Father Answer Thirty Six

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  • How many times has the world ended before – ever since the beginning?
  • 3. The evidence of the sudden civilization ending events have been surfacing nonstop for the last 10 years. There are several researchers mostly on YouTube where all of the facts and theories are laid out.

    As of today there are over 20 video creators publishing facts and theories about correct history correct timelines incorrect evidence of civilization ending events on a regular cycle. The innovators with the most work would be on YouTube or their associated platforms with the names of new earth channel or mud flood channel or odd TV. But as said there are dozens more.

    The names people gives to these events are world reset, empcoe, EC, plasma apocalypse, end of the world, rapture, pole shift, and many more. We have noticed that the behavior of the human beings directly relates the accelerated end of World events. It makes us wonder if we altered our behavior if the end of the world scenarios would still play the same.

    The simple answer to this question is at least as many times as there are hairs on your head. Your human body contains around 30 trillion human cells with each containing the infrastructure of a small city.

    These cells go through regular cycles of wearing out and getting replaced (personal end of the world inside your body) countless billions of times, daily and for a lifetime.

    Think about how many times your cells get replaced, on average 70 times each over the course of a lifetime. 200 billion red blood cells expire and are replaced, daily.

    Yes, the Earth appears to be a clock or operating as one. Why are there revelations in books. To guide you on the Earth’s clock. Does that seem natural. I assure you, it is not.

    Today there are currently many people on this topic and we all have used all the data from previous cycles to try and determine the exact timing of the end of the world this time. And the nature of the master / slave system and why.

    The current data that’s being shared choose minor recess of the earth system happened about every 130 to 40 years and then every so many of those we have what’s known as they major shift. Part of the community believes this is a final showdown in the times we are in right now.

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