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Is Life Mundane or Meaningful? – Welcoming the Kindness Overtaking Earth!

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Kevin and Nina Wisdom Warriors University

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Kevin and Nina

Our goal is to show how all the Ancient knowledge combined with Today’s Modern Technological ability to detail and aggregate data is providing us with a map and innumerable clues and codes to basically, put Humpty Dumpty back together again. All is Well.

The Kingsmen (from Humpty story) are too far gone and it is up to us, the regular folk / townspeople and family, to identify the breadcrumbs and ‘level up’ toward our new way of ‘being’.

There is a new frequency of kindness overtaking Earth. Old dogs are not in our way. They are simply loud audience members to our Evolution.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Kevin and Nina are warriors for humanity. I could stop there. They have helped me tremendously in my journey through this experience in an incredibly short amount of time. There are words but none to fit the bill. Thank you.

— Boston John

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I am part of the illusional audience here, I 👏🏻 everything and everybody at my will but I occupy an empty seat.
Still, your millions words that nobody can understand are true ones !

— Bruno

You are 4-success in your 1) clear thinking, 2) emotional happiness, 3) physical well being and 4) meaningful relationships

k: Welcome to our ebook 4 success in your thinking, emotional state, physical well being and meaningful relationships. My name is Kevin (k),

n: and this is Nina (n) and this is our four step story to success.

Part 1 Change the words you say and read to repair and improve your relationships

k: everyone has heard the expression that words have power

n: I agree, words can be beautiful and harsh and everywhere in between.

k: yes they are like a meter that runs from extreme red to extreme green.

n: are you saying that words I read and say are landing in either the red part of the meter or the green part of the meter.

k: yes, not only that, but they have a direct influence at that point over your thinking and the functions of your physical body.

n: well if it affecting my thought patterns, is it effecting my emotional state also?

k: yes, it is true, what we think leads us to our emotional feelings and from there our actions.

n: so the words I think and hear will determine how I feel and act.

k: and what you do, ultimatley is who you become and the legacy that you leave.

n: all this from words?

k: it is not only the words it is literally the sounds that the words make, also carry great influence.

K: think of sounds as a top level description of tone timing and inflection

n: so what I say is as important as the tone?

k: yes, because the timing of the tones and the inflections determine the listener’s calculation of what your intention or what your meaning was.

n: so that sounds more complex then I had ever thought of words in that way

k: it is true that if you never looked when you first look at it, it will be complex.

n: well I can remember plenty of things that were comoplex when I first looked at them -but later- became second nature to me

k: me too, I have probably mastered a hundred things and they were all complex when I first looked at them.

n: so what ever got you so interested in picking apart all the words.

k: through various articles and relationships I was exposed to people who knew this knowledge, so off and on, througn my life, I used it and at times abused it, until I finally became a mature person.

n: so are you saying that the knowledge you gained gave you this power?

k: yes it did. The power to change my perspective and the power to help or harm myself and others.

n: so you have used it to hurt

k: yes, myself and others.

n: have you used it to help?

k: yes, myself and others.

man in suit jacket standing beside projector screen

n: so what is it we are trying to do today?

k: we want to share the knowledge of the words and how powerful they are whether we are aware of it or not.

n: I agree, I remember the countless times I have used words in both ways. I too want to master the power of words.

k: When I realized that the words I listen to and said led to my feelings and that lead to my actions, I knew that knowledge of words would impower me to choose my reality or at least mold and adapt to it to where I would have the most peaceful and best life possible, that was my first intention.

n: since we have been a couple for over 30 yrs, I have witnessed you go through this and experienced it with you. Tell us how your word study began.

k: after a brief look at mainstream etymology sources I started to look directly at the English language and the many seemingly purposeful misspelling and sounds and tricks within the spelling of the English language. Since English is mandatory in almost every country, I was confident to tear apart the English language and its history to get all that was hidden within it.

n: so do you mean the spelling, or the sounds or the letters or what?

k: after getting into it I found many sounds that were common across certain words that had certain intentions, like the cut sound for example. Looking further back in ancient history, the original communicators used sounds and gestures to get their point across. in our modern language , many of these sounds and gestures are intermingled in sentences where this kind of confusion over intention does not belong, leading to inadvertent miscommunication and hurt feelings.

n: so are you saying in every day conversations we are inadvertently using sounds and gestures that confuses what we meant to say?

