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99 Nagging Questions we have asked since Childhood

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Child Answers 1-33

Child Questions 1 – 33

  • How does one jump off the gerbil wheel of work, play, sleep, leaving things undone

1. The problem that comes from being on the gerbil wheel of work, play, sleep, repeat is that most of our thinking time is spoken for. And in between we feel tired and lost and want to be left alone. Some of us use the weekends or hobbies to attempt balance and happiness. There are many more ways humans have tried including inward journeys click here for the rest of the story.

  • What are the best ways to make lists that get done

2. There are many materials on making lists effectively so that they don’t get lost and you can keep track of them easily, but the thing that people miss most is being sure you keep your ‘to do’ list separate from your ‘wish list’. Find all the great ways people make lists here.

  • Show me instruction on the art of and benefits of listening correctly to others

3. There are stacks of books and guides describing the arts and benefits of listening correctly to others, this leads to improved view of your self, your relationships and the world. And you will see the ways that people change in a good way around you. Click here for our favorite study materials on this topic.

  • Are there simple and easy ways to execute instant improvements in my personal relationships, today

4. You can start with your very next thought and words after reading this article how to instantly improve yourself and all your relationships whether they are business or personal. This page provides an easy summary and quick start with all of our favorite information on this topic.

  • Does everything have Male and Female attributes

5. We cut peel and de-seed up to 10 lbs of fruit for breakfast. So we get to see to fruit up close and personal every day for more than 10 years. Every single fruit has a male side and a female side. Studies show us that almost every life form contains male and female attributes. Read this article to get the skinny on Male Female, In / Out, Happy / Sad in All Living Things click here.

  • What is the confusion between Male and Female

6. Confusion on what a male is and what a female is stems from many generations of separation of our selves into roles of male and female and then we adapted our roles as our view of ourselves and the world around us change. The non lie be told, male and female are represented equally in every person. Our personal life story and the way we were born determines how we express our selves in the relation to the world around us. This dynamic is fully explained in their blog article click here.

  • Why is language our Lane Gage

7. Words and language ultimately began with sounds and gestures. That base of sounds and gestures has never left language or words. From the Greeks to the Hebrew to the French to the English, the language has changed with the times. The most important loss in this evolution has been the understanding of the power you have when you use words and language this power is evident in everything we create and relate to. Your view of yourself, your relationships and the world around you can be set to detriment or benefit depending on your knowledge and use of language. Get the whole story here.

  • What is the Mother Father Child Dynamic

8. We are all products of our Mother and Father. We are half of our father and half of our Mother blended. We are a new version of human that they created together. Their effect on us not only stays with us it stays in us. Our life is a combination of our Mothers experiences, our Fathers experience and our personal experiences, so this dynamic is a constant in our lives. Knowing how this dynamic is present in your body, your mind and your emotions will help you improve immediately! Read the whole article here.

  • Is there a mother, father and child inside each person

9. After we gave this consideration during our study of the many parts of being a human we realized that the source of all living things was first and remains nameless and invisible. The first human, in one perspective, would have to have been available to give birth to another human, so we see Eve, Adam and Child. There are stacks and tons of material that agree with this and thousands of prophets too. Find our conclusions and lists of study material here.

  • Do we have a set of senses inside – with our thoughts, intellect and emotions

10. Many ancient cosmologies and prophets have spoken on humans having a second complete set of senses in an ‘invisible way’ inside residing with their thoughts, emotions and soul. A separate set of senses for seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touch. Learn what the ancients have said about this here.

  • How can I tap into these inner senses

11. For most of us, we have to find a way to tap our desire to know about our inner senses before we can get close to these inner senses. Our desires are something we face everyday, even when we dream, but how does one tap into their inner sense, when spending all their time on the outer senses. Simple, stop spending all your time on your outer sense. Your inner sense are always on and always speaking to you. Click here for more.

  • What intel will I receive when I can hear all my inner senses.

12. We found that when you can clean not only your body but your body and your mind that you will literally hear the subtleties from your inner senses. We found great success in the choices we made in our diet and what we lent our ears and eyes to for the last 10 years. After a lot of hard work the magic of our inner sense had been fully revealed to us. Learn the steps we took to recognize our inner sense, click here.

  • How can money be my friend or enemy

13. We found the best way to have money be your friend is to get rid of it as soon as it gets close to you. Money stacked too high will make it so you cry. Money stands for separation. All of our dis-unity and separation can be tied to money. Money is your friend when you use it for good and you never let it stack too high and then you will never cry. Money spells Monkey very easily and monkey translates to My Key Read all our feeling on Money here.

  • What is the Secret, secret and occult societies are holding

14. The secret of the secret societies is that they and us are family members and on the same team. The more that we seek separation, the more separation is provided. The secret societies are playing a fantastic role as gatekeepers in the give and take of our magical world. We and they hold equal amounts of telepathic manifestation powers. They are actually greatly weakened by playing the roles of gatekeepers. They are even more weakened by being the reservoir of all the hypothetical s deductions and fantasies we enjoy. Through our telepathic power ‘they’ can provide any dream or nightmare we request. The details are endless but we have summarized them here.

  • What is the new evidence Earth is only thousands of years old

15. New evidence earth is only thousand years old is found partly in present discoveries and partly in ancient disclosures. The earth has been through many cycles according to many ancient text, but they all agree the earth is only 1000s of years old. The new evidence is scientific and measurable. We have summarized both sets of evidences here.

  • Why are we in a Man’s world of doing everything

16. Everyone says ladies first and beauty before brains. The only source of human unconditional love is from a mother. So why do men and masculine thinking make most of the decisions. And why does the Vatican worship a mother. We must get to the bottom of both of these questions. Please click here to do so.

  • Was early Egypt a Feminine based culture, who was Maat

17. Maat is your Mama. Both physically and meta-physically represented in ‘Mother Earth’. She is an early ancient cultural deity in the lesser known earlier Egyptian Sumerian times which are greatly misunderstood and misrepresented for a reason. We have uncovered some evidence of the last 1-2000 years which our historians are stating has taken us 12,000 years. Click here for the real story.

