Equal Knocks “N” Ding – 2022 SCALAR equinox

Equal Knocks “N” Ding – 2022 SCALAR equinox

You have always fought for your dreams alone, but here I am to support you and together fulfill and get where we want.
No matter what happened you will always have my support because I believe in you more than anyone.
You may not realize all your dreams, but never give up the RAGE/fight until the – “N” Ding.

You have always fought for your dreams alone, but here I am to support you and together fulfill and get where we want.
No matter what happened you will always have my support because I believe in you more than anyone.

You may not realize all your dreams, but never give up the RAGE/fight until the – “N” Ding.

Tears 4 Equal Knocks – 2022 equinox

We are watching the Sun during this equinox and reporting results in coming days. Stay CAR – TUNED – IN.
Profit-able vs Prophet-able
corporations = Corpse Oration


inTENsity – Death – Restart = 10,11,12 ‘MARCH’ 1,2 – 1,2

“Me Time” – Mother Earth Tie Me UP!
Sonny is the ‘black hole sun’, Huck is turning 4X4. Juvenility to ‘taka’ us through the ‘crossing’

Autistics and Exploding JOINTS Terror Events

 Thought of as a disorder primarily of boys Girls With Autism shows us how teen girls cope with their autism and how they differ from autistic boys. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5061426/

“Can present contrastingly in different settings; girls can camouflage or mask their feelings until they are in a safe environment before they release their emotions. This often leads to a lack of belief in other settings, such as a school saying is fine and parents are reporting differently.

May appear to be shy or avoid interacting with others, or struggle to make the first move socially, but are also keen to have friends. They may have 1 or 2 close friends but will converse in a rehearsed or scripted manner, desperate to fit in, so will try and hide their difficulties. They can struggle with social niceties and may mimic rather than naturally respond. They may appear awkward during conversations.”

Seeing the Unseen directed by Bjarney Lúðvíksdóttir and Kristján Kristjánsson is a documentary exploring the role that autism plays in the lives of 17 Icelandic women, and asking why autistic women and girls have remained invisible in society for so long. 

As any person living with disability will tell you, society penalizes, torments and demonizes what it perceives to be ‘other’ – and this narrative isn’t new. For young women living with autism, it’s the norm. This documentary demonstrates how the attitude from society leads to misdiagnosis of autism in girls – primarily as anxiety and depression. Because of this, most women don’t receive the correct diagnosis and subsequent support until much later in life, when they are already isolating, relying on benefits and facing additional subsequent health issues.

excerpt below:

Typical signs of autism in adults

  • Getting anxious within social situations
  • Finding it hard to make friends
  • Finding it difficult to understand what others are thinking
  • Finding it difficult to express how you feel
  • Having a daily routine and getting anxious if it changes

Autism in females

  • Autism is more commonly diagnosed in men than in women. It is said that three men receive an autism diagnosis for every one woman.
  • Women have been found to be diagnosed with ASD at a significant later age and experience longer diagnosis times.
  • Researchers believe that women and girls are more likely to camouflage or hide their symptoms, by forcing themselves to make eye contact or mimicking the social behaviour of others.

Di’Caprio Finally becomes an ACTOR

I am in your very atoms – greece 450bc mahavartma armon and =armaani means atoms “I reside in your very atoms”

In a scalar way – imperfect
I M Perfect – catholic pope is all cathode and ZERO anode, the catholic pope as holy father is actually a HOLE-EE Fat Her and it is why he carries a stick w a shiny hiney hole on top of it. We buy gold thrones and gold hiney holes for the pope via S&M social media & S&M sado/maso actions.

lucyfurrians and Say Ten! loyalists are a teeny teeny tiny fraction of a fraction of quantity compared to our numbers and the same fraction in power versus us – UNLESS we make them big in our creative minds.