k: yes, it is very common in almost all conversations today.

n: yes, I can remember now having misused words in conversations.

k: me too, the reason I started, my relationships were going no where and I wanted to try and improve my listening and talking skills, that led me into studying language and words.

man and woman wearing brown leather jackets

n: yes, as a couple, we miscommunicated many times, – and now that we are studying words and their influence, we have learned to show respect and admiration for each other at all times.

k: yes, we have, we got to put this into practice and use it on a daily basis and we both changed for the better along with how we see ourselves and the world around us.

n: so, -what became the number one rule of word use toward better relationships and overall peace?

k: the number one rule when using words is the number one rule when interacting with another person and it is a single word, kindness. Always be kind, always regard the other person.

man couple love people

n: I have lived my life with that rule, but sometimes I break it with the people I know the closest.

k: That is common amongst all of us, they have a word saying for that, familiarity breeds contempt but of course, since we are in control of how we react to words, a single person can change any relationship with how they literally feel about a word and react to that word.

n: so not only a word I say, but a word I hear and how I react to it can dramatically change the relationship I am in or at least the way I feel about it.

k: and the way you feel is not missed by the person across from you and if they keep seeing you react (and act) in a peaceful manner it will sooth them and their speech will soften toward you.

n: that sounds really beautiful!

photo of people doing handshakes

k: the amount of weight, influence and emotion that we attach to a word is of our choosing. No one is forcing us to attach anything to any word. We have full control over how knowledgeable we are about the words and the sounds. We also have full control over how a word makes us feel.

n: now that sounds very empowering.

k: there are several ways to start but probably the easiest is to consider the subject matter of what you are saying, writing, listening to or watching. Is it mundane or is it meaningful? Everything in life builds on the thing before it if you build mundane conversations with mundane people you will become a mundane person.

Although this is satisfying on a sensory level, it is damaging to meaningful relationships, and personal evolutions, although it can be easier and more comfortable to engage in mundaneness it leads to the most horrible pain and sense of loss and potential left unrealized.

n: so you are saying avoid mundane conversations and thought?

k: yes, I am, because what will be left are meaningful things which are easily drowned out by noisy and pulsing mundane actions and outcomes.

n: why is this not shown to young people in schools?

teacher standing in front of a blackboard

k: over the decades and generations through mundane activity we have passed on our responsibilities to others and then become dependent on them. Over time, we have split into self absorbed groups concerned only with our welfare and not the general welfares of the people outside our group.

n: that sounds like a selfish and mean society, is that generally where we find ourselves?

k: your world is your world and you make it. When you stop using mundane language, use words powerfullly for the good then your life changes for the better along with your relationships and your successes.

n: please click the links below (bottom of page, after convo) for exclusive articles from us detailing this subject.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation and we hope to share our successes learning about words. Please enjoy the the next episode, “How to unsticky your blood with one lemon (when, how, where and why)”.

n: Part 2 – How To Un-sticky Your Blood With One Lemon

fresh unpeeled lemon flying under wooden table

k: ni, do you know why it is important to have free flowing blood that is not sticky?

n: nothing is more important than flow. The opposite of flow is stagnation and that is the condition that chokes the blood cells of hydration and function and also provides the perfect environment for parasites to thrive and grow.

k: Well, I agree with you and I don’t see any reason to detail the horrors of stagnation in the blood stream, when we can spend our time talking about how to instantly repair it and cause it to grow and thrive. Do you agree?

n: yes, forget the details of the horrors and move on to the pleasantries.

k: ok, this video is called “unstick your blood with one lemon”. Whenever I mention this technique to people the first thing they say is “oh yeah, my sister, wife, aunt, husband, friend drinks lemon every day.”

n: tell me, kev, did they actually get what you where sharing with them, you know, about one lemon a day to unstick your blood, did you tell them the exact technique and the timing and everything?

person using microphone

k: yes, I told them the exact technique, the timing and everything about the lemon, and they always respond with a third party recollection, never have I had a response in person, I will try that.

n: well, before you give me the exact technique again so everyone listening can try it out for themselves, please tell us, as consisely as possible, what you got out of your one lemon a day ritual.

k: I will share the details in a second, but it changed my life for the better and I never got sick again after 12 yrs straight.