  • What phrases can I adopt or drop to improve my life

18. When you want to improve it means you want to prove yourself. You want to prove your worth, you want to prove your value. You want to be proven and a proven. The fastest way to be proven is through others, only others can prove to you you have improved. The speech and phrases you listen to and the speech and phrases that you use decide whether you can be proven or not. 

To be improved you start by saying the words I am PROVEN. Learn the fast track to improving your life through the speech you use and the speech you listen to, click here.

  • Why are there wars

19. Why are there wars? Everything in our existence is an accumulation of everything before. Everything we are today is decided on what we are for. Everything we are tomorrow is determined by what we are for. One way to look at war is by spelling it in reverse. Cooked food led to cooked flesh. When earth’s people ate only raw, there was no cannibalism, or carnivores or war. Those people knew what they were for and they lived it. Learn more about the raw lifestyle here.

  • Why do people eat animals

20. Why do people eat animals? “Those who will exclude any of Gods creatures from the shelter of compassion and dignity will deal likewise with their fellow man.” – St. Francis of Assisi. 41% Percent of the US land in the 48 contiguous states are used for animal pastures and feed production – USDA 2017. As of this writing, Sept 8 2021, over 38 billion animals have been slaughtered for food this year in United States alone.

What is wrong with this picture? Where is the data to prove eating animal meat is healthy or that the human body can utilize it as a source of nutrition? The data is stacked high and the data is clear get the full answers here.

  • Who is Adam and Eve, really

21. Who is Adam and Eve, really? Adam and Eve represent the first and second human and the first family of humans on Earth. Before they were here, there were no humans here. In a world we live in of deduction, hypothetical, theories and fantasies we can design and redesign the story of creation any way we want. The  Bible is where we learned about Adam and Eve, but we can see their story in our individual lives and the world around us. Adam and Eve are the first mother and father and thereby our first mother and father. There is so much more to know if you ask. Click here for more.

  • How much of the bible is a script / changed by the Council of Nicea

22. The amount of text written in the bible is quite large. And the amount of texts left out of the bible is larger than the bible. The amount of changes made to the bible are as many as there are words in the bible. The stories of the bible repeat themselves in civilization, cultures towns and households. The story of the bible is our story and although many men have adulterated and changed some meanings, those stories still represent our condition. The bible and Christianity are the basis for most laws, policies and memes in the world today. So regardless of how scripted or edited the bible is, its influence is throughout our condition. Read all the gory details here.

  • What are Inner Senses

23. Your inner senses are an entire set of senses that are built into your inside and you have special receivers for each sense, the nose, the ears, the eyes, the taste and the touch.

These inside are as vibrant and alive as the senses you experience from the outside. They operate on a very subtle and quiet frequency and the way to hear them is to get your body and mind quiet.

When we look around at all living things we see an end out or male female in all of them. You can think of your outer senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell as your way of receiving information from the outside world or the “away team”.

Your home team has all of your inner senses and information related to inner things but it can only be heard when you are quiet. We all walk as “home team” and “away team” inside of us the “away team” has senses for all outside information and the “home team” has senses for all inside information.

Learn how we connected with all of our inner senses here.

  • How many prophets have there been?

24. There have been 10s of thousands of prophets and exalted men and women who have walked the earth over the millennias.
Each carried their own burdens of trials and tribulations as they tried to share their message.

Many texts from many prophets survive and we all can choose the different styles and types of texts we like to hear. The Bible has a famous quote, listen to all the prophets but keep only the good.

See the prophets that we like to source our confidence from here.

  • Who was Jesus

25. Jesus is the most famous person who is ever talked about in our era and he is thought to have lived a couple thousand years ago. There have been many authors and editors of the text around the Jesus story so we have to expect that not all of it is 100% accurate.

We know the J, the letter J was invented 300 years or so after this person named Jesus walked the earth and that the movement following his life was still active at that time and that there was a committee formed called the council of nicaea which edited the entire Bible by removing many of the books and editing every word of all the texts.

There have been many old books found that now show the story of Jesus in a few different ways click here to find our conclusions about the different stories.

  • Are Greek or Nordic Gods real

26. The Greek gods emanated from the minds of Greek men and their time spent with the Egyptians where they learned everything they ever learned about the cosmologies of the earth and the human being.

The Egyptians at that time were coming to the end of at least 1000 years of existence and had been through several cycles of evolving and evolving.

The stories of Egypt, Atlantis, Greece and Rome and the old languages development from Israel, France, England and the rest of Europe are mostly untold see our summaries about it all here.

  • What happens to me after suicide

27. You can think of suicide as the act of a stupid pig taking poison enough to kill itself. Its destiny will be to come back as a stupid pig and try it again.

In order to evolve and to complete the reason you are here, suicide is not an option. If you have to, fight to the death. More reason to live, click here.

  • Do we live more than once

28. The text that has been written and testified to about Reincarnation and living life on earth in multiple lifetimes is stacked higher and higher and higher as the years go by. See our full explanation of this topic here.

  • How and what is Water and Air

29. The most super clear thing there is in life is air and water there is nothing that is more clear. Everything is made of air and water and everywhere you look is air and water.

Of all the things that men and science can break apart and reassemble water is one that has never been solved. The men and scientists that try so hard to make water are demonstrating and proving to us that water cannot be made by men.
The air becomes even more mysterious as wherever you go and whatever level above the surface you go the air takes on different characteristics and serves different functions. When you look at the human body it is made exclusively of air and water. Find out all we have proven about air and water here.

  • Can I imagine something into existence

30. Besides being made exclusively of air and water the human being is also attached to the source of all living things which gives him exclusive telepathic manifestation power over his existence in reality.

Stacks and stacks of books have been written about this, dreamed about and fictionalized around the plane. Entire books on methods of how to connect to this power have been written about.

We however find this power as mysterious as the air and water and feel it needs to be treated with all and respect. Find out how we have identified these powers and how to use them.

  • What is a Fractal and the Fibonacci

31. The short answer is these are both gift answers to man so that he can explain his existence. Find our summary of these concepts and sciences and what they mean to our adventure here on Earth, here.

