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Which Model?

The Earth is a perfect machine which manufactures all the elements it needs to live and thrive. Earth also makes the Air and Water and maintains Life. By observing, we can detect the Earth is a living organism that supports Life inside the place we call Home. An heir to Proctor & Gamble started Thrive in 2010 to show the torroidal energy field that surrounds and feeds all Life Forms and the Earth itself. His work is active today. Speed up to today, there are dozens of searchers adding clues to our mix of details to tell the Whole Story of us and the Earth. One of our favorite is Viktor van Ophuizen who discovered part of what I visioned in 2010, a personal Sun to every Individual. For many centuries various models of both the flat stationary Earth and a spinning, orbiting Planet Earth have been shared with no one yet proving either. But there is a mountain of Intel and Intuition in every single one of us. The Men have the Intel and the Women have the Intuition.

Who Enforces Air/Space?

We have NA~SA to show all the composite images and theories but no live video or pictures of the spinning Earth that are not composites. The numbers from NA~SA regarding the shape and curve of Earth and the continuous use of composite images and unproven claims means we are being deceived. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans have left us incomplete. The 17c writers did a better job. As far back as we look, the world believed the Earth was flat in it’s nature. And the Sun, Moon and Stars moved around the Earth. There are endless experiments to prove the flatness of Earth and the stillness. Endless studies on the movements of the Sun, Moon and Heavens. The next place we look is to the Nordic Cosmology. Nordic means from the North and they ended up being Vikings, so not too far from the North. The Nordic People believed the Earth resembled a Tree of Life and contained 9 Realms. Their writings match up to many parts of other renditions of Creation and the Earth model. There are maps made by a famous mapmaker named Mercator that show where these peoples may have lived, and not so long ago as we might think. Here in the middle of the Earth model discussion we bring up the Bible. Bible means “Book of Books”. It is a compilation of many books by many authors. Many of the earlier books in the Bible are no longer in there. All the text has been translated and looked over by more than one political group. The most known, the Council of Nicea. Their group aimed to consolidate the people into one religion and one belief system. That political group of Nicea used their re-writing and enforcement to Birth Christianity as we know it today, the base for all religions, laws and cultures. We can logically deduce, some changes were made to uphold their position. Besides the long time ago story of the Nordic People, we can add the times of Atlantis which were discussed by Plato and others. We now know China was, in ancient times, 400 plus independent regions/countries with peoples of different cultures and language in each. We also now know about all the evidence of the great and worldwide culture known as Tartaria. The discovery of Tartaria has come with expansive evidence and documentation of great civilizations in this world expanding their reach and suddenly disappearing. It seems that the timeline we have been given by academia as well as the marking of events and the surrounding circumstances is quite incomplete. We have enough Intel and Intuition pouring in to Us now, we can all face each other and work together to piece the puzzle together. This is the overview. Nothing has been proven. We feel however, there is more than enough evidence to draw some conclusions. For our group to agree, other parts of the model would need validations from each other in order to gain a consensus, move forward and evolve. When we look at the period of the 17th century, we see a mix of old world mysticism and modern science. The people of those times were quite advanced in their thinking and skills of documentation. There identifications are extensive but there rhyming message is that Human Beings and the Earth are formatted in a similar way to allow a shared experience with the Earth and all other Life Forms. The Nordic cosmology can be looked at this way: It is real but is beyond scientific explanation. From a great site on Nordic Cosmology: Yggdrasil (Earth) is a mighty (Metaphoric) tree whose trunk rises at the geographical center of the Norse spiritual cosmos. The rest of that cosmos, including the Nine Worlds, is arrayed around it and held together by its branches and roots, which connect the various parts of the cosmos to one another. Because of this, the well-being of the cosmos depends on the well-being of Yggdrasil. When the tree trembles, it signals the arrival of Ragnarok (aka, aldar rök, “fate of mankind or the Gods”) and the epigenesis of the universe. Should we notice that Ragnarok spells G Korrana? korangaR-Ragnarok as a palindrome. G is #7 in the alphabet and represents 7 Ph Perfect Potential of Hydrogen. When your blood is Ph 7, you cannot get sick. There are many more connections and conclusions and a few solutions. Collaborate and we gain greater solutions. Also a ton of new science theories using Logical Math and Intuition. We have several discussion channels active now in every Earth model, where you can read and join in.

Our Current ‘Model’

We find this arrangement to be credible for now. There is a Fractal Nature to each life form and us. The new term for it is Non-Self (an Intuition based term). And Counter-Space (an Intelligence based term). Either seem to express itself in an Implosive and Fractal Nature. Implosive is Sympathetic, Eternal and Feminine Fractal when observed appears to be reaching or exploding the same way that Acids in the body act. So can a fractal be both? Fractal is Reaching/Implosive. But looks like an explosion. A Fractal, when observed appears to be exploding but it is Imploding. Even when we find terms to describe the Feminine Aspect of our existence, the Masculine must be represented. After all, we are scribing. (Identifying) This is the space or glue between everything that keeps it intact and perpetual. No fractal will change until it is disturbed. For some, this is a way to see a particle of God or the Creator/Maintainer/Force of All. Naturally this explanation is about the unexplained part of ourselves and the workings of Life Forms/Earth. We have libraries filled with the brim about things we have identified, measured and made conclusions about. So now we recognize (Female) Intuition on the Counter-Space/Non-Self side and millennia’s of data from the (Male) Intellect, Self and Space side. A thrilling time to be alive! Feminine Aspects: Non-Self or Counter-Space also Intuition and Sympathetic Masculine Aspects: Self or Space also Intellect and Calculating These observations and analysis will continue. Keep checking here for the latest on the ‘Earth Model’.
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Robert Fludd 17c
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Robert Fludd was a respected English physician (of Welsh origins) employed at the court of King James I of England. He was a prolific writer of vast, multi-volume encyclopaedias in which he discussed a universal range of topics from magical practices such as alchemy, astrology, kabbalism and fortune-telling, to radical theological thinking concerning the inter-relation of God with the natural and human worlds. However, he also proudly displayed his grasp of practical knowledge, such as mechanics, architecture, military fortifications, armaments, military manoeuvres, hydrology, musical theory and musical instruments, mathematics, geometry, optics and the art of drawing, as well as chemistry and medicine.

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