But first, the technique:

  1. you will be drinking the juice of one lemon mixed with water after waking but before eating anything.
  2. this causes an instant and important reaction of the body along with long lasting actions within the body and especially the blood stream.
  3. lemons cause a neutralizing or alkalining effect in the bloodstream, thereby any areas of inflammation (inflammation is caused by areas of high acid known as acidosis).
  4. any areas in your body that are not in pain yet but that are out of balanced and overly acidic will also be neutralized. This causes many changes in the body that you will notice as you continue the daily technique.
  5. it is important to use clean water, at least 6 oz at room temperature. The lemon is more sweet than sour when mixed with water. But if you need a couple of drops of sweetener to get you started it is okay.

n: so you are saying only 1 lemon per day causes dramatic changes in the body, what else did you get out of it.

k: well as I said, i have not been sick for twelve years and I believe the lemon is a large factor in that. There are a long list of known benefits of ingesting lemon which anyone can look up. The 2 most dramatic for me on top of what I stated already is a nice wakeup feeling as your blood energizes and a quick trip in and out of the bathroom with full releases of yesterdays eating and toxic storages. So typically I feel perfectly purged shortly after my not so bad lemon ritual.

n: well those are a very nice list of benefits for not much effort. I can say for myself, also done this for 12yrs, that it gave me a strong sense of empowerment that I never felt before, that I have control over my body and its ability to function at a high level.

k: I can say I have witnessed this in you also. And for myself, i believe this cleaning of the blood, leads to an overall cleaner body aand cleaner mind.

n: just like the old saying clean body clean mind.

k: yes, then you can get things done and make it happen for yourself and the people you love and love to influence.

n: so I will list the rewards of ingesting the juice of one lemon every day in the morning before you eat:

  1. Reduction of acidosis and inflammation in the body causing reduction and prevention of pain.
  2. Quick trip in and out of bathroom for perfect purge.
  3. Overall energy and alkalining effect and unsticking of the blood.
man in red crew neck sweatshirt photography

k: Follow the links for our articles on this topic and links to other authors.

Thank you for listening in on our lemon convo. It really did change our life, but there is one more step that is very important in the next episode: “Movement is the Best Medicine”.

Part 3 – Movement is the Best Medicine

n: Kev, what are the different parts and function of the body enhanced when we move?

k: every single part and function of the body is enhanced, repaired, healed, revived, regenerated, perpetualized and made happy when we move.

n: that has to be the best news I ever heard. So I guess we are not going to talk about the horrors of not moving, huh?

k: no, we are not going to do that. we will list the most important benefits to your body and mind from various movements that we will discuss.

n: that sounds great lets get on with it. what’s the most important benefit?

assorted color plastic trash bins

k: first and foremost benefit is to enhance the function of the two primary fluid systems in your body: the blood stream and the interstitium or aka the lymphatic system.

The lymph system is in charge of waste removal, finding it, arranging it and transporting it to exit points. The bloodstream does assist the lymph system in handing over it own waste from its daily functions and assistance in identifying and handing over waste material all created from the function and action of your daily life.

However, the bloodstream function of assisting the lymphatic system is only a part of the bloods function. The blood, primarily red blood cells, takes required oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body including the brain.

When your blood is flowing freely and happily all functions and organs of your body are operating at their top condition and you will never get sick and always be happy.

n: wow, so you say that is the number one primary benefit from movement?
that is a really great benefit and sounds like anyone would love to have that.
Is there more than that?

k: regular movement is very important to aid the natural flows of these liquids through your body. When we do strenuous exercise and you “feel the burn” then your muscles create growth hormone. There are many science names for these hormones but what they do essentially is they assist in the creation of new cells, thereby creating the condition of regeneration for your body and you. So movement is essential to extending or perpetuating life.

n: wow that second benefit of perpetual life sounds better than the first benefit of reconditioning your flows.

k: it is interesting that you said recondition flows, because flows is what all of this is about!

To be a free flowing human being running at tip top condition.

n: yes I agree! Are there even more benefits to get, or as they say, more gain from pain, of the strenuous exercise that I mentioned.

k: there is a third and equal to the others mentioned of importance of benefit of movement and strenuous exercise, one being a flat stomach and a strong core. When you have a strong core you and your body are both admiring and respecting each other.

Your metabolism will increase and your need to eat will decrease. Your strength will increase and your ease of restful sleep will also increase, but you will need less hours of it.