  • How many parts and bodies do I have

32. You are a human being and you are very complex and have many parts and several bodies and many histories. We are all part our mother and father so minimum we are mother father and child. Since each of us is that we are also a sovereign independent and unique being so that makes us four parts. The 5th part is the source of all living things that pervades all of life and earth and is earth.

Inside our thoughts we find at least two areas our mental intellectual area and our emotional reactive area. We all play a three part game in this game we think something then we feel something about it then we do something about it.

The thinking, feeling, doing aspect of the human being can be thought of as three bodies. They would be the mental body the emotional body and the physical body each with its own complexities.

Learn all that we have discovered about the human body and what we are doing about it.

  • What are Human Cells

33. Human cells run into the 10s of trillions throughout your body and are constantly on the move delivering and taking out the trash. Each cell contains hundreds 2000s of distinct structures within the individual cell and each of those structures has its own function. The new tools we have in science today explicitly show that each human cell has the infrastructure of a city.

These cells run almost exclusively on air and water and control most of the important functions regarding delivery and taking out the trash throughout all the systems of your body.

Find out all we have learned about the human cell and how to get all of them to operate at 100% function to improve your life dramatically.

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Father Answers 34 to 66
  • Is this the end of the world

1. The end of the world and the beginning of the world is always happening right now and at the same time for now and forever. Inside your body you have trillions of worlds called human cells and they all run cycles until they blink and become a new when they get tired this happens up to 70 times per cell each inside the human body.

The Earth itself is in many ways a human body and a human cell and many other things and it does have cycles the same as our human bodies and our human cells do. So when we ask is this the end of the world it is always the end of the world and the beginning of the world at the same time. For more opinions and views and answers on this topic click here.

  • When is the end of the world

2. The timing of the end of the world can easily be seen by looking at your personal timing and the others around you. It is very easy to calculate the timing of the end of the world and the end of a person all you have to do is think about it.

Today there are currently many people on this topic and have used all the data from previous cycles to try and determine the exact timing of the end of the world this time. We have many answers to this question and have thought about it for our entire lives please click here to find out.

  • How many times has the world ended before – ever since the beginning?

3. The simple answer to this question is at least as many times as there are hairs on your head. Your human body contains up to 200 trillion human cells with each containing the infrastructure of a small city. These cells go through regular cycles of wearing out and getting replaced. Think about how many times your cells get replaced, on average 70 times each over the course of a lifetime.

That is how many times the world has entered before. Please click here to find out the evidence we have gathered of previous civilizations that have ended suddenly and dramatically.

  • How can I see it through

4. Most people when faced with the concept of the end of the world get what we call ‘religion’ at that moment. The reality is to see any endeavor through you have to make plans and see all the details and the ending in your mind. This endeavor would be like any other endeavor. Click here to see all we have learned about this topic and all we are doing about.

  • How will it end this time.

5. From all the data we have collected and through promises of sikhs and prophets that we trust, the world will not end by drowning this time. Although we can expect that people who live next to large bodies of water may see those bodies of water on top of them. We all know the story of Noah and the great flood and it is written about in every ancient cosmology. Click here to see the details on how it will end this time.

  • What is a Plasma Apocalypse or Electromagnetic Changeover World Ending ‘Reset’

6. The plasma apocalypse or electromagnetic changeover or world ending resets on cycles is a real thing and the latest name for it is plasma apocalypse which has much text written behind it please click here to see our study and results of the names and validity of world ending events labels and the known outcomes.

  • Is there proof of civilization ending events on a cycle

7. We have found several researchers in the modern era who have assembled much data about previous civilizations and their sudden removal from our plane. Click here to see the big list.

  • Is Jesus the Sun

8. One thing is for sure that the words son of man and son in the sky sound exactly alike. One thing for sure is the sun provides a lot of nutrition and light for our needs. In many ancient texts the name of Jesus and the sun in the sky are interchanged.

Click here to see all the correlations we have found between the Bible Jesus and the sun in the sky.

  • What am I

9. Most people like to start this question with who am I but I have found that it does not make sense to me to say who am I because I definitely, whoever I am, would not have a label. So I choose to ask myself ‘what am I’, sensing that, that would bring me closer to a possible answer of who am I.

The correct order of these questions, from our study, is What Am I / Why Am I which answers Who Am I.

Start questions about yourself with I am. Example: “I am asking myself What Am I” Get the whole skinny on what Kevin and Nina figured out about this question click here.

  • What is religion

10. Religion is a funny word because it literally breaks into a phrase called “repeat lieg ions” which would translate to “repeat tying up / binding ions” and the ions could be considered the building blocks of life forms and since we’re talking about religion those life forms would be me and you.

It can also be turned into the phrase repeat legion. I think you may remember from Bible class who said “I am legion”.

And the third way that the word religion makes a phrase is repeat legion or “many repeating” as the word legion means many.

So if we look at these top three phrases the first one means to bind over and over again the second one means repeat many and the third one means many repeating so we will have to look at the word repeating.

The word repeating starts with the letter R so we can get part of the code to this answer. The letter R is easily converted to a letter P by removing its walking leg. R can easily turn to a P which stands for Perfection.

So with the word religion we know that in at least half of it’s meaning it must be good because it starts with an R which is on its way to becoming a P or Perfection.

Because we know our world has so many uniquenesses there is no way that repeating anything could come out the same way twice, so anytime we are repeating, it is because we are trying to get it right.

For more details on our evolution on this topic.

  • How I am powered

11. Life and human beings are powered by a perpetual method which includes telepathic manifestation, that is the short answer. The perpetual method has been written about talked about and thought about for as long as humans and life have existed on earth.

The telepathic manifestation power of each human being has equal amounts of text written about it. There are literally billions of words on these two topics and the first topic of how is a human being powered.

Learning all we could about this helped us to have a base understanding of what a human being is and what our role is within the perfect plan of human beings and earth.

Click here for the whole skinny.

  • How do I make successful relationships

12. Winning and mutually beneficial relationships are always based on give and take giving us the exact example of all life on earth and the earth itself. Any new relationship that you begin and your outreach toward it will all emanate from how you feel and look at yourself.

Any relationship is not really about the relationship as much as it is about your relationship with yourself or how you feel about yourself mentally emotionally and physically. So much has to do with understanding the different parts and levels of being and living as a human being.

