Father Answer Thirty Seven

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  • How can I see it through

4. Most people when faced with the concept of the end of the world get what we call ‘religion’ at that moment. The reality is to see any endeavor through you have to make plans and see all the details and the ending in your mind. This endeavor would be like any other endeavor.

The primary focus is in the word focus. You have to be prepared mentally and your body has to be clean. You can’t be prepared mentally until your body is clean. You have to be strong so you can withstand trials. And you have to have practice so when you have to make a fast decision you have several to choose from and don’t have to make one on the spot.

After you achieve that then you would have to make plans through your visualizations and your knowledge base. You would want to know alternate locations other than where you’re planted right now.

If the world is getting soaking up then you can assume being near large bodies of water or low sea level areas would not be advisable. Highly populated areas also make the challenge much greater. Elevation and flat is the key and not near medals.

There does not seem to be any safe locations on the surface outside of the center of our world which when considered as a plane that center would be in the biblical areas or Egypt. Naturally the governments and scientists know all this but it is being withheld from the general population.

Since there are so many survival skills and teachers about that we would suggest that you look at them and find the ones that agree with you and then learn them well.

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