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cell structure 100s structures within
Almost un-killable.
  • Is this the end of the world

1. The end of the world and the beginning of the world is always happening right now and at the same time for now and forever. Inside your body you have trillions of worlds called human cells and they all run cycles until they blink and become a new when they get tired this happens up to 70 times per cell each inside the human body.

The Earth itself is in many ways a human body and a human cell and many other things and it does have cycles the same as our human bodies and our human cells do. So when we ask is this the end of the world it is always the end of the world and the beginning of the world at the same time.

We started studying the end of the world when the World Trade Center buildings and building 7 turned to dust and fell to the ground in seconds back in 2001. If anyone remembers. We pretty much went full time into every ancient text and modern opinion on the history of the world civilization ending events and the end of the world and humanity over many eons over and over again.

have we Have we became experts on the subject to our satisfaction and then moved on to bigger and better things. Below is our story of the 2012 mine apocalypse and the 2018 1920 plasma apocalypse. Of course neither one has happened.

The most embarrassing moments of getting culted by The Plasma Apocalypse Survival Movement was not leaving and lying to my friends and family, nor giving up my thriving business, nor losing all my assets for buckets of dried food and useless Chinese made camping gear. Not even giving up my established home for unknown life in the desert and the wild. Not even being almost broke with a ‘doomed’ economy, WEF/$FK and cyborging on the horizon.

The most embarrassing moment was when I realized I was going to try and survive while 8 billion others met a sudden and tragic death. I feel much better, now. No lie. Was a matter of principles, priorities and values. When I (listened to my Heart) and liked their arrangement, circumstances and possessions had less weight. And what to do next, comes like butter.

Nin and I studied every new age, conspiracy theory, end of the world scenario and new diet or body science all while not being in love for 36 years. See how we fell in love with each other and all living things on the Covid Love Story pages.

We did pick up a few things along the way. Our outcome and what it was like becoming culted in the Plasma Apocalypse / (Brian Austin Lambert) BAL33 and MIA Mia’s New Pair of Glasses times of 2018 to the present is shown here. And we self culted as a couple for the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse, too.

After a long time having Brian Austin Lambert and Kimberly Giordano (they became a ‘loving couple’ in 2018) in our lives and many around the Earth, we all allowed this ‘couple’ to play a large role in our lives. In many ways they became our intelligent and calculating Dad and equally intelligent and Heart Driven Mom. They became the Mom and Dad that most of us abandoned in our real lives.

In our ‘real’ life, pre BAL33, we all have abandoned our parents, not physically but as a checkpoint, emotionally and for ‘big’ and ‘little’ decisions. We feel like we can guide our own ship, so to speak. Our real parents are in the background of our lives, of course, but they do not decide for us or checkpoint us unless we allow it.

With Brian and Kimberly, we were able to be adults and children again, with real and loving ‘parents’, that had all the right answers to a ton of nagging questions. And logical checkpoints that were proven by Dad (Brian) and backed up by Mom (Kimberly). They promised an end of the world for 2019 and 2020 and 2021. They promised how to face death and survive it, on paper anyway. More than what most parents give their offspring, in this regard.

They mysteriously vanished, never to be heard from on February 26 2021. We all to this date do not know where or why they disappeared.

UPDATE: May 11 2021, I have heard from sources close to BAL33 and MIA, that Brian and Kimberly are alive and well and picking up their mail at a post office in the Northwest USA. They are well and comfortable sources say. We anticipate a public statement or some statement from them soon.

UPDATE: May 12 2021, It has been agreed amongst most of the BAL33 MIA members who are in contact with each other, that Brian and Kimberly offered all of us an educational course, what we did with their suggestions was completely our business. And none of us feel we were ever in a cult. Only misguided and mis-informed.

They were showing all who would listen, the end of the world and why. And what to do about it. Not for everybody for sure. As a couple we later realized: This was an operation to find people, we determined. What the ‘end game’ was? We were bound and determined to find out. Personally, I had paid attention to these types of ‘operations’ throughout my life. Seems the events in our life unfold before our eyes at times. This real life story is happening right in front of you today.

