s solvent. Drinking the best water and eating foods and raw food that has large water content is great for re-energizing, cleaning and re-vitalizing your Blood, Heart and Brain. I humbly offer to use fruit juicing and raw fruit to cleanse and rehydrate your cells. For many Ages all we could discover about blood has been written. Here is the skinny: Your blood is your Life. Treat it as such. Get rest, exercise and plenty of the correct waters What is missing today is Regard for Others generally and this has happened in tandem with Men and Women’s views of each other. We have learned to look away as necessary to maintain our busy and mentally filled lifestyles. We have myriads of man-made stimuli to access and occupy our time and focus. This is the overview. Nothing has been proven. We feel however, there is more than enough evidence to draw some conclusions. For our group to agree, other parts of the model would need validations from each other in order to gain a consensus, move forward and evolve. There are many more connections and conclusions and a few solutions. Collaborate and we gain greater solutions. Also a ton of new science theories using Logical Math and Intuition. We have several discussion channels active now in the Human models, where you can read and join in.
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