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  • How do I make successful relationships

12. Winning and mutually beneficial relationships are always based on give and take giving us the exact example of all life on earth and the earth itself. Any new relationship that you begin and your outreach toward it will all emanate from how you feel and look at yourself.

Any relationship is not really about the relationship as much as it is about your relationship with yourself or how you feel about yourself mentally emotionally and physically. So much has to do with understanding the different parts and levels of being and living as a human being.

And so much has to do with understanding the different parts and levels of being and living as a human being with other human beings and within Creation.

Kevin and Nina adventured deep into these topics to find satisfaction and peace and fearlessness let us show you how here.

  • How do I find peace and fearlessness

13. Peace and fearlessness can be understood dead by looking at their opposite of battle and fear. We all know the choice we would make out of these four but yes we find ourselves within situations of battle and fear.

Just like any endeavor we take within our own life pairings or groups we always find ways to avoid battle and fear and we are very good at it. Everyone already knows how to find peace and fearlessness by changing their behavior the way they feel about themselves and the way they feel about others.

For a longer answer and all the gory details please click here.

  • Is the TV lying to me (sports news celebrities)

14. We can assure you that the TV is definitely lying to you along with everyone and Sports News and celebrities. These institutions have actually morphed over the decades as we have turned away from their lies and accepted them as truth or fantasy truth.

Everyone likes to go to the movies and get lost in the movie and the popcorn and the comfy seat but we all know that the movie ends and we go back to our life where we have responsibilities obligations and relationships to uphold. If we were to take our minds off the screen and back into our obligations and relationships all of the troubles of the world would fade.

If you would like an assembly of our proof and evidence that the TV is lying to you and what your real purpose is please click here.

  • What is the difference between my neo-cortex (present moment conscious thinking) and my Limbic systems

15. We started studying our bodies and around 2009 very seriously because we were approaching the 50 year mark and that made us consider our death. What we found out was that there are many different interactions happening in the body at all times and most of them are based on what we think about. However what we think about has a lot to do with, what we’re going to eat next.

Or how we’re going to be stimulated through our five senses next. Or how we’re going to entertain the next fantasy swirling in the millions of fantasies deductions hypotheticals and theories that we are constantly allowing to be fed to our ears eyes nose taste and touch mainly through the screens.

All of this constant stimulation and data pouring into us causes a centralized focus in the neo-cortex of your brain which leads to a new reality of what your existence is.

The non lie be told if you were to find a way to cut back the stimulations and the data pouring to your brain and five senses, what would be revealed, is a place within you that contains 5 inner senses of sound, sight, smell, taste and touch. These emanations from your inner self are very subtle and can only be heard in a quiet place.

The limbic systems of the body keep your body in perpetual life at all times regardless of what you think. It adapts to you on the fly. The limbic system is tide and powered directly by the power and source of all living things that permeates all living things and everywhere throughout the earth. This is the place of quiet that you can listen to when you get quiet and want to listen to your inner senses.

This place of quiet where all of these inner senses can be sensed is available to every individual.

Get the whole skinny and how we live it! Click here.

  • How to balance my nature tied limbic system to my neo-cortex busy mental processes

16. The balance of anything in our life and in anything we see outside our eyes is a balance of inward energy and outward energy, to put it as simply as possible.

Your neo-cortex is an organizational area of your brain which assembles data, as it is rendered to you, from all of your five senses.

Your limbic system is tied to your involuntary operational systems of your body of delivering needed data and materials and removing unwanted ones.

It keeps you alive at all times regardless of what you and your neo-cortex have decided to do next. Anyone could look at this as “their movie” and then say to themselves “how do I want this movie to turn out”.

Nina and Kevin studied this topic for the last 10 years see our conclusions and results here.

  • How can I re-invigorate my blood, heart and brain

17. The first step to reinvigorating your blood your blood cells your blood cells pool that it swims in your heart and your brain is to recognize that the three of them are a family. Your lungs do work with them to process the Air which is a major part of your being and makes up almost all of you.

We will focus on the first family in this answer of your blood your heart and your brain and they are in that order for a reason. The blood numbers and the many 10s of trillions as it exists within the hundreds of thousands of miles of conduit which also exist within your body.

The heart has long thought to be a pump that is not connected to anything and simply pumps for no apparent reason. But new revelations over the last decade or two have shown that the heart unwraps into a long organ that looks a little bit like a worm. This organ is not a pump at all but literally vortexes the blood after it arrives and enters the heart. There is much more we will tell you about the heart.

The brain along with the nervous system which is an extension of it and the blood cells and the heart all work simultaneously together all with the same intention and mission working in perfect synchronicity and perpetual illness at all times.

The first step to invigorating your blood your heart and your brain is to recognize how important they are to you and everything about you and your relationships too. Once you set your intention you can go about the hard work to make your life magic.

We have been on this topic non stop since 2009 and have reached several conclusions and will share with you all the steps we took to make this happen.

  • What is the benefit of one lemon a day and the details of how and when to take it

18. We have found several researchers in the modern era who have assembled much

18 the lemon is no less mysterious than any of the mysterious things we have in front of us but through observation we know that the lemon can benefit the human beyond ways that we can stay here.

Re personally do a very simple way of ingesting lemon in our house. Every morning before we eat we put the juice of 1 raw lemon into a half of glass of room temperature clean or text water. We ingest this as a tonic every morning before we eat anything. This has benefited us greatly and changed our life and is a daily routine for more than 10 years.

We have a lot to say about the lemon and its benefits, more than will fit in this space please click here for all the happy and fun details.

  • Did my teachers lie to me

19. Before my teachers were lying to me I already knew they were lying to me because every adult I had met claimed to be an adult but acted like a child. As I joined the school system and all my friends and social groups I pretty much fell into the same line of thinking as everyone else.

But I could never get along with the programs the teachers were offering because they never had conclusions that were satisfying and left more questions about the material and more answers to the question “are they lying”.

The more the teachers left their materials undone and their conclusions this satisfying the more of the question are they lying came to an answer. After careful study for many years since leaving school in 1980 I have come to the final conclusion without a doubt teachers are lying whether they want to or not.

If you want to learn about all the mis-guidings and all the mis-conclusions that we have found and all the non-lies that we have found, please click here

  • Did my parents pass on the lies to me

20. Parents always pass on to their children whatever they think is best for them and if that happens to be lies then they will happily hand you lies. The parent ultimately loves the child more than anything but if they truly believe the lie they will happily tell the lie to the child.

Once your body is fully grown and you can see so in the mirror then it is time for you to decide if you are going to continue to believe the lies that the teachers your parents and all of their friends in the media and government are telling you are going to be lies that you want to share and live with all your friends and relationships or if you plan to break out and find the non lie.

Find out how we handled this topic and situation here.

  • Are my friends repeating lies

21. If you have been following along in order you know that unfortunate as it may seem also your friends are repeating to you the same lies. If you wanted to have friends who question the lies and have those be your discussions then you would do so.

Please join our movement of like minds where we go through every nagging question with every possible answer.

  • Do I need new friends

22. Let us be your new friends and all the other members of this site we love to share with each other every non lie and lie that’s ever been told and what we are going to do about it please click here

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