This relationship with yourself and the peace that it brings leads to better relationships with others and the world around you.

n: wow, three great benefits, all equally important and all super fantastic. Your formula seems to be a little tiny pain for a whole lot of gain.

Can you say more on how long this takes and how much commitment does it require?

K: not to be yoda like, but the compass always reads more true than the clock.
As the days go by, you will stop noticing the changes and you will just become the natural person you were always meant to be.

n: I can attest that I have seen this happen to you and this has also happened to me.

Please see the next episode “Part Four: Intentions Make Our Reality”, for the insurance and guarantee that you WILL DO the three steps above. It worked for Kev and it worked for me.

See the links below for the articles we have written on exercise and rest.

“Part Four: Intentions Make Our Reality”

n: I can guess we are going to talk about good intentions and bad intentions, can we have a few bad intention outcomes before you tell us the good stuff?

k: no problem, bad intentions lead to bad results, hospital beds with people in pain in them in a world dominated by judgmental people. You can use your imagination for the rest.

n: fair enough, then tell me how intentions guarantee and insure that I will do the three steps above?

k: fair enough. You can think of intention as a desire but more refined. An intention is a desire that you have visualized yourself having or being in your mind. An intention is completed when you act toward that visualization.

For example, if you intend to clean your blood, you might visualize yourself how you would feel with no pain. And you would visualize putting the lemons from the market into your fruit bowl. And you would visualize the place you turn your cut lemons into lemon juice like your reamer or your juicer or maybe you like to use a fork.

n: how is that a guarantee that I will do it?

k: it is more like insurance that you pay for and that makes you want to use it. After you pay for it, it would be silly not to use it.

n: how do we use this intentions thing in our daily life?

k: everyone uses intentions everywhere they land and everywhere they go and everyone or thing they listen to. Each day we visualize and intend how it will go and where we will end up at the end of the day. We use visualizations and intentions almost constantly.

n: so that means if we intend to improve our self and our relationships we would find the details of how to do that, visualize our self doing it and build our intention and then act on it causing a change in our life.

k: so this intention came from a desire which came from a thought. We all are thinking, emotional and physical creatures. We are in a continual state of thought, emotion and movement. We can manage, mold and manipulate any and all three of these parts of ourselves as long as we have a clear mind. Clean body, clean mind.

n: Yes, clean body, clean mind all things are possible.

k: Yes, clean body, clean mind all things are possilbe.

n: So, how do we break into this cycle of thinking and emotion and movement?

k: Every person can attack this riddle / problem with their own custom solution. For me, and you, it happened in the order written above. We changed our speech and what we listen to.

We changed our diet to clean our bloodstream. We added strenuous exercise and proper rest. We learned about intentions and how to use the correct intentions to answer all of lifes questions.

n: I can attest that I have seen this to be true in your life and the same for me.

Words Are Magic?

No, not magic. But you can make ‘magic’ in your Life by getting to know them.The phrase abracadabra means I Create What I Speak. It is magical but magic literally is defined as executed with invisible or unknown forces. Here, we make those forces visible.

Here we will learn how picking the right words and sounds to say and hear will dramatically change our lives.The English language has the tools to assist you in ‘languishing’ in it or picking your best ‘lane-gage’. There are mountains of books and study on the history of words, the symbols, the sounds, their meanings and so on. You will find access here to all the historical and relevant info but first we discuss the basics and intermediate ways to instantly and immediately change your life and relationships for the better. 

Rule #1: What you write or say out of your mind, hand and mouth has an effect / consequences. The outcome of your use of words will lean positively in your favor or you will see negative responses.

Includes all you allow into your ears and consideration. The words we choose to express or consider shape not only our relationships but also our view of the world and ourselves. 

Rule #2: Learn the knowledge of sounds, words and their influence and start getting instant feedback! This will, in very simple ways, show you how to get people to like you and listen to you. 

Rule #3: This could be rule #1. More important in any relationship are our listening skills as we learn and evolve ten times faster when we listen as opposed to forming our next words. 

To receive this gift of learning, imagine yourself not judging the other person while you listen to them. Look directly into their eyes. Consider carefully the words and tone of their expression. Make your answers contain part of their statement or question. The above actions are so rare these days we could almost call them good deeds. In reality they are good deeds. Your friends and loved ones will notice. You will personally improve.