And so much has to do with understanding the different parts and levels of being and living as a human being with other human beings and within Creation.

Kevin and Nina adventured deep into these topics to find satisfaction and peace and fearlessness let us show you how here.

  • How do I find peace and fearlessness

13. ‘Peace and fearlessness’ can be understand by looking at their opposite of ‘battle and fear’. We all know the choice we would make out of these four but still we find ourselves within situations of battle and fear.

Just like any endeavor we take within our own life, our pairings or groups we always find ways to avoid battle and fear and we are very good at it. Everyone already knows how to find peace and fearlessness by changing their behavior, the way they feel about themselves and the way they feel about others.

Please click here for a longer answer and all the gory details.

  • Is the TV lying to me (sports news celebrities)

14. we can assure you that the TV is definitely lying to you along with everyone and Sports News and celebrities. These institutions have actually morphed over the decades as we have turned away from their lies and accepted them as truth or fantasy truth.

Everyone likes to go to the movies and get lost in the movie and the popcorn and the comfy seat but we all know that the movie ends and we go back to our life where we have responsibilities obligations and relationships to uphold. If we were to take our minds off the screen and back into our obligations and relationships all of the troubles of the world would fade.

If you would like an assembly of our proof and evidence that the TV is lying to you and what your real purpose is please click here.

  • What is the difference between my neo-cortex (present moment conscious thinking) and my Limbic systems

15. We started studying our bodies and around 2009 very seriously because we were approaching the 50 year mark and that made us consider our death. What we found out was that there are many different interactions happening in the body at all times and most of them are based on what we think about. However what we think about has a lot to do with, what we’re going to eat next.

Or how we’re going to be stimulated through our five senses next. Or how we’re going to entertain the next fantasy swirling in the millions of fantasies deductions hypotheticals and theories that we are constantly allowing to be fed to our ears eyes nose taste and touch mainly through the screens.

All of this constant stimulation and data pouring into us causes a centralized focus in the neo-cortex of your brain which leads to a new reality of what your existence is.

The non lie be told if you were to find a way to cut back the stimulations and the data pouring to your brain and five senses, what would be revealed, is a place within you that contains 5 inner senses of sound, sight, smell, taste and touch. These emanations from your inner self are very subtle and can only be heard in a quiet place.

The limbic systems of the body keep your body in perpetual life at all times regardless of what you think. It adapts to you on the fly. The limbic system is tide and powered directly by the power and source of all living things that permeates all living things and everywhere throughout the earth. This is the place of quiet that you can listen to when you get quiet and want to listen to your inner senses.

This place of quiet where all of these inner senses can be sensed is available to every individual.

Click here to get the whole skinny and how we live it!

  • How to balance my nature tied limbic system to my neo-cortex busy mental processes

16. The balance of anything in our life and in anything we see outside our eyes is a balance of inward energy and outward energy, to put it as simply as possible.

Your neo-cortex is an organizational area of your brain which assembles data, as it is rendered to you, from all of your five senses.

Your limbic system is tied to your involuntary operational systems of your body of delivering needed data and materials and removing unwanted ones.

It keeps you alive at all times regardless of what you and your neo-cortex have decided to do next. Anyone could look at this as “their movie” and then say to themselves “how do I want this movie to turn out”.

Nina and Kevin studied this topic for the last 10 years see our conclusions and results here.

  • How can I re-invigorate my blood, heart and brain

17. The first step to reinvigorating your blood, your blood cells, your blood cells pool that it swims in, your heart and your brain is to recognize that the three of them are a family. Your lungs work with them to process the Air which is a major part of your being and makes up almost all of you. Air and water.

We will focus on the first family in this answer of your blood, your heart and your brain and they are in that order for a reason. The blood numbers into the many 10s of trillions as it exists and lives within the hundreds of thousands of miles of conduit which also exist within your body.

The heart has long thought to be a pump that is not connected to anything and simply pumps for no apparent reason. But new revelations over the last decade or two have shown that the heart unwraps into a long organ that looks a little bit like a worm. This organ is not a pump at all but literally vortexes the blood after it arrives and enters the heart. There is much more we will tell you about the heart.

The brain along with the nervous system which is an extension of it and the blood cells and the heart all work simultaneously together all with the same intention and mission working in perfect synchronicity and perpetual illness at all times.

The first step to invigorating your blood your heart and your brain is to recognize how important they are to you and everything about you and your relationships too. Once you set your intention you can go about the hard work to make your life magic.

We have been on this topic non stop since 2009 and have reached several conclusions and will share with you all the steps we took to make this happen.

  • What is the benefit of one lemon a day and the details of how and when to take it

18. We have found several researchers in the modern era who have assembled much intel on this subject.

The lemon is no less mysterious than any of the mysterious things we have in front of us but through observation we know that the lemon can benefit the human beyond ways that we can state here.

We personally have a very simple way of ingesting lemon in our house. Every morning before we eat we put the juice of 1 raw lemon into a half of glass of room temperature clean or vortexed water. We ingest this as a tonic every morning before we eat anything. This has benefited us greatly and changed our life and is a daily routine for more than 10 years.

We have a lot to say about the lemon and its benefits, more than will fit in this space please click here for all the happy and fun details.

  • Did my teachers lie to me

19. Before my teachers were lying to me I already knew they were lying to me because every adult I had met claimed to be an adult but acted like a child. As I joined the school system and all my friends and social groups I pretty much fell into the same line of thinking as everyone else.

But I could never get along with the programs the teachers were offering because they never had conclusions that were satisfying and left more questions about the material and more answers to the question “are they lying”.

The more the teachers left their materials undone and their conclusions this satisfying the more of the question are they lying came to an answer. After careful study for many years since leaving school in 1980 I have come to the final conclusion that without a doubt teachers are lying whether they want to or not.

If you want to learn about all the mis-guidings and all the mis-conclusions that we have found and all the non-lies, please click here.

  • Did my parents pass on the lies to me

20. Parents always pass on to their children whatever they think is best for them and if that happens to be lies then they will happily hand you lies. The parent ultimately loves the child more than anything but if they truly believe the lie they will happily tell the lie to the child.

