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  • Is this the end of the world

1. The end of the world and the beginning of the world is always happening right now and at the same time for now and forever. Inside your body you have trillions of worlds called human cells and they all run cycles until they blink and become a new when they get tired this happens up to 70 times per cell each inside the human body.

The Earth itself is in many ways a human body and a human cell and many other things and it does have cycles the same as our human bodies and our human cells do. So when we ask is this the end of the world it is always the end of the world and the beginning of the world at the same time. For more opinions and views and answers on this topic click here.

  • When is the end of the world

2. The timing of the end of the world can easily be seen by looking at your personal timing and the others around you. It is very easy to calculate the timing of the end of the world and the end of a person all you have to do is think about it.

Today there are currently many people on this topic and have used all the data from previous cycles to try and determine the exact timing of the end of the world this time. We have many answers to this question and have thought about it for our entire lives please click here to find out.

  • How many times has the world ended before – ever since the beginning?

3. The simple answer to this question is at least as many times as there are hairs on your head your human body contains up to 200 trillion human cells with each the infrastructure of a small city. These cells go through regular cycles of wearing out and getting replaced. Think about how many times your cells get replaced on average 70 each over the course of a lifetime.

That is how many times the world has entered before. Please click here to find out the evidence we have gathered of previous civilizations that have ended suddenly and dramatically.

  • How can I see it through

4. Most people when faced with the concept of the end of the world get what we call religion at that moment. The reality is to see any endeavor through you have to make plans and see all the details and the ending in your mind. This endeavor would be like any other endeavor. Click here to see all we have learned about this topic and what we are doing about it.

  • How will it end this time.

5. From all the data we have collected and through promises of seeks and profits that we trust the world will not end by drowning this time. Although we can expect that people who live next to large bodies of water may see those bodies of water on top of them. We all know the story of Noah and the great flood and it is written about in every ancient cosmology. Click here to see the details on how it will end this time.

  • What is a Plasma Apocalypse or Electromagnetic Changeover World Ending ‘Reset’

6. The plasma apocalypse or electromagnetic changeover or world ending resets on cycles is a real thing and the latest name for it is plasma apocalypse which has much text written behind it please click here to see our study and results of the names and validity of world ending events labels and the known outcomes.

  • Is there proof of civilization ending events on a cycle

7. We have found several researchers in the modern era who have assembled much data about previous civilizations and their sudden removal from our plane. Click here to see the big list.

  • Is Jesus the Sun

8. One thing is for sure that the words son of man and son in the sky sound exactly alike. One thing for sure is the sun provides a lot of nutrition and light for our needs. In many ancient texts the name of Jesus and the sun in the sky are interchanged.

Click here to see all the correlations we have found between the Bible Jesus and the sun in the sky.

  • What am I

9. Most people like to start this question with who am I but I have found that it does not make sense to me to say who am I because I definitely whoever I am would not have a label. So I choose to ask myself ‘what am I’, sensing that, that would bring me closer to a possible answer of who am I.

The correct order of these questions, from our study, is What Am I / Why Am I which answers Who Am I. None of these questions should be started without beginning with “I Am”

Example: “I am asking myself What Am I” Get the whole skinny on what Kevin and Nina figured out about this question click here.

  • What is religion

10. Religion is a funny word because it literally breaks into a phrase called “repeat lieg ions” which would translate to “repeat tying up / binding ions” and the ions could be considered the building blocks of life forms and since we’re talking about religion those life forms would be me and you.

It can also be turned into the phrase repeat legion. I think you may remember from Bible class who said “I am legion”.

And the third way that the word religion makes a phrase is repeat legion or “many repeating” as the word legion means many.

So if we look at these top three phrases the first one means to bind over and over again the second one means repeat many and the third one means many repeating so we will have to look at the word repeating.

The word repeating starts with the letter R so we can get part of the code to this answer. The letter R is easily converted to a letter P by removing its walking leg. R can easily turn to a P which stands for Perfection.

So with the word religion we know that in at least half of it’s meaning it must be good because it starts with an R which is on its way to becoming a P or Perfection.

Because we know our world has so many uniquenesses there is no way that repeating anything could come out the same way twice, so anytime we are repeating, it is because we may be trying to get it right.

For more details on our evolution on this topic please click here.

  • How I am powered

11. Life and human beings are powered by a perpetual method which includes telepathic manifestation, that is the short answer. The perpetual method has been written about talked about and thought about for as long as humans and life have existed on earth.

The telepathic manifestation power of each human being has equal amounts of text written about it. There are literally billions of words on these two topics and the first topic of how is a human being powered.

Learning all we could about this helped us to have a base understanding of what a human being is and what our role is within the perfect plan of human beings and earth.

Click here for the whole skinny.

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