IOS Hue-Mans OS -the Heart Code

IOS Hue-Mans OS -the Heart Code

As a person approaches a physical object, the object apparently increases in size. The same is true of the mind as it approaches the subject of its consideration.

IOS Hue-Mans OS -the Heart Code


MPH Manly P Hall said: “The English language lacks a proper term with which to designate deity. The word God is comparatively meaningless, as it gives no hint of the gender or dignity of Divinity other than merely signifying “good.” Since either a masculine or a feminine term is inappropriate and obviously incomplete, and a neuter term entirely too negative, a word is needed which will express the undivided potencies of both positive and negative in equilibrium.”
Thanks also to ‘Kiron Last’ (Chiron Last on YT) for his tireless efforts

This ‘pure wisdom source of all things’ is pre-eminently intelligent and powerful and exists within All and us as our Power and Partner – OS One Source of Equal Measure — IOS Individuated One Source (beings)

…the stupendous nature of Divinity. As a person approaches a physical object, the object apparently increases in size. The same is true of the mind as it approaches the subject of its consideration. MPH

Theater vs “The Eater”

“All the world is truly a stage” or a theater which is separated as ‘the eater’, Kronos/Time becomes purveyor of the “G”-reigns of “sands of time” and eats the actors or characters – “G” is the “7” psycull). To know someone’s character is to know their heart and the link is:

  • Buffered and phonetically related with ‘care‘, which is to have heart
  • It is to have an interest in something or someone
  • to show concern or even feel anxiety over’
  • It is a feeling of the heart which is where one gets to the heart of the matter
  • Or the center of the thing
  • The core of any issue

Courts vs Courting

  •  Courts get to the ‘heart of the matter‘.
  • To court someone is to try and ‘win over their heart‘.
  • Dating and advancing social in social mutual agreements often leads to the penultimate emotion known ‘love’.
  • Love is a ‘heart matter‘.
  • Service to others is a ‘heart matter’

Courtesy vs Corruption

Courtesy spells “Court Is “Y”(why)
Corruption spells “Cor Ruptured “Ions”(US)

Heart‘ is to showing one’s courtesy towards others.
Consideration of the feelings of those one interacts with.
Our method to coordinate and corroborate our actions in relationships with one another.
Cordial as opposed to corrupt.
Corruption turn the heart cold, dishonest and evil, creating discord. (dis-harmony)

Chorus vs Horus

Harmony, music and the vibrations of life, are all interconnected. To harmonize correctly is to create the right chords that manifest and harmonize or resonate, ergo the chorus in music oftentimes ‘hits’ the heart the most. Choirs make up larger groups that makes individual melodies, which can course through our emotion and spirit.

Buss “I” ness & Corporations/Corpse-Orations

  • busyness – Bus “Y” ness
  • occupied with meaningless activity; the quality of being busy: 
  • Sometimes I get tired of all this busyness.
  • Has busyness been promoted generationally? see below:

  • Busier than a cat covering shit on a marble slab —American colloquialism
  • Busier than a Gulag gravedigger —Joseph Wambaugh
  • Bustled about like so many ants roused by the approach of a foe —J. Hampden PorteAnts rank with bees as a means to describe busyness. In modern day usage and literature the above is usually shortened; for example, “Busy as an ant” used by Ogden Nash in his poem Children.
  • (I’ve been) busy as a bartender on Saturday night —Irwin Shaw
  • Busy as a bee —Geoffrey ChaucerChaucer’s old English version of what has become a commonly used expression read “Bisy as bees ben they.”
  • Busy as a dog with fleas —Anon
  • Busy as a fiddler’s elbow —Harry Prince
  • Busy as a hen with one chicken —John Ray’s ProverbsTo strengthen the impact of the simile there’s, “Busy as a hen with ten chickens” and “As a hen with fifteen chickens” attributed to James Howell and “Busy as a hen with fifteen chickens in a barnyard.”
  • Busy as an oven at Christmas —Michael Denham
  • Busy as ants in a breadbox —Anon
  • (I am) busy as a one-armed paperhanger with the itch —American colloquialism. This is often attributed to Theodore Roosevelt who used it in a letter to his daughter. Some extensions on the one-armed paperhanger image include: “Busy as a one-armed paper-hanger with the hives” (one of many common expressions in Carl Sandburg’s The People, Yes), “Busy as a one-armed paperhanger with the seven-year itch” (H. W. Thompson, Body, Boots and Britches) and “Busy as a one-armed paper-hanger with the nettle rash” (O. Henry, The Ethics of a Pig).
  • Busy as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest all week long —Pat Conroy
  • Busy as a pair of lizards on a warm brick —James Cain
  • Busy as a ticking clock —Anon
  • (Birds shrill and musical,) busy as bullets —John Farris
  • Busy as catbirds —Hilary Masters
  • Busy as jumper cables at a Mexican funeral —Thomas Zigal
  • Busy as maggots —Marge Piercy
  • Busy as the day is long —Vincent Stuckey Lean
  • Busy as the devil in a gale of wind —Walter Scott
  • Get busy like a bomb —Erich Maria Remarque
  • Humming like a hive —John Gardner
  • one who had always a multiplicity of tasks on hand —Charlotte Brontë
  • [Being Secretary of Defense] is like getting a shave and having your appendix out at the same time —Robert Lovett, Saturday Evening Post, May 28, 1960
  • Like a squirrel in a cage, always in action —Aphra Behn
  • Like the bee, we should make our industry our amusement —Oliver Goldsmith