Since we were born we make a weave of images in our mind that shapes our views of ourselves and others. Over time, some of our views of ourselves and others, become fixed or hardened in the way we perceive them. A single set of words could cause an immediate reaction. We might think it is the cause of a pile of experiences turned into images or imprints in our memory. That is only part of the story however.

So phrases that end conversations with mockery or closed-mindedness end up putting a damper on or ending that relationship. Avoid them at all cost and your happiness will increase immediately. Listening to and considering others who are voicing or writing closed minded views or ending their statements with mockery or judgement will lend itself to you, yourself becoming someone who is close minded, mocks others and judges them. 

By simply taking yourself away from listening to or speaking in hurtful or judgmental language will yield you instant results. Your view of the world and yourself will improve. All your relationships will improve. You will form new relationships.

names hurts forever - sticks and stones can heal

Choose your Words Wisely

When we truly study the words and the sounds we are making with them, we can adjust our speech to achieve peace, happiness and the love and respect of others.

The words come from sounds and symbols created to identify the sounds. Gestures were added to define the meanings along with tone, emphasis and inflection.

Our language today is very complex and easy to fall into laziness using it. By watching others mis-use the language we get validation that it is OK but it is not OK.

Half of our issue is we are poor listeners and half is from following others lazy mis-use of speech and language.

…the language is literally a “lane gage” demonstrating by the arrangement of the sounds, tones and letters.

Knowing this you can learn to influence others and yourself.

This will allow you to gauge your words and the sounds of certain words to use or lend your ear to.

Discover the usefulness of knowing the symbols of letters and numbers and how to see through the built in codes to them. These codes are like maps to reveal hidden messages.

Our left hand and right hand coming together.

Answers to questions, appear as we learn to use the language, our speech and our writing to benefit others and our self. Our relationships with others and ourselves grow and evolve.

Before we start this hard work of making plans to become a good listener, we have to be quiet enough to make a list.

Quiet must come to you first. We will need Clarity. When we become quiet enough in our body and mind, then we can see the details, then we list them and realize we have gained clarity.

Quiet, See, List Gain Clarity.

While we are in quiet mode, take notice how everything that happens in order seems to be OK and gets completed. Things that are done out of order always need a re-start or never get done at all.

Unfinished business, loose ends and disregarding other’s feelings and suffering are all ‘unfinished business’.

Think of all the times you have allowed ‘unfinished business’ and how it turned out in comparison to all the times you did complete your projects or address situations all the way to their resolution.

For this collection of Buddha quotes

Ways to Quiet your Mind

Always building and evolving. One builds on the one before

Set the Conditions

How many times a day do we wish some of our noisy thoughts would go away so we could focus on something?

Answers to questions, queries and quests begin with Quiet. Without quiet we will miss some of the details and our Plan will fail. And if we fail to plan it becomes our plan to fail.

Things that are done out of order always need a re-start or never get done at all.

Before you start this hard work of making plans and lists so that you can have magic in your Life, you have to be quiet enough to make a list of details.

Answers to questions, queries and quests begin with Quiet.

You will need Clarity. Quiet comes first. When you become quiet enough in your body and mind, then you can see the details, then you list them and then you realize and gain clarity. Do you notice they are in order?

While you are in quiet mode, take notice how everything that happens in order seems to be OK and gets completed. Things that are done out of order always need a re-start or never get done at all.

Step one is to reduce and eliminate as much noise as possible. Once the noise subsides, the quiet will remain and you can more easily put things in order and order of importance. Leading to healing and evolving.

The words we choose – even in our own mind – and the sounds they contain are the secret to feeling happy and getting along with others.

Using the words no, not, never, should have, could have, would have will bring those exact things we said ‘no’ to, into our reality.

It is real. Whatever you bounce out, bounces directly on you.

We often hear people talk about meditating, law of attraction, visualizing but we are really talking about two things. Getting quiet enough in your environment, within yourself, body and mind, to make achievable lists.

The lists are only two. Both to advance your goals. First list is what you might remove from your thoughts and actions to reduce interference to your goals.

Getting quiet enough in your environment, within yourself, body and mind, to make achievable lists.

Second list is what you will add to your thoughts and actions to speed up your realization of your goals.

Take these two lists and combine them into an action / timeline list. Make it achievable and do-able.