Once your body is fully grown and you can see so in the mirror then it is time for you to decide if you are going to continue to believe the lies that the teachers your parents and all of their friends in the media and government are telling you are going to be lies that you want to share and live with all your friends and relationships or if you plan to break out and find the non lie.

Find out how we handled this topic and situation here.

  • Are my friends repeating lies

21. If you have been following along in order you know that unfortunate as it may seem also your friends are repeating to you the same lies. If you wanted to have friends who question the lies and have those be your discussions then you would do so.

Please join our movement of like minds where we go through every nagging question with every possible answer.

  • Do I need new friends

22. Let us be your new friends and all the other members of this site we love to share with each other every non lie and lie that’s ever been told and what we are going to do about it please click here

  • When did I lose my child’s view of the world

23. The life of a human being in many ways resembles a thermometer that has one color at the bottom of it and another color at the top we are all red in the lower side of our body and in our thinking and all green in the upper side of our body and the upper side of our thinking.

When we are born our entire color from head to toe is green there is no red. As we come to know the world and absorb the various memes and instructions that we get from the people around us some bread appears within our bodies. As we get older more red comes and a kind of mix of red and green happens.

Girls and boys are different so when we get between the ages of nine and 13 and our maturity level changes to the sexual level that is when we invite or do not invite more red into our life.

Sexuality is only one reason for red color within you and it does not overpower you itself unless you let it. In order for your being to lose its green and go mostly red it is entirely based on what you think because everything you think turns into what you feel emotionally and everything you feel emotionally turns into your actions which are the most powerful thing you own on this life. These become your colors.

For whatever the reason we have evolved to the point where as we enter into adulthood and maturity and sexuality we lose our progression into mature thinking. This is sanctioned and collaborated with by all the forces and peer pressure around us. Remember the rewards of being a child without the shade of sexuality.

Let us show you what we did to get our green back.

In reality we are not naturally red zone beings but we have become almost completely red zone beings.

  • How do I find peace and fearlessWhat changed views should I consider bringing back to my consciousness

24. The most important change views you would consider bringing into your consciousness that you previously had were many of the ones you had as a child. Where fairness ruled and separation took a backseat. Until you were taught not to share, you did not care about not sharing.

At the moment, the most important view you would consider bringing back to your consciousness is caring more about understanding the person next to you, then you care about them understanding you. This type of regard for another person is called non judgment and non favoritism. It is easy to understand intellectually but harder to put into practice.

We found that, just like anything else that is hard to do, if you just try it always gets easier everyday.

Click here for a longer and happier article.

  • Is Jesus the Sun

25. Is Jesus the son is a question that many people ask because the stories in the Bible so much look like they are talking about the sun in the sky. So many of the ways it worked out and the Jesus story match up to the way the sun behaves on earth.

The earth like all life forms and the sun goes through life cycles of beginning middle and end. The story of Jesus in many ways is the same as these stories. So it is possible that the story of Jesus is the story of the son.

Click here to see all of our conclusions on this topic.

  • Is Jesus really Ieosus or the first Caesar

26. Journals that people wrote from biblical times often come out and then get decoded. There were no books in those times, so any writings were personal writings. Research in recent years has shown stories of the very first Caesar and his story exactly resembles the stories of Jesus Christ.

Click here to see all the research we have studied and the conclusions we have made.

  • Outside the antarctica treaty 1954 and covid 2020, have govts around the world ever agreed

27. No long lasting multiple country treaty has ever existed where all parties agreed except for the UN/Antarctica treaty. We have never seen a similar arrangement where most all countries agreed until we got to 2020. We have stacks of information on these dynamics and have made our conclusions, please click here.

  • Why is there a worldwide virus attack

28 There actually is no worldwide virus attack at all. All of the attacks are only from suggestions on the screens. There are sicknesses, deaths and people hospitalized but that is because of all of the previous epidemics that we no longer talk about.

Get a complete breakdown, click here.

  • Who invented money and what for – Who owns all the money

29. The history of money is a very interesting history indeed. All the modern money systems we have today were started with the first usery system. Historically systems have come in and out of favor several times over the last 1000 years.

It has evolved to the point where we now carry notes that say they are loans right on them. All of the western money is printed by mysterious central banks and then loaned to us for a fee.

So who invented the money is less important then what is going on with the money and where is money. So money does not sit in our hands since every bill says it is a loan. So what we actually own is debt and our debt masters collect from us in many different ways.

Who owns all the money is not important since there actually is no money at all. The question becomes what is my purpose here and why am I confused and holding something imaginary and giving it so much power and influence over my focus and Life.

Read all we learned about money and what we are doing about it, click here

  • How do shapes, colors and frequencies inter-relate and what power does it have

30. Whenever you see a shape you are looking at the expression of a frequency. Shapes colors and vibrations are all different frequencies.

This dynamic is especially important when we think or look at letters digits and numbers. Each one of these little shapes carries a frequency on its own plus it has a matching color and vibration. When you start to pair them up and mix them into groups then you have something truly dynamic with many consequences.

Learn all about how you have 100% control over the views of and understanding of yourself and your relationships. The key to happiness is in here, guaranteed.

  • Are all people connected thru the air/aether somehow

31. Throughout the ages aether has had different names such as chi or prana but basically means a field of consciousness that pervades everything. This is something that even modern scientists agree exists but they also admit that they can find no tool to measure it with. They only claim it exists because they know it does through observation.

So you have thousands of prophets and millions of pages from ancients that say aether chi and prana exist and now you have hundreds of modern scientists that say aether exists. So just imagine this is your movie and how would you like it to turn out.

See how we’re making our movie come out here.

  • Do all people have esp or telepathy

32. It is widely established across all fields that all people have ESP telepathic powers. The question remains why is there not intense study in this field and open and public debate on it constantly. As we know all things we think about and do not think about and this world are largely and mostly based on memes.

If you think about it for 10 seconds you will realize that memes teach you what to talk and think about and what not to talk and think about. This understanding of memes shows you what it is that you are missing by considering all the memes of ‘the things you do not talk about.’

