Breaking Karma – Prep for End of Civilization

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We text chat openly or privately as well as group voice chat channels and file or link sharing. Private “Ask the Author” sessions available by fee, below.

We are here to spread the message of Completion for any Seeker. To help you see and understand that all of us are uncontainable. We are ‘imagined’ into contained bodies. We are both.

You can read articles for free but many are password protected for club members. Chat room invite link below is free to join. Read on for how to gain full access and talk directly to the authors.

The goal is to find 100% peace, fearlessness and a validated purpose. We intend to live material/temporary life to the fullest while acknowledging our Spirituality. To be prepared to meet eternal/dark/death as a peaceful, fearless and proven Man or Woman. One who will serve our loved ones and others on the way. Ask the author how to do it.

Lean on the author:

  • Schedule one to one personal consultation by Voice Chat with the author of this website.
  • Energy exchange requested by monetary transfer
  • Passwords provided to protected pages, our private database links, PDF, books, websites
  • (In our antagonistic world, we must trade money for time in order to pay our living expenses).
  • $199.00 pays for one year access and 1 hour of up to two consultation(s) with the author
  • Send email below or and receive instructions for access.
  • Pay less? No money? Email for limited access or make an offer!

If you are not able to meet the request, please email direct with your circumstance and how you can contribute to spreading or organizing the message, in some other way. We will accommodate as is needed. Expect the following:

Cleaning the blood to give it, the Heart and your Brain in proper flows are the crucial first step. Ask the author how this can work for you.

Modifying what you listen to and what you say/write through knowledge of language and how anyone who uses language is a literal and lyrical magician. Allowing you to modify yourself to meet any and all challenges.

Answers on spirituality, death and the creator.

Ask the author how to believe and execute your magic.

Developi basic knowledge of the deception world and the reasons behind it all. Ask the author your specific question.

What survival skills and locations are best for off grid survival. Ask the author.

What can be expected, dates and times for the collapse and more advanced deceptions. How to deal with merging timelines, our own and others we can view.

What is the explanation/purpose of the evil and the calculated and purposeful destruction of human minds and bodies. Ask the author.

Understanding God and death and the soul and spirit. Understanding Karma, Jesus and the Devil/Lucifer. Understanding your True Nature and the Divine Treasures built into you, but unrecognized. Ask the author how to do this.

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