The truth is we are 100% self determined and there are ZERO outside forces to harm you UNLESS you choose to focus on the. Their job and expertise is keeping you focused on them and the beliefs they have installed into you. This keeps you in a distracted, subservient and within an ‘unresolvable position’.

Electrical Scalar Waves were discovered by the genious engineer Dr Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), who is considered one of the most brilliant scientists ever, author of more than 500 patents, inventor and precursor to many of devices or common use at present.

Prof Dr. Ing K. Meyl (1952-), invented modern version of scalar wave transmission systems, as well as discovered magnetic scalar waves (Meylians) that drive cellular communication of all organic live systems. http://www.bioscalar.eu/en/scalar-waves.html

Scales, Scalars and Earthquakes-Everywhere

What else is everywhere – AIR is everywhere

communion, interacction, support, recognition, service, manners, consideration, avoiding mal-speech and thought, positive thinking, being non-reactive and peaceful at all times, allowing Intuition to be rel and call on-able, allowing synchronicities, chance meetings, new relationships, coincidences, become everyday moment to moment events as part of your miracle filled vision of your Life and ‘world’.

Everyone has beliefs and ‘scales’ – “belief” and “Leif” or “lieve” mean ‘to remain, survive’ – all beliefs are tied to our survival, even when we do not recognize it and are simply ‘reacting’.

When beliefs are installed thru upbringing, parents, peers, school, media – we become TIED to these beliefs, unless we notice (NOT ICE).

  • Ladder, up or down
  • Ordered, sequence, magnitude
  • Size, scope
  • Ratio, anaysis
  • Line/bar, growing or retarding
  • Music, octave, tritave, or pseudo-octave
  • Math base, decimal, binary, etc
  • Gradations, up or down
  • Money, paid scale wage
  • Earthquakes, Mercalli scale, Palermo scale, Richter scale
  • Economy, wage scale
  • Music scales, Arabic scale, Byzantine Music scale, chromatic scale, diatonic scale, diminished scale, major scale, minor scale, modal scale, octatonic scale, pentatonic scale, Persian scale, Phrygian dominant scale, whole tone scale.
  • Physics, Celsius scale, Delisle scale, Fahrenheit scale, Kelvin scale, Newton scale, Rankin scale, Réaumur scale, Rømer scale, timescale, (psychology): Kinsey scale
  • More scales, altered scale, full-scale, global-scale, gray-scale, Gunter’s scale, Internet-scale, large-scale, medium-scale, microscale, milliscale, off the scale, Pomeroy scale, Ravel scale, scalebound, scalefree, small-scale, time scale, timescale, widescale, wide-scale, at scale, scale invariance, scale model, thumb on the scale, to scale, scale back/up/down

scale – Part of an overlapping arrangement of many small, flat and hard pieces of keratin covering the skin of an animal, particularly a fish or reptile.

teleost scales
A small piece of pigmented chitin, many of which coat the wings of a butterfly or moth to give them their color. A flake of skin of an animal afflicted with dermatitis. Part of an overlapping arrangement of many small, flat and hard protective layers forming a pinecone that flare when mature to release pine nut seeds. The flaky material sloughed off heated metal. Scale mail (as opposed to chain mail). Limescale. A scale insect. The thin metallic side plate of the handle of a pocketknife.

No big deal? → Japanese: スケール (sukēru)

To put this in scale, SCALES are everywhere – the same way scalar waves are everywhere!