The most important meme of all the memes of memes of not talking about something is talking about telepathic manifestation or ESP. It literally can create your reality and make things appear in your hands.

Why would the people and powers that depend on living off of what you desire, want you to know about that. Click here to find out why and what you can do today to enhance your telepathic manifestation abilities.

  • What are dreams and sleep

33. Dreams and sleep are basically one of the realities that we lived through in our existence. If you think about the daily clock you were always waking up with the sun and doing all your business with the sun. Everyone knows when the sun goes down it’s time to rest.

When we look at our human bodies as exact replicas of the earth and the sun then we know that there is a time for work and a time for rest. The dreams will show us what we left undone during the day. Click here for our database on dreams and sleep.

elder with child web
Mother Questions 67 – 99
  • What ideas and beliefs do we all share

(1) 67. It seems silly to list the ideas and beliefs that we all share since we all know what they are. The main issue at hand is not the ideas and beliefs that we share but the fact that we are not sharing them.

We have the obvious list and not so obvious list of all the ideas and beliefs that we share, at least the ones that we do know about and the ones that we think we do not know about. We will also discuss all that we have learned and how we have put it together to improve our life.

  • Where did all this awesome creation come from

(2) 68. Because of our wonderful ways of separation we also separate words, sounds and meanings into so many different parts that they literally overlap each other. That is no different with the stories created.

But in this context of creation we know that we are talking about the “creation of life from the beginning.”
Before there was creation there was a creator so we know there was a creator. After the creator comes creation; We all know that because we know the order of things and because we know we are all creators and we create with our mind and with our actions every moment of every day.

Creation happens every moment of every day in every place and everywhere we look and everywhere inside so creation is not coming from anywhere or anytime. It is everywhere and without time. It cannot have separation. “Par” means equality, same as parity. All parts are equal. Click here for more.

  • Was there a time on Earth with no Moon

(3) 69. There is evidence of ancient Greek scholars teaching their students of the people on earth that lived in a time with no moon. 

There is now mountains of information and stacks of books as high as a mountain and pictures too on all the ancient civilizations that have come and gone. We do not know why such a great flood of information is now available but regardless of that it is.

If you were not paying attention that is OK as many of us have and have assembled large reservoirs of information to prove our point.

  • Was there a time when the planets were big in our sky

(4) 70. Yes it is true the sky of earth appears much differently at different times in its cycle of existence. We will show you the text and the pictures that have been rendered to try to explain this please click here.

  • Are the Greek stories of walking Gods, real

(5) 71. We have been able to determine that the formats of man and human beings and the entities they coexist with has been different at different cycles of the earth’s existence. We also know that we were larger and most probably more air since all of us are made of air the larger we would be the more air we would be.

It is not a stretch to see how some men could live very long periods of time and learn how to use their powers of telepathy and manifestation to become literal gods among men. As you know there are mountains of information on the Greek and Roman gods and other deity types throughout history and ancient cosmology. We think we have narrowed it down to one story that is easy to see and understand.

  • What is the immovable and centralized Earth theory and the studies / conclusions on it

(6) 72. What is the immovable and centralized Earth there have been studies and conclusions on it for all of recorded history until around the time that the printing press was invented. And at that time, men were just starting to share information. After another period within many cycles of Human enslavement, although self-imposed by Man and his behavior.

Before that time all religions all cosmologies and all men believed, 100% for sure, that the earth was immovable and a central location in the universe. They never said flat.

Copernicus was not the first one to push forth the idea of a spinning globe / heliocentric world. There were many before him that failed at pushing that concept onto the people including Pythagoras.

It has become apparent that the powers that be of the day wanted to change the view of the earth as a method of control over the people. We can now see from mountains and mountains of evidence and research that those same powers that be are now named NASA and governments.

Everyone knows all about this but instead they keep looking at the TV and listening to liars. Why do we choose to stay little children forever. Click here to see all the final evidence you will need to change your mind forever.

  • Has anyone disproved the curvature of the Earth put forth by NASA

(7) 73. Has anyone disproved the curvature of the Earth put forth by NASA – If you did not know this NASA and the USGS own the air and the land and they decide how you will view the air and the land which includes the water. NASA and USGS tell us that the earth is round and spinning and traveling through the universe at a high rate of speed while it chases a much faster sun that is also racing through the Galaxy at a much higher rate of speed and at the same time as we chase the sun and spin we stay within a perfect orbit that keeps our seasons in place everyday. Implausible and not provable.

Also they tell us that over many thousands of years none of the stars in our sky have ever changed.

Anyone can prove the non curvature of the earth by standing in a tall building and looking out across the landscape or you can look out across the ocean until a boat disappears and then get your binoculars and watch it for a longer period and then get your telescope and watch it longer until it gets 20 40 or 60 miles away and you can still see the water bouncing against the bottom of the boats hall. How does water stay on a ball anyway.

It is true that there are many hundreds of patents around weather manipulation and geoengineering and hundreds of successful well to do companies and corporations that do the work for governments around the world. All sanctioned exclusively by NA SA and US GS.
Click here to see the final evidence and what we are doing about it.

  • Are all people connected thru the air/aether somehow

(8) 74. Yes we are and it is the duty and obligation of a group of corporations to distract and confuse you about that.

The word ‘corporations’ is an interesting word not only in the way it spells but the way it sounds. If you simply take the S at the end and put it after the P it spells corpse oration or “song of the dead”. Our brains and emotions – notice this and must confront it and ‘make sense and a place for it’.

Our brains do not overlook this and every time they hear the word they have to reassemble what it means again. We aim for you to understand this and more and all there is to know to help you improve what you know about the influence of and about corporations. Every time we say the word, write it, hear it or view it or think it – our Brain, Heart and Blood must confront the idea of “oration of death”
Click here for the big list and the skinny summary.

  • Why are animals built the same way as me

(9) 75. Almost no one has not had a wonderful and beautiful relationship with an animal or animals. even people that take care of horses all day go home and eat cows at night. if you’ve been reading you could probably see this as a conundrum.

  • What am I supposed to eat, if anything

(10) 76. For many centuries and eons there has been recorded men and women who lived on air and water only. We know there are people today who say they get all their nutrition from the sun so whether they know it or not they’re getting it from air and water.

