New (nu-un) Concepts

No worry, you cannot miss scalar, it is everywhere

Don’t worry about yes or no.
I am you – you are me is the cognition pattern needed to “WIN”
We are born with morality, now refer to your origin.
Your job is to find out what the ‘reason’ is.
You have to accept that you won’t know everything. (We are powered by something invisible)
You have to have backup at the personal level.
People don’t know how important phonetics is.
We can lean in the right direction. The Aether/Scalar will respond.
Old expressions: food for thought; chew on this…

I AM ..

When you are in a funk, think about your trillion of cells that power you and clean up the messes
We are the most Precious being of All Time
(We are powered by something invisible)
Learn how to make selfish work.
Policy Matters are Heart Matters.
The more we allow synchronicity, the more synchronizations:
We can lean in the right direction.
When you lead a peaceful life / day…you can have a peaceful night
Make everyday Glorious.
I AM..calm, peace, healed, truth..wisdom, love..all knowing

What is Scalar Energy?

Electrical Scalar Waves were discovered by the genius engineer Dr Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), who is considered one of the most brilliant scientists ever, author of more than 500 patents, inventor and precursor to many of devices or common use at present.

Prof Dr. Ing K. Meyl (1952-), invented modern version of scalar wave transmission systems, as well as discovered magnetic scalar waves (Meylians) that drive cellular communication of all organic live systems.

Presently, the skinny on scalar is set to confusion and mis-direction. There is a truth but it basically is: Scalar waves are proof of Aether and that “all things are touching”.

After getting the answer to the question: what are scalar waves? It is only natural to address the concern of ‘what is scalar energy? According to scientists and physicists, scalar energy comes from the field of energy beyond the universe. This energy has zero frequency. While Albert Einstein termed this field of energy as the “Zero-Point Energy Field”, Max Planck termed it as the “Matrix”.

The energy harnessed by scalar waves was termed as standing energy or universal waves by Tesla. Decades later, Albert Einstein developed quantum theory, which also lead to his acknowledgment of scalar waves.

“P” is perfection
“R” is P walking/repeating
Scale “R” waves help you notice the repeat “R” pattern to
scale the “R” or “measure” the weight or “non-value/value of repeating endlessly”

Consistent with reduction in whole-cell currents, noise analysis for three of the mutants revealed that single-channel currents were reduced by 60%–70% following application of MTSET. MTSET acting on TMC1 cysteine mutants evidently inhibits receptor current by partially impeding cation flux through single channels rather than by blocking all current through a subset of channels.

In a scalar way – imperfect

I M Perfect – cathodic pope is all cathode and ZERO anode, the catholic pope as holy father is actually a HOLE-EE Fat Her and it is why he carries a stick w a shiny hiney hole on top of it. We buy gold thrones and gold hiney holes for the pope via S&M social media & S&M sado/maso actions.

lucyfurrians and Say Ten! loyalists are a teeny teeny tiny fraction of a fraction of quantity compared to our numbers and the same fraction in power versus us – UNLESS we make them big in our creative minds.

The truth is we are 100% self determined and there are ZERO outside forces to harm you UNLESS you choose to focus on the. Their job and expertise is keeping you focused on them and the beliefs they have installed into you. This keeps you in a distracted, subservient and within an ‘unresolvable position’.

Scalar Wave Wifi – “Y” Fry?

It allows for a more efficient and direct route (infrastructure) to your mind by delivering subliminal messages to mold your thinking, policies, emotions and actions – to guide your compliance to your behavior, beliefs and your own self destruction – and ultimately, “holding the bag”, the guilt, the shame and your certification to die and restart the process.

This has been done for millennia through the use of linguistics, phonetics and trickery and intricacy. Below is a great research body on the fatal affects of the “new infrastructure” to mold/destroy you.

  • historic wireless transmission research
  • covert ongoing testing
  • development programs combining highly advanced beamed psycho-physical
  • psychological electronic mind invasive Remote Neural Monitoring
  • patented technologies using extremely low frequency
  • electromagnetic radio waves
  • microwaves
  • Scalar Waves
  • Ultrasound
  • Directed Energy Weapons
  • the USAF Active Denial System
  • infrared
  • Parametric Speaker, etc.,
  • designed EXPERTLY for covert harassment
  • mass and social population control
  • undetectable manipulation and influence
  • in use for DECADES
  • now today used on individuals, groups, communities and large populations

Today a global system has officially unfolded of horrific beamed electronic weapon (scalar wifi) assaults through legalization, official Organized Community Stalking legitimizing federal, state and local police, with military personnel and military technology covertly turned on the civilian population marginalizing civilians, men, women and children as lab rats.

There are many players to include the Department of Veterans Affairs, Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies for research activity post 9/11. The reality, victim’s report, is that this program has become a high-tech subjugation effort, beam torturing TARGETS both inside and outside their homes which opened the door for massive, inhumane, VICIOUS violations of Constitution, Civil and basic Human Rights. Who is watching Big Brother after the Constitution has left the building? The fact is thousand’s nationwide and million’s globally, within a unified, determined, exposure effort, and of whom are being strategically discredited have decided, “We Will Not Be Silent!” –

proof of scalar boring

Holospheric coding of time-space, the numbers of apocalypse, the mathematics that govern our existence, cross-calendrical parallels that provide direct evidence that the past histories are a predicate for the future and evidence of high technological sophistication- the records of the preFlood world are consistent. Our history books are very wrong. Technolithic methods of construction were so advanced they show proof of scalar boring, sound-levitation, smoothing rock to tolerances of .02 and the use of geopolymers at Giza is now proven.

The building of the Great Pyramid at the middle of the earth, the dreams that haunted the rulers before the Flood, great visions. A vast Enochian empire consisting of 130 kingdoms. Enoch (Enki) vanishes and the Nephilim Dynasty rules the world. Sphinx construction and her secrets, the evidence of a pre-Egyptian monument. A gathering of the antediluvian libraries for burial in preparation for the Great Cataclysm that is predicted. Enoch’s (Enki) ministry among the giants/Nephilim (Anunnaki), the origin of demons, wraiths, unclean spirits, poltergeists, ghosts, specters.

we have been deceived into accepting that our world’s movement around a sun is a lie of artificial intelligence’

  • Why the law of attraction is not working for me?
  • How to apply the law of correspondences
  • our world is NOT what you think
  • We are much more than we suppose ourselves to be

Over the years this mathematical scrutiny of reality has led to inescapable conclusions and to the discoveries of formulae and constants that guide and guided me in the development of an event prediction software program.”

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