On May 18, 1695 (the sixth day of April in the thirty-fourth year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty), a major earthquake occurred in Linfen, Shanxi Province. The “Catalogue of Strong Earthquakes in China’s History” (1995) determined that its epicenter was located at 36.0°N, 111.5°E, and the epicenter was located in the north between Zhangli Village, Xiangfen County and Dongkang Village, Yaodu District, Linfen, with an intensity of X degree. . Based on previous studies on this earthquake, it is speculated that the seismogenic structure may be the Guojiazhuang fault. With the cooperation of Linfen City Archives, Linfen City Seismological Bureau, etc., the first-hand information on the damage of the ancient city of Linfen and its surrounding areas in the earthquake was reviewed in detail, and on this basis, the 1695 Linfen earthquake was drawn. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1695_Linfen_earthquake

In 1695, a powerful earthquake in central Italy literally rocked the hill town of Civita di Bagnoregio. Founded by the Etruscans 2,500 years ago, it has been continuously inhabited to present day. Once known as Balneum Regis – meaning ‘the bath of the king’, as the Lombard King Desiderious had his wounds treated by the hot springs of the area.

The Etruscans emerged around 900 BC during the Villanovan culture period in the Iron Age, and reached its peak territorially around 750 BC during the foundational period of the Roman Kingdom.

Over the centuries, Etruscan cities and settlements were gradually assimilated by Italic, or Iron Age ethnic groups such as the Gauls and Ligurians, before the entirety of Etruria being absorbed into the growing Roman Republic, and the Etruscans’ territory becoming part of the newly established Roman Empire in 27 BC.

The Etruscans constructed Civita di Bagnoregio on top of a plateau of friable volcanic tuff overlooking the Tiber River Valley. The town was laid out on a cardo and decumanus orthogonal street system (which is still used today in the medieval plan), and grew into a flourishing trading hub due to its favourable position along several important trade routes.

After the region was conquered by the Franks under Charlemagne in 774 AD, Lombardy was later handed over to the Papacy and Civita di Bagnoregio became part of the Papal States.