I have a personal relationship with someone who never ate and only drank water and air and he blamed it on that he only needed God and God gave him air and water so he only needed God that was his reason.
Get the skinny on how to eat that way without food or how to adapt to your present situation the best way possible to improve your body and your mind.

  • Can a ‘no meat’ diet be healthy or dangerous

(11) 77. Have you ever heard of the word propaganda? That is used by people who have power in some level over others to influence their thinking decisions and actions. The reason that you believe that you must eat meat to thrive and survive is because of powerful forces using the method of propaganda.

The answer to the question is any diet can be unhealthy but the truth about meat is that it is one of the most unhealthy diets you could choose.

We feel like we have this one nailed down pretty good as we are not ready to live on air and water only but we are looking forward to it. We are preparing our bodies the best way we can .

  • How do I rid my body of poisons

(12) 78. Always always always, the first step to get out of digging a hole is to stop digging it. If you want to rid your body of poisons, identify the poisons and what you’re ingesting or where you spending your time that is allowing poisons to enter your body and stop doing it!

After that there are many new things that are old things that you can replace as far as what you put in your body and places where you put your body and that will improve your body and give you a clear mind.

You may have gathered by now that this is one of our favorite subjects because we know it is the fastest and only route to a clear mind Through a clear and detoxified body so please click to get the full skinny and the whole story.

  • How do I fill my mind with positive and heart felt thoughts

(13) 79. The fastest way to do this is to spend time around people who are positive and speak with heartfelt thoughts proving that they’re thinking heartfelt thoughts. The second way to do this is identify what you’re thinking that is keeping you from that and what you’re thinking that is moving you towards that. This dual list will help you easily identify your next move toward improvement. Hold the list in front of your face until you memorize it and then keep it in your pocket until you don’t have to anymore because you’re doing the things that you were meant to do.

Click here for the amazing details.

  • How many ‘excess’ parasites do I need to eliminate from me

(14) 80. How many ‘excess’ parasites do I need to eliminate from me we would like to show you the pictures and the names of the thousands and 10s of thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions of identified parasites that are living in human bodies today. But we don’t wanna scare you.

Non lie be told, we need a few parasites because they live off death and things that are dying. We always in the human condition have had some parasites that live on us and in us and they basically clean up the extra trash and any remaining death residuals that are hanging around you or in you..

The poor human today is filled with mostly stagnant water throughout their body which is where their body has to somehow continue to live and exist while being host to millions and sometimes billions and sometimes trillions of parasites. These parasites cause dehydration as they can only thrive in stagnant water and the situation of our water today is that most of the water we ingest is not alive in the way it should be and mostly resembles stagnation.

Three out of four people are dying from dehydration. It is a fact that you can look up yourself. The reason for the dehydration is because no matter how much water we drink, if it is not shaped the correct way to fit into your cells, (de-clunked, vortexed/spinning and happy), then your cells will not allow it to pass into the interior of the cell.

Between the parasites that we talked about and the stagnant water your cells are fighting to thrive.

That is how amazing and adaptable the amazing and magical human being is. If you want to learn how to chase all the parasites away and restore your body to full condition click here.

  • What is the proof a mostly fruit diet is beneficial

(15) 81. The proof that a mostly fruit diet is beneficial to a human being would fit in a small library. But the most important proof you need to know is that fruit falls to the ground when it’s ready to be eaten and literally begs to be eaten so that it can have immortality.

As far as the way it reacts or the body reacts when the fruit gets inside of it, it almost instantly becomes usable hydration and energy for the human cells. The whole reason for eating is to re-energize and rehydrate your human cells.

If you are eating without knowing this then most likely you are following the mainstream food suggestions. If so, you are purposefully and only through imagination, inadvertently self poisoning yourself.

If you want to leave that stupid place, click here to find out how magnificent your body, mind and spirit are.

  • How long does meat take to digest vs fruit

(16) 82. You may be surprised to know that the average serving of meat takes from 24 to 72 hours to leave your body. While it is staying there for such a long time it ferments. This fermentation is the meat turning into alcohol in your system. There are many detriments to eating meat besides these two ways listed.

On the other hand most watery fruits take 15 to 20 minutes to turn into hydration and energy within your blood cells. The next level up of fibrous and less watery fruits take about 30 to 40 minutes to do the same thing. And the most dense fruits will turn into energy hydration and minerals for your human blood cells in about 45 minutes from when you swallow it.

95% or more of the foods we are suggested to buy and eat take anywhere from hours to days for your body to process. This extended work time and load on your body keeps it from doing many important functions for you including regenerating you and keeping you perpetual forever.

The food we eat is sending us to into an early and painful death and the pills we take do not make it less painful or shorter.

Click here to learn all we did about this and what we have done about it for the last 10 years.

  • Do celebrities and tv shows, movies represent us in ways we do not recognize

(17) 83. The books, the movies, the celebrities – they all represent us and what we need to know and learn. This is a constant throughout time. The Jester, The Actor the Audience.

Each cycle of Human civilization has had it’s pressures of Inward and Outward, as if an expression of Life itself that cannot be denied. We see it expressed in every way. Including today in our celebrities. Click here for the happy details.

  • What is the effect of peer pressure and societal ‘memes’ or mnemonics (repetition learning)

(18) 84. Everyone remembers peer pressure from school. everyone knows about peer pressure and social groups.

The effect of peer pressure whether it’s at home with your partner or in groups or in society is that you feel that if you don’t go along you won’t get along.

Many people in our world today including Kevin and Nina have been facing this issue for most of our life. Find out all the ways we have learned to allow this in our lives and know that it is part of a perfect plan.

  • What is God – What is Devil

(19) 85. The concept of God and the devil are talked about forever and ever. The reason for that is because everything we see and are has an inward and outward aspect to it. We see it in all living things and it is only natural that that would evolve to a deity representing both sides of the equation. IE, two sides of a story, personified.

Within the word ‘equation’ we can see the word equal and equality so we know that the equation must be equal. One cannot live without the other, it is like light or dark, they cannot live without the other. Or acids and alkaline(s), they cannot live without the other. Or anodes and cathodes, they cannot exist without the other.