When things on the list are not completed or fail, reorganize and restart that part with the knowledge of the previous attempt.

fresh papaya and citrus fruits delicious composition

Releasing the Noise

Our bodies are perfect machines which manufacture all the elements we need to live and thrive. 95%+ of our nutrition to live comes from Air and Water.

By overconsuming, we literally cause interference to the body’s functions and cause storage of toxins that have built up into ‘Human Storage Units’ we call Fat.

Our bodies get overloaded with all the yummies we put in them. Mostly dense, not watery and loaded with artificial this and that. Your body thinks of it as food, so attempts to process it.

Learn here how to re-invent yourself and find your natural size body that loves you as much as you love it! We will show you the knowledge to clean your body once and for all and start living!

When we add too much more than the body can deal with, especially synthetic drinks and foods, the body creates fat areas as a storage unit system. Once enough storage units are needed, the body makes room for more storage units and builds blood vessels into them to maintain their viability.

The only reason for fat is over-indulgence and lack of rest and exercise. If you are puffy or fat, you are showing signs of being poisoned.

There are mountains of books on how to maintain your natural weight. We can answer that here. Use raw and highly watery fruits and vegetables. That’s it.

Your body will settle into it’s correct weight. Eat as many as you want, you will not get fat or tired.

People on big pharma meds may lose some of it’s effectiveness when using a diet high in watery fruits and vegetables. But you will probably not need them anymore!

It is very beneficial to learn the ins and outs of the body and what foods it thrives on. Any other path will lead to low energy and early death.

Kevin and Nina’s personal journey was with smoothies and 90% fruit for the first 5 years. Since we have mixed in more lightly cooked veggies and raw salads and oatmeal for breakfast for a week at times between continuous smoothies.

What will I eat now?

Things on the DO EAT list and not things on the DO NOT EAT list. IE, make two lists.

Priority one. Replace sugary drinks with filtered and vortexed water and raw fruit juice or diluted juice.

Replace candy with dates, dried mangos and dried fruit. Replace chips with better non-canola or palm oil organic chips. And use raw or less roasted or adulterated seeds and nuts. Add dips! Like guacamole, hummus and the variations. Plus get the best and closest to raw nut and seed butters. Use celery sticks as often as possible. Use carrot sticks and radishes but less of them.

Cook vegetables with raw or no hexane coconut and olive oils. When you are ready, eliminate dairy, eggs and cheese.

Fruit is the number one food a human can live and thrive on. The rhythm of fruit is alive, living and Life. The water inside is 100% pure, distilled, nutrient dense and a perfect match for your blood cells to harvest instant energy.

It speeds through the stomach into the bloodstream with little waste. The water content of fruit is the best water in the world and what the body wants and needs.

You will feel the energy and the satisfaction as your sleeping operating systems reboot and restart. Your thoughts of self loathing and what is wrong with the world will be replaced with appreciation and humility in front of Creation.

Smoothie details. When doing smoothies for breakfast: Eat melons separate with 20 minute breaks. Choose sweet, ripe and super watery fruit including bananas and dates but also oranges, pears apples mangos kiwis and more.

When you peel, de-seed and blend you should end up with a giant vat of liquid donuts that is tender on the throat, sweet on the tongue, pleasant to the eyes, and gracious to your thighs, plus for your mind body and spirit, a great surprise.

3 more parts to complete:

Add a good night’s rest without tons of blue light screens and WIFI left turned on.

Get a strenuous walk or exercise everyday.

Find ways to speak positively and listen to positive things.

Welcome to the new you.

Below is Dr. Robert Morse ND, a fine life long healer who has been on both sides of medicine. Now promotes and proves fruit as the number one food for human consumption.

Here we have a link to a review of Dr Morse, find his YouTube link on this page too: https://dearfruitsmile.com/chill-zone/dr-robert-morse-his-book/

GreenMedInfo.com Is The World’s Most Widely-Cited, Open-Access, Evidence-Based Natural Health Resource With 20,000+ Articles!


We started with the link below, Dr Fuhrman from Philadelphia, PA. We found the offer to eat and drink as much as you want without getting fat via raw, watery fruits and vegetables, a perfect offer for where we were at at the time in 2010. We would still recommend him for beginners to see basic concepts of how the body reacts to modern food fare.


Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD “Nutritarian”

thought era, ride thera, ride the ra, magnetic magic .net
The picture is the first photo (reflections) of DNA taken in 1951 by Rosalind Franklin.

