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The Movie, ME Mother Earth ME

We ended up solving the hidden and missing models of the four:





This four part video series is a poetic review of the authors 35 year journey of finding the right questions to get the correct answers to Life, Death, Joys and Miseries.

Namely, the true evidence of Mother Earth, her format, her Age and her Life/Death/Re-Birth cycles. The correct model of a Human Being both physical, non-physical and the mysteries.

The many models of the Creator showed us we as a people have not been ready for the unknowable. And last but not least, how to have the best life possible for yourself and those who you love to influence.

When you purchase the four part movie, we will send you access to all of our findings on 3 locked websites, 20 podcasts, all 9 of our videos and ebooks published to date – plus access to our cloud server for resources, ie, images, lost videos, pdf, etc.

There are three main categories: Uncovering hidden knowledge, Physical responses, mental response. Subjects include knowing how to feed your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Knowing the correct format of Human experience, Earth history and the Creator of it all. And many more.

There are also pages available to leave comments, add your links and join discussions. Some other questions we tackle, below:



Why are there so many gaps in timelines. Composite images from Space. Outlandish theories. What is the Sun, Moon, Stars, force of Gravity.



Why are there 30 trillion plus human cells, with 100s of independent structures within each. Where did this incredible regenerative and self perpetuating functions evolve from.



Who or what is this unknowable ‘god’ the Gnostics speak on. Who is this nameable god many speak of and worship. What powers everything.



What to do first to heal your body and clear your mind of the noise. How to get on the path to lose judgement over others and live the best Life possible.

“Our motto is, listen to all the prophets – keep only the good”

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ME Mother Earth ME – 100% Correct Model

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