For a complete discussion on this, please click here.

  • Why do people like or not like me – why do I like / not like certain people

(20) 86. Well this is a funny question because we always hear that opposites attract so do we like people that are the same as us or opposite of us. We do know that when we are nice to people and do favors for people that did not ask for them, really nice and good things happen to us.

That translates to if you start liking people they will start liking you back. Click here to find out how to start liking people again.

  • What is religion for – where did it emanate from

(21) 87. Religion emanates from powers that be and powers that be are the managers, rulers and tyrants of the world. If you think that religion will take you anywhere except status quo then that is exactly where you belong.

It has been proven through hundreds of books and millions of actions what religion is for and where it came from. Please click here for the whole gory story.

  • Did you come all this way to simply reject that you came all this way

(22) 88. It has been shown that most men will stop three feet before they get to the gold. It is never easier to give up then right before the finish line. No one wants to lose that way. You did not come all this way to simply reject that you came all this way.

Here is a list of ways to keep it going and ‘make it happen!.’

  • What is unconditional Love

(23) 89. Unconditional love is very mysterious and very hard to pin down. It is one of the immeasurable things in our existence and condition. As an immeasurable thing it can be observed and then tagged and identified from there.

Man, in his evolved wisdom, has determined that unconditional love resides within a female mother of children. Almost everyone can think of instances where their mother showed them unconditional love. If not we have countless numbers of recorded moments of that within books and stories and news.

The rest of us normal humans that aren’t mothers of children can have unconditional love but only after we lose judgment and favoritism and only after we have a very good reason for giving that up. Click here so we can provide that reason.

  • How do couples repair and respect each other anew

(24) 90. Couples repair and respect to the new when one of them decides that that is their most important mission in life. After that happens, that one person can change their behavior in ways where they listen to their partner so that they can understand them ahead of their desire to be understood.

This action of non-words will be noticed by your partner. And you will benefit greatly because you will start to understand your partner in new and interesting and exciting ways.

Both of you can get 100% repaired to new if one of you decides to do it, click here for all the exciting details.

  • What is the true shape of earth and format of heavens

(25) 91. The true shape of the earth is easily understood if you go high enough in the sky and take a look. The last modern men to first go up there  were the people in Europe during WWII. We are no longer allowed to say their names but they had all the rocket scientists that emigrated to America after the war to work for our secret government and at Disney.

At that time, those same men discovered or were handed knowledge of many things including all there could be known about Antarctica. Shortly after the war, the general public was cut-off from Antarctica by treaty. That treaty was never broken and is never discussed. Hello?

Get all we have about it here.

  • What is the history of language – how are shapes, sounds, colors inter-related

(26) 92. Language started out as sounds and gestures. Eventually we started making symbols to illustrate the sounds and gestures. Today the language still represents sounds and gestures.

All of the symbols that were used in past languages and the way they have developed into today’s language has been written down in many many books. The rest of the story that is rarely told is how that each of these symbols that make up our words has its own energetic signature that is exactly resembling its matching color and vibration or frequency giving these symbols and the words and sounds and colors they become very much energetic power.

The history of the language is irrelevant compared to the need to understand what language is and represents and the power that it leads to in your life and your relationships. Please click here for the whole story.

  • Has any virus ever been isolated or any treatment ever proven to be effective

(27) 93. No virus has ever been isolated or has any treatment ever been found to cure a virus nor has any virus been given from one person to another by a scientific team.

Along with that no treatment has ever been discovered that can kill a virus that has not been identified as isolated. Koch’s Law has been ignored by the entire medical community.

We have a lot more to tell you about this on the next page so please click here.

  • Why do anti-parasitic meds relieve co vid – are anti-biotics bad for you

(28) 94. We have assembled a ton of data on how anti-parasitic meds or relieving parasitic situations in peoples bodies including the latest name for the flu, please click here to get all of our data and our summations.

  • Professions like medical and others use rote learning (meme learning) to teach students. Is this harmful to society

(29) 95. Professions like medical and others use rote learning (meme learning) to teach students. Is this harmful to society? Yes. Please think about this, if someone is learning everything they know by repetition and never given a chance to work it out with their own mental thinking and emotional and experiences, do you think that is good?

Sadly many of our professions today are taught this way and it is called ROTE learning rote learning or meme learning or mnemonic learning by repetition. It does not let the person reach an emotional or analytic state as they are constantly being forced to learn by repetition. Once the student gets into this mode they can easily be manipulated into many other ways of thinking that may benefit the person that is holding their attention.

All the gory details and happy endings to hospitals doctors and the medical profession here.

  • Why do letters have numerical equivalents in the study of gematria or numerology

(30) 96. Most of our language can be traced back to ancient Hebrew and ancient Greek and in those languages every symbol or letter had a numerical value or equivalent. The same can be said for all modern languages but take note that this is not taught in our education system.

Some people think through gematria and numerology are the answers to the riddles but they are not. Please click here so we can rearrange your thinking on the numbers and the letters and how they affect your life to the betterment or detriment.

  • Is NASA valid – do they have authentic photos from space

(31) 97. NA SA has a reason to exist. We do not know all the details but we know it is part of a  perfect plan we are all engaged in. 

The organization has stated many times in public and in their text that all of their photos were made in a composite lab and are not authentic photos. For the rest of the details and our conclusions click here.

  • What is the ‘all influencing’ Tavistock Institute and their responsibility to provide ‘programming’ to all audiences, worldwide

(32) 98. The Tavistock institute the CIA and the Antarctica treaty along with the UN all hit the world scene around the same time. Think of the CIA as the secret government of the United States and Tavistock as the secret government of the world and both of them answered to their boss at the Vatican.

For all the exciting evidence in our conclusions please click here.

  • What are gov agencies purpose-do they represent us in a way we do not recognize

(33) 99. With all this constant lying and managing and directing of us by the governments we have to wonder is there a good purpose and how are they representing us.

One thing we know for sure is we cannot look any direction without seeing the inward and outward property and effect everywhere in life itself. This includes the celebrities the news and the governments. We have accumulated a lot of evidence and our conclusions are available here.

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