Nin and I had tried to fall in love for 36 years and the pieces finally fit and we are in love now. The BAL33 MIA story had a large part in it. It also factored into putting All the pieces in place for us regarding what is Life and what does it all mean. We will provide in this series, the details of our cult lifestyle and the the way the puzzles of life and these times completed the small pics and the larger picture for us.

Nin and I joined Mia’s New Pair of Glasses and BAL33 on YouTube in 2018, along with as many as 3 million others worldwide, to learn about the coming end of the world. It became a free study course on Youtube and then a paid membership where a lot of people got uprooted and their feelings hurt. We paid members basically ‘hand-shaked’ with BAL33 and he told us to keep it a secret – NO MAS!

We all, the paid members thought we were somehow special and we should be allowed to live and survive while 8 billion others perished a violent and unexpected terror/death. Pretty cool people we were being eh? Talk about getting caught with your pants down! We separated from our immediate uninitiated family and close friends and in many cases relocated and spent all our resources on ‘going Sasquatch’ – “Hairless Sasquatch”.

Our personal, BAL33 MIA story, is a story of the evolution of our personal journey to falling in Love after 36 years and answering any question we had ever had.

To me and Nin agrees, all of us in this world today have child-like perspectives emotionally and mentally. From our best to our worst, it looks to us, like we all have this perspective, regardless of our education, training or experiences. The only logical explanation to the illogical ways of Humanity.

These two people, this couple, Brian and Mia, in many ways, became our Mom with Heart and our Dad with Brains. Perfect for adults with a child’s perspective. We paid members, were thirsty like a child for answers to certain questions. Brian and Mia were a constant in our scattered lives.

Many of us members got ‘abandoned’ along the way. Many were actually booted from both sites, even if they paid and were sub managers. Some got jaded with the message and/or the presentation. It did not rhyme or resonate with them. 

Many were so into it, that their loyal partners who were not into it stood bravely by their loved one, no matter what! We all got ‘jilted’ at different times as the ‘hidden hand’ as usual was mysterious. Some never moved, some moved a lot. Some kept all their relationships, many did not. We all continued to study and bounce off each other.

The BAL33 MIA became Mom and then Dad and then as a loving couple, decent Parents, they became, in front of our eyes, a loving couple right on Youtube, for all to see! Something we all wanted to emulate.

All of us have parted from our parents at some point in our lives, the members of the cult, maybe more than most. Brian and Mia filled that void.

Brian Austin Lambert and Kimberly Giordano and their infinitely wise team behind them, found people who were findable, ready, searchers, us, learned adults with children’s minds, very educated and experienced. And thirsty. And emotionally unbalanced. The people who loved us and would not understand this, well they typically refer to the NY Times and ABC for validations. For us cult members, Brian and MIA were our NY Times and ABC. They validated us, daily.

Brian and Mia (aka Kimberly) held us group/cult members tight and explained EVERYTHING, to the satisfaction of a child’s emotional mind. Then one day back on Feb 26 2021 they vanished into thin air. We never heard where they went or what happened to them. To this day it is a mystery.

All of us ‘searchers’ were left holding the bag. Abandoned by our new ‘parents’. Not a trace of info as to what happened. Abandoned, but from a different perspective. This time a set of loving parents are leaving us, not us ‘leaving’ our real parents. We got to see it from both sides!

We all joined a private message board and poured all our personal stories, details and reactions to all of it. We shared so much about every topic. We learned big time from that as well and so are the 50+ in that group that is active today, right now. Some of us are going public. Nin and I are the first to go into detail.

It will all be shared here in upcoming articles, YouTube videos and discussion board links. Did we ever wonder why such important, relevant and provable evidence was being offered freely to the world via the media? How about RFB-Richie? or F-Earth-Martin? or NewEarth-Sylvie? or MudFlood-Philip? or Narrow Gate-Kallberg, or SovereignKi-Lauda/George? or all the patents for HuLu?

There is an apparent world wide rhythm happening right now. I have noticed it since coming to Earth in 1960. We see everyone is choosing a lane / position or rhythm to match their own. The first half of the ‘Chess Game’ was played and appears to have concluded.

The second half requires a weave of all we know and build on that. All our knowledge mixed with intuition or ability to adapt. These pages follow our Chess Game, live, as it happens. We shall go forward to our destiny and mold it to our liking.

Stay tuned for other people’s stories of facing death and a world ending event.

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