What is Blood?

Blood is composed of mainly red and white blood cells. There have been detected, 10s of trillions of them in your body. Each cell contains within it, 100s to 1000s of distinct structures, each with it’s own specific function relating to the receiving and delivery of elements in and out of the cell.

The blood cells manage and execute the delivery and receiving of goods and services and the direction of waste to it’s partners in the lymphatic system (your body’s waste management system) and the interstidium (the largest organ of the body) is made of interstitial fluids providing a medium for cells and other operators to travel.

The Blood’s partner is the Heart. When the tired and oxygen starved blue blood cells arrive at the Heart, it opens it’s door, allows the blood in and re-energizes it for another trip around your body.

The top jobs of the blood cells are to transmute Air and Water into your Life Power. They also manage all the dirty jobs that have to do clean up duties.

One time in history: Michael Servetus: The scientist who discovered the pulmonary circulation of the blood was sentenced to death by a founding father of protestantism, John Calvin.

John Calvin: One of many murderous Christian “saints.” Others include Martin Luther, Thomas More, various Puritans including Oliver Cromwell, and a number of canonized Catholic popes.

Albert Einstein: Devout in his youth, Einstein’s knowledge and appreciation of science led him to reject the Bible’s miracle-producing God.

The Bible has some interesting maxims and behavior suggestions but is full of BuyBull.

No1 cause of death is dehydration of the blood cells. They are made of 90% water and cannot operate dry.

With correct amount and correct type of waters, your body will stay at PH7 and you will never get sick. You can treat your water, avoid adulterated beverages and eat fruit water (Fruit) whenever possible.

Water is nature’s solvent. Drinking the best water and eating foods and raw food that has large water content is great for re-energizing, cleaning and re-vitalizing your Blood, Heart and Brain. I humbly offer to use fruit juicing and raw fruit to cleanse and rehydrate your cells.

For many Ages all we could discover about blood has been written. Here is the skinny: Your blood is your Life. Treat it as such. Get rest, exercise and plenty of the correct waters

What is missing today is Regard for Others generally and this has happened in tandem with Men and Women’s views of each other. We have learned to look away as necessary to maintain our busy and mentally filled lifestyles. We have myriads of man-made stimuli to access and occupy our time and focus.

This is the overview. Nothing has been proven. We feel however, there is more than enough evidence to draw some conclusions. For our group to agree, other parts of the model would need validations from each other in order to gain a consensus, move forward and evolve.

There are many more connections and conclusions and a few solutions. Collaborate and we gain greater solutions.

Also a ton of new science theories using Logical Math and Intuition. We have several discussion channels active now in the Human models, where you can read and join in.


Karelia Tartaria


Man Replacing Organs??

Robert Fludd 17c

Artist rendition of Yggdrasil (Odin’s Horse)

The Buddha

Mother Father Child Soul Me x2


Most Amazing Fractal


What is good Sleep?

Being physically active is important to your physical and mental well-being but proper rest and sleep are equally important.

Our body overhauls us and does very important regenerative work when we rest or sleep. It is essential.

Today’s busy schedules include over reaching our available time leaving important relationships and self work unfinished.

Unfinished business always comes back to bite us. It is best to make a list of above all other lists of what you value the most and what your foundational principles are.

Then it is easy to make time for yourself and the people you care the most about. Self improvement and better relationships are as close as scheduling your time according to your values.


Aerobic Exercise

What it does: Aerobic exercise improves circulation, which results in lowered blood pressure and heart rate, Stewart says. In addition, it increases your overall aerobic fitness, as measured by a treadmill test, for example, and it helps your cardiac output (how well your heart pumps). Aerobic exercise also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and, if you already live with diabetes, helps you control your blood glucose.

How much: Ideally, at least 30 minutes a day, at least five days a week.

Examples: Brisk walking, running, swimming, cycling, playing tennis and jumping rope. Heart-pumping aerobic exercise is the kind that doctors have in mind when they recommend at least 150 minutes per week of moderate activity.

Your Heart / Blood partnership is vital to your Life, happiness and well being. Keep your blood healthy and hydrated and exercise your Heart for a long and thriving Life – the best Life possible.

best yoga exercises to sleep better

Suggested Cardio workouts, afternoon strength exercises, evening yoga, isometrics, meditation


Mr Heart likes workouts. Use it or lose it!