Corpse Orations – corprations

The “S”…
  • Enterprises and business are PRE-SENT in the heart by creating ‘beliefs’ in corporations which are in effect:
  • Tied to our survival, beliefs installed into us equal survival instinct
  • The body of the enterprise
  • A corporation is a body run by corpses or ‘non-animate/non-alive entities’
  • Our ‘cor’ beliefs – heart and the body creates the charges to animate corporations both physical and capitalistic
  • Our actions bring to life the corporation
  • This action and intent – brings the ‘debt dead’, back to life

Corpse-Orations ‘death star’ is Morgue-Gages mortgage

  • We see above the heart losing it’s pulse.
  • No longer equally measured – polarizing between the forces of life and death
  • Remaining stationary on the opposite side the river flows in one direction
  • However, life is one side of that polarity
  • All matters, all actions are countered inside every Heart
  • Not one single action is left un-countered or uncounted
  • Amazingly, so many variegated, emotionally driven actions in multitudes of separate ways by each unique person
  • Each carries their heart of gold of One Source and Equal Measure

Greek ἰδιώτης or idiōtēs to Idiot

Idiot can mean:
I DI(vide) “O”(earth/heart) “T”ree of Knowledge of Good/Evil

Popular definition: A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.

Above is Polar Opposite to the original meaning of “private, distinct, personal, separate, unique, one’s own”

  • Death could be seen as the most idiotic action
  • It is movement or action away from the ‘center’
  • A dis-acknowledgment, an act of ignorance
  • Separation from ultimate’s is a ‘false vision’
  • – a mentally accepted construct – a bargain made
  • The greater we ‘entertain’ this struggle to fight this truth:
  • The greater the challenge of the the journey becomes

“To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.”  ― Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teaching of All Ages

With a career that spanned 70 years, Mr. Hall died in 1990 at age 89. He gave over eight thousand lectures, including two at Carnegie Hall in New York City. At Carnegie, Manly P. Hall’s lectures were titled “The Secret Destiny of America” (1942) and “Plato’s Prophecy of Worldwide Democracy” (1945). Over time, Manly published over 150 esoteric books, essays, treatises, and pamphlets, which covered a wide berth of topics

— “Though the modern world may know a million secrets, the ancient world knew one – and that was greater than the million; for the million secrets breed death, disaster, sorrow, selfishness, lust, and avarice, but the one secret confers life, light, and truth.”

— “Wisdom fears no thing, but still bows humbly to its own source, with its deeper understanding, loves all things, for it has seen the beauty, the tenderness, and the sweetness which underlie Life’s mystery.”

— “The pineal gland is a link between the consciousness of man and the invisible worlds of Nature. Whenever the arc of the pituitary body contacts this gland there are flashes of temporary clairvoyance, but the process of making these two work together consistently is one requiring not only years bur lives of consecration and special physiological and biological training. This third eye is the Cyclopean eye of the ancients, for it was an organ of conscious vision long before the physical eyes were formed, although vision was a sense of cognition rather than sight in those ancient days.”

— “It was apparent that materialism was in complete control of the economic structure, the final objective of which was for the individual to become part of a system providing an economic security at the expense of the human soul, mind, and body.”

— “When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men. They shall then know truth and, more than that, they shall realize that from the beginning truth has been in the world unrecognized, save by a small but gradually increasing number appointed by the Lords of the Dawn as ministers to the needs of human creatures struggling co regain their consciousness of divinity.”

— “Ignorance fears all things, falling, terror-stricken before the passing wind. Superstition stands as the monument to ignorance, and before it kneel all who realize their own weakness who see in all things the strength they do not possess”

More here:

Who WAS ancient God

Among many ancient peoples God was considered as being androgynous, and referred to as the Great Father-Mother. When the Creator was represented by an image, various subtle devices were employed to indicate its hermaphroditic nature.

The Iswara of the Hindus is depicted with one side of his body male and the other female. In Greek and Roman statuary frequent examples are found of a masculine divinity wearing female garments and vice versa, or a heavily-bearded god may have his hair arranged in a distinctly feminine coiffure. Again, the structure of the face of such deities as Bacchus and Dionysus often shows a sensitive, feminine countenance disguised by a beard or some article of masculine adornment.

In other cases the feminine counterpart of the deity is considered as a separate individuality. For this reason each of the gods was declared to have had his consort or feminine aspect of his own being. T

hus Mithras, the Persian Light-Savior, is considered to be masculine, but a certain portion of himself divided from the rest becomes Mithra, a feminine and maternal potency. As previously noted, in India each god has his shakti, or feminine part. Manly P. Hall

I Am God

In spite of the repeated emphasis upon our age of enlightenment, the majority of people still continue the age-honored practice of molding God into a likeness of themselves. The reason for this probably lies in the fact that man, possessing a spark of Divinity within himself, feels his kinship with God and believes himself privileged to rush in where angels fear to tread, and give definition to the undefinable.

God being, as Ingersoll so well expressed it, “the noblest work of man,” we find in the attributes of the God people worship, a definite key to their own ethical and philosophic status. It is noticeable that people with puerile intelligences and petty concerns conceive God to be localized as a neighborhood sprite who spends most of his time eavesdropping, and who can afford to ignore universal concerns