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Turn your stomach into a rock solid core. This will make your center point your lean mean fighting machine headquarters for your entire body and its functions. Turn your body into the machine you always wanted.

A flat stomach not only looks good but it causes a self perpetuation of your metabolism at its highest efficiency. You will be burning calories all the time even when you’re sitting down. This extra movement that the rock hard core causes within the body will make all of the functions of your body work at top function.


Clean Detox your Body – Quiet your Mind
Follow these basics to insure nutrients get to your Blood with the most ease and effectiveness

Make People Love You
When we truly open our Hearts to others and listen to them with non-judgement – those people notice

Symbols Cymatics Simulations
How many times a day do we interact with words and numbers and the sounds they make or create?

Words make Fortunes The power of sounds and words are much greater than any man-made thing or idea.

Exercise for your Heart in your schedule. Once you are detoxing your body and quieting your Mind, the next step is to increase your strength and stamina.

The benefits of meaningful Rest
We need time off in the dark to prepare our Being for the next day in the Light. When we get overly happy or sad it leads to a cycle that repeats.

Main Entree

Ways to get your body and mind quiet enough:

‘to make a plan you can achieve.’

Always building and evolving. One builds on the one before

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