Effects of Blue light on your sleep


As a society it is becoming very common to see everyone with an electronic device whether they are young or old. Our devices are able to do everything for us.

They have surpassed the days of simply making calls on the go. They are our planners, our source of entertainment, our navigation system, and so much more. With more exposure to electronic devices people are starting to wonder how our bodies are reacting.


Podcast below on symbols, letters, digits and how to spot their energies:

First link is YouTube and provides closed captions and transcript with links. Second link is the same video but on Vimeo, both are unlisted but available here.

Who runs your Intentions?

Who Runs the World (besides Us)
In depth review of what has been written and testified and witnessed.

Names Please

The first person to run your personal world is you. Our personal reality is ruled by our focus, intentions and actions. All reactions and responses to us happen after we act. We are in Thera, the Thought Era. 

Regarding the hierarchal structures of the world institutions and corporations, yes, we do respond to that and allow it to be our reality.

Are ‘they’ out to get us? Looks to me like they intend to manage our thoughts so we will do their bidding (through our demands!). Outside of molding and directing our thoughts, there is NO power over you and I.

Shoot, each one of us engages in or has engaged in the same behavior of dominating or submitting around our own circle of different groups we are in.

The powers that be, require our faith in them in order for our minds to stay busy with our 5 senses and the Neo-Cortex part of our Brains leading our actions and reactions.

Most of the fruits of our labors for many generations and Ages have gone toward energy use and following existing and evolving memes. We freely hand it over.


Our actions and responses have led to many control/power groups throughout our everyday lives. There are hierarchical groups everywhere now, even in our own houses. It is a pattern we are familiar with and we teach our children to ‘adapt’ to it. Shoot, each one of us engages in or has engaged in the same behavior of dominating or submitting around our own circle of different groups we are in. We have all learned to adapt to the concept and actions of “One Man’s will over another”

The amount of material available on ‘who runs the world’ and writers uncovering deceptions is indeed astounding. The amount of material on “You run your World” is also astounding in it’s miniscule-ness. That should be a clue to you.

Following are a few summaries from thenarrowgateweb.com – written by Richard Kallberg in 2017

1. Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and Egyptians

A short article introducing – and showing the connection between – the following fields:

  • Cymatics (the study of how sound affects matter);
  • Fibonacci series & the golden mean (phi);
  • Cymatic and resonant properties of DNA;
  • Design and resonant frequencies of the Giza Pyramids.

2. Leylines: An Introduction

A study of ancient megaliths, showing that

  • ancients all over the world built their temples using the same phi- and pi-oriented maths;
  • their structures were very similar aesthetically;
  • many of them are perfectly aligned to the same star constellations: either Orion (which is associated to Osiris) or Draco (which is associated to serpents);
  • the serpent was of high importance and worshiped all over the world, from the Temple of the Serpent in Mexico, to Angkor Wat being aligned to the Draco constellation, among countless others.
  • many ancient megaliths are aligned with each other geographically.

Ley lines are apparent alignments of places of significance in the geography or culture of an area, often including man-made structures. They are in the older sense, ancient, straight trackways in the British landscape, or in the newer sense, spiritual and mystical alignments of land forms.

Researchers believe there are actually two types of ley lines:

1. energy ley lines and 2. true ley lines.

Energy ley lines are considered to be beams of energy that cross the landscape. They are literally fractures in the earth’s crust and are affected by gravity. Faults are then created and water released, thus affecting the Earth.

True ley lines are ancient “tracks” discovered in the 1920’s and seem to connect important sacred sites around the world. That being said, one could argue that any two points on a map can easily connect with a straight line, and are thereby connecting simply by coincidence. But what if they aren’t?

5. Links to the Ancients

An essay illustrating the clear links between modern day freemasonry and ancient civilizations. You will learn that

  1. worship of the owl and Moloch has been on-going for thousands of years, up to and including the present day when freemasons are continuing in the traditions of ancient cultures, not least at Bohemian Grove which most world leaders visit annually.
  2. the hand gesture that pays homage/shows allegiance to Moloch (the deity associated with the owl/death) has been normalized into main stream society by rap culture and cartoons.
  3. The Temple of Baal (where Moloch was worshiped) has been brought back into the mainstream, suggesting that the occult is starting to become has become prevalent in today’s society once again.


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