Father Twenty-Three to Thirty-Three

  • When did I lose my child’s view of the world

23. The life of a human being in many ways resembles a thermometer that has one color at the bottom of it and another color at the top we are all red in the lower side of our body and in our thinking and all green in the upper side of our body and the upper side of our thinking.

When we are born our entire color from head to toe is green there is no red. As we come to know the world and absorb the various memes and instructions that we get from the people around us some bread appears within our bodies. As we get older more red comes and a kind of mix of red and green happens.

Girls and boys are different so when we get between the ages of nine and 13 and our maturity level changes to the sexual level that is when we invite or do not invite more red into our life.

What sexuality is only one part of red color within you and it does not overpower you are you in and of itself unless you let it. In order for your being to lose its green and go mostly red it is entirely based on what you think because everything you think turns into what you feel emotionally and everything you feel emotionally turns into your actions which are the most powerful thing you own on this life.

For whatever the reason we have evolved to the point where as we enter into adulthood and maturity and sexuality we lose our progression into mature thinking. This is sanctioned and collaborated with by all the forces and peer pressure around us.

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In reality we are not red zone beings but we have become almost completely red zone beings.

  • How do I find peace and fearlessWhat changed views should I consider bringing back to my consciousness

24. The most important change views you would consider bringing into your consciousness that you previously had worse many of the ones you had as a child. Where fairness rolled and separation took a backseat. Until you were taught not to share you did not care.

At the moment but the most important view you would consider bringing back to your consciousness is caring more about understanding the person next to you then you care about them understanding you. This type of regard for another person is called non judgment and non favoritism. It is easy to understand intellectually but harder to put into practice.

We found that, just like anything else that is hard to do, if you just try it always gets easier everyday.

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  • Is Jesus the Sun

25. Is Jesus the son is a question that many people ask because the stories in the Bible so much look like they are talking about the sun in the sky. So many of the ways it worked out and the Jesus story match up to the way the sun behaves on earth.

The earth like all life forms and the sun goes through life cycles of beginning middle and end. The story of Jesus in many ways is the same as these stories. So it is possible that the story of Jesus is the possible story of the son.

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  • Is Jesus really Ieosus or the first Caesar

26. Journals that people wrote from biblical times often come out and then get decoded there were no books in those times so any writings were personal writings. Research in recent years has shown stories of the very first Caesar and his story exactly resembles the stories of Jesus Christ.

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  • Outside the antarctica treaty 1954 and covid 2020, have govts around the world ever agreed

27. No long lasting multiple country treaty has ever existed where all parties agreed except for the UN/Antarctica treaty. We have never seen a similar arrangement where most countries agreed until we got to 2020. We have stacks of information on these dynamics and have made our conclusions, please click here.

  • Why is there a worldwide virus attack

28 There actually is no worldwide virus attack at all. All of the attacks are only from suggestions on the screens. There are sicknesses, deaths and people hospitalized but that is because of all of the previous epidemics that we no longer talk about.

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  • Who invented money and what for – Who owns all the money

29. The history of money is a very interesting history indeed. All the modern money systems we have today were started with the first useri system. History systems have come in and out of favor several times over the last several 100 years.

It has evolved to the point where we now carry notes that say they are loans rate on them. All of the western money is printed by mysterious central banks and then loaned to us for a fee.

So who invented the money is less important then what is going on with the money and where is money so money does not sit in our hands since every bill says it is alone. So what we actually own is debt and our debt masters collect from us in many different ways.

Who owns all the money is not important since there actually is no money at all. The question becomes what is my purpose here and why am I confused and holding something imaginary and giving giving it so much power.

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  • How do shapes, colors and frequencies inter-relate and what power does it have

30. Whenever you see a shape you are looking at the expression of a frequency. Shapes colors and vibrations are all different frequencies.

This dynamic is especially important when we think or look at letters digits and numbers. Each one of these little shapes carries a frequency on its own plus it has a matching color and vibration. When you start to pair them up and mix them into groups then you have something truly dynamic with many consequences.

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  • Are all people connected thru the air/aether somehow

31. Throughout the ages aether has had different names such as chi or prana but basically means a field of consciousness that pervades everything. This is something that even modern scientists agree exists but they also admit that they can find no tool to measure it with. They only claim it exists because they know it does through observation.

So you have thousands of prophets and millions of pages from ancients that say aether chi and prana exist and now you have hundreds of modern scientists that say ether exists. So just imagine this is your movie and how would you like it to turn out.

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  • Do all people have esp or telepathy

32. It is widely established across all fields that all people have ESP telepathic powers. The question remains why is there not intense study in this field and open and public debate on it constantly. As we know all things we think about and do not think about and this world are largely and mostly based on memes.

If you think about it for 10 seconds you will realize that memes teach you what to talk and think about and what not to talk and think about. This understanding of memes shows you what it is that you are missing by considering all the memes of the things you do not talk about.

The most important meme of all the memes of memes of not talking about something is talking about telepathic manifestation or ESP. It literally can create your reality and make things appear in your hands.

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  • What are dreams and sleep

33. Dreams and sleep are basically one of the realities that we lived through in our existence. If you think about the daily clock you were always waking up with the sun and doing all your business with the sun. Everyone knows when the sun goes down it’s time to rest.

When we look at our human bodies as exact replicas of the earth and the sun then we know that there is a time for work and a time for rest. The dreams will show us what we left undone during the day.

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