  • Sometimes bad things happen in our lives to put us in the direction of the best things we could live.
  • For good days: smiles. For bad days: patience. For every day: faith.
  • If you think you are capable, ignore the opinion of others and move on. It is not always good to know what other people think.
  • Take a risk, if it works you will get happiness and if it doesn’t you will get wisdom.
  • When something bad happens you have three options: let it define you, let it destroy you, or let it make you stronger.
  • If you can’t do everything, do everything you can.
  • If you’re not happy with something, move on, until you’re happy.
  • Dreams are there to be fulfilled, so don’t look back or listen to anything or anyone, just listen to those who encourage you and encourage you to continue.
  • Advance without fear, because living will always be the greatest challenge of your existence.
  • As long as we believe in our dreams, we will never lack the strength to fight for them.
  • I miss the time when I looked at the sky and thought that the stars were few compared to all my dreams.
  • The more you study, the more you learn and the closer you get to fulfilling your dreams.
  • Study hard and nothing in the world can keep you from your dreams.
  • Because your actions determine your future, study and dedicate yourself to your dreams so that tomorrow they come true.
  • Don’t give up on your dreams now. You are closer than you think!
  • Giving up your dreams is accepting that you don’t deserve anything more than what you have in life.
  • Difficult dreams do not deserve your giving up, but persistence on your part.
  • Among the dreams, desires and plans, the important thing is never to give up.
  • Be true to your dreams: never give up.
  • You may not realize all your dreams, but never give up and fight until the end for them.
  • Believe in yourself in any circumstance, because you are the main person responsible for your happiness.
  • Victory does not make the winner a conqueror, but the man a warrior.
  • If you are determined to fight for a dream it is because it probably exists to be conquered by you, believe it and never give up!
  • Those who study have in their hands the power to transform not only their own lives, but also those around them.
  • Winning is synonymous with perseverance and nothing else matters to achieve true success.
  • It is always in a team where the work has a higher value and the victories become more tasty.
  • Winning becomes a defeat when you don’t win with dignity.
  • Whoever wins is as much a winner as whoever loses with his head held high and a smile on his face.
  • You never lose when you gain knowledge, you have simply learned and improved.
  • Whether to conquer the world or to know oneself, there is only one path: study and dedication.
  • Feed on what life has to offer you, and believe that it has everything you could possibly want.
  • The grace of life is to see what the next surprise will be.
  • You don’t have to be the master of reason or the sage of the land, but you have to strive to achieve what your heart desires.
  • The best of each person happens the moment you really know yourself. Don’t wait for luck, go after what you want.
  • The reason for our success has been you and I will always be grateful to you, you are more capable than you think and I will always be supporting you.
  • A dream only comes true if you have the courage not to give up on it.
  • As long as a dream makes sense, you should always be your priority.
  • Believe in your value and check that all dreams are possible to achieve.
  • Your dreams have no distance, they are always close to you and I know you have the strength to win.
  • You can stand and imagine what it would be like, or fight and see what it will be like to make your dreams come true.
  • Let time wash away the pain and bad memories, but let the dreams and hopes stay.
  • All you need to start making your dreams come true is to trust yourself, and fight without fear of failure.
  • The best friends are not the ones who are always close, but the ones who cry and laugh with you when they are far away.
  • The most dangerous enemy you can meet will always be yourself.
  • The distance that separates your dreams from reality is the same size as your patience and willpower.
  • Time passes and we discover that big dreams and people are something that will always push you to follow the path.
  • With the right attitude everything is easier, so forget what you’ve been through, accept what you can’t change and fight for your dreams.
  • Start over if necessary, but never stop fighting for your dreams.
  • Step by step and without ever giving up, dreams come true.
  • Time is the only hope for those who have lost their dreams.
  • Often life is risking everything for something that no one but you can see.
  • Don’t let your dreams lose their strength to fly!
  • Yesterday doesn’t matter, today we can still start the journey back to our dream destination.
  • You have my full support because you are a great person who always encourages me to give my best.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself, everyone makes mistakes, but the smart ones know how to forgive and forget their own mistakes.
  • A little more self-confidence and everything becomes clearer, easier and more accessible.
  • The best incentive you can have in life is to imagine every day the wonderful feeling you will feel when you achieve your achievement.
  • You have always fought for your dreams alone, but here I am to support you and together fulfill and get where we want.
  • No matter what happened you will always have my support because I believe in you more than anyone.
  • If you have a dream I will support you, if you have problems I will support you and if you have happiness, I will be happy with you.
  • I know you feel that you are not capable, but I am here to always support you and help you in any way I can.
  • You are a strong person, with strength in your eyes and courage in your heart, because you have dreams and you will not give up until you achieve them.
  • I will support you because you inspire me to have thousands of dreams and enjoy life intensely every day.
  • Let your heart guide your steps and it will guide you towards your dreams.
  • forget about any weakness, surrender to courage and run after your dreams.
  • Don’t waste your life in fear when there are an infinite number of unfulfilled dreams.
  • Let’s throw water in our faces and go out to battle because it’s the only way to realize our dreams.
  • Only when you believe in your dreams and have the support of great people will your dreams become possible.
  • The willpower is still sleeping inside you, but when your dreams start to speak louder, it wakes up.
  • Do not worry about the size of your dreams, but about the strength of your will to make them come true.
  • The light goes out, but your hope for a prosperous future will always be on.
  • https://frases-positivas.com/animo/

this blog Inspired partly by HU/RAM

Huram Name Meaning: What Is Special About It

The name Huram inspires approachability, determination and compassion.

Letter Analysis

HPeople with the ‘H’ initial benefit from some amazing ideas but need to be mindful because they are quite unconventional for their own good.
UThe letter U is for the uniqueness that takes one out of the crowd and the things that make them who they are.
RWithin the bounds of the ‘R’ it turns out there is a joyful and sensible personality, testimony of a person with a mainly emotional response as opposed to a rational answer, on most occasions.
AThe energy of the ‘A’ resonates with the number 1, a token of boldness, assertiveness and authoritarian qualities.
MThe ‘M’ is about the life principle of leading by example, whether in personal or social life.

When “U” are in PHASE “U” know how to PHRASE
and RAISE your WAYS

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