SAY G’Bye to Seven Dealies (deadlies) – Class “S” goin’ UG — Ant “I” watt?

Class “S” is for Sovereign. aka Sovereign Grand Inspector General is title given to 33rd level of FM

biden biding

Mutualism of Particularisms and Particularists, sheesh

Although particularists are types of ‘people’ in the politically described (masses) in politics itself, they have zero power against the elite educated power brokers – BUT each individual carries the ultimate power and powerlessness.


Life’s Logidata vs K-Evenisms

Use these below ‘CONCEPTS’ (means – thought-slicer/annihilator) to find your path and resolution to all matters.

These summaries may be helpful to seekers of wisdom. Where is Wisdom? Everywhere and nowhere at once. It has no perception or reflection. It does find it’s way into our ‘Nature’ but only because of our will and focus. There are no personalities offered to claim these summaries. They are free to the world.

norway buddha

Odin-Norway Has Buddhists?-Tor
1,000 Years Added to Calendars?

The cover photo is a statue of an ancient Buddhist pondering a Norwegian Buddhist (just kidding!) Thoughts are actually processed with words, sounds, images and interpretations. And somewhat permanent – conclusions.

36 Years Since: ?Labyrinth¿

¿ Labyrinith? was a 1986 David Bowie movie for the Mind Control handlers of the world to “brag” and to share with their cohorts their various techniques. It also puts a measure on their techniques for the ignorant who see it and use the measure to parse it and equally to those who do not see it.

Contemplation – Contemplatio . Y

First we encounter it, then write it into memory, then we act on it, then we contemplate. Four steps to resolve all matters.

Learn Thought/Words – Observe with Patience – Seek Like Minded

The conspiracy truther movement has so many highways, entrance and exits, it is quite exhausting and has no end. It has become glaringly apparent that in fact, it is an agenda that has been ‘conjured’ (everything is Hollywood Suggestion) up to implement the “distraction element” on behalf of:

atomic wheel brian kemila

“The Scent of a Woman” Father/Son and a Woman = Triune G-d Head

Life wasn’t breathed into us. Quite the opposite. A thick veil of deceit, illusion and death, has been cast over us, all in the name of the pretty rainbow of light we refer to as coming from god. (it is in fact ..the scent of a woman!!!) … read explanation below

light leaf lamp design

Who Owns Me? – Atom IC

Atom is Adam, the first. Made from the void of All and Immaterial or Non-Material. The proton and electron are mated to make Matter and the Neutron or Neutrina is the Female element that surrounds and encases the Matter – at All Times. All Times as an acronym is AT and forms the first reveal in the word Atom.

Who Owns You??? – QUESTION/CODE: Is 2-?-9-7-18 Revealing

Everything is revealing to us. Our sensors and receivers for intel, feelings, knowledge and pretty much anything “we focus” on are highly tuned to receive Intel across many planes of existence. And our ability to assemble it and come with solutions – is unmatched. The Nature within and around us is continuously sending us data as we live and swim within Nature as Natural Beings. But, who owns my thoughts. Who owns thought?

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