Child 1-11 Answers

  • How does one jump off the gerbil wheel of work, play, sleep, leaving things undone

1. The problem that comes from being on the gerbil wheel of work, play, sleep, repeat is that most of our thinking time is spoken for. And in between we feel tired and lost and want to be left alone. Some of us use the weekends or hobbies to attempt balance and happiness. There are many more ways humans have tried including inward journeys click here for the rest of the story.

  • What are the best ways to make lists that get done

2. There are many materials on making lists effectively so that they don’t get lost and you can keep track of them easily, but the thing that people miss most is being sure you keep your ‘to do’ list separate from your ‘wish list’. Find all the great ways people make lists here.

  • Show me instruction on the art of and benefits of listening correctly to others

3. There are stacks of books and guides describing the arts and benefits of listening correctly to others, this leads to improved view of your self and your relationships and the world. You will see the ways that people change in a good way around you. Click here for our favorite study materials on this topic.

  • Are there simple and easy ways to execute instant improvements in my personal relationships, today

4. You can start with your very next thought and words after reading this article how to instantly improve yourself and all your relationships whether they are business or personal. This page provides an easy summary and quick start with all of our favorite information on this topic.

  • Does everything have Male and Female attributes

5. We cut peel and de-seed up to 10 lbs of fruit for breakfast. So we get to see to fruit up close and personal every day for more than 10 years. Every single fruit has a male side and a female side. Studies show us that almost every life form contains male and female attributes. Read this article to get the skinny on Male Female, In / Out, Happy / Sad in All Living Things click here.

  • What is the confusion between Male and Female

6. Confusion on what a male is and what a female is stems from many generations of separation of ourselves into roles of male and female and then we adapted our roles as our view of ourselves and the world around us change. The non lie be told, male and female are represented equally in every person. Our personal life story and the way we were born determines how we express our selves in the relation to the world around us. This dynamic is fully explained in their blog article click here.

  • Why is language our Lane Gage

7. Words and language ultimately began on sounds and gestures. That base of sounds and gestures has never left language or words. From the Greeks to the Hebrew to the French to the English, the language has changed with the times. The most important loss in this evolution has been the understanding of the power you have when you use words and language this power is evident in everything we create and relate to. Your view of yourself, your relationships and the world around you can be set to detriment or benefit depending on your knowledge and use of language. Get the whole story here.

  • What is the Mother Father Child Dynamic

8. We are all products of our Mother and Father. We are half of our father and half of our Mother blended. We are a new version of human that they created together. Their effect on us not only stays with us it stays in us. Our life is a combination of our Mothers experiences, our Fathers experience and our personal experiences, so this dynamic is a constant in our lives. Knowing how this dynamic is present in your body, your mind and your emotions will help you improve immediately! Read the whole article here.

  • Is there a mother, father and child inside each person

9. After we gave this consideration during our study of the many parts of being a human we realized that the source of all living things was first and remains nameless and invisible. The first human, in one perspective, would have to have been available to give birth to another human, so we see Eve, Adam and Child. There are stacks and tons of material that agree with this and thousands of prophets also. Find our conclusions and lists of study material here.

  • Do we have a set of senses inside – with our thoughts, intellect and emotions

10. Many ancient cosmologies and prophets have spoken on humans having a second complete set of senses in an ‘invisible way’ inside residing with their thoughts, emotions and soul. A separate set of senses for seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touch. Learn what the ancients have said about this here.

  • How can I tap into these inner senses

11. For most of us, we have to find a way to tap our desire to know about our inner senses before we can get close to these inner senses. Our desires are something we face everyday, even when we dream, but how does one tap into their inner sense, when spending all their time on the outer senses. Simple, stop spending all your time on your outer sense. Your inner sense are always on and always speaking to you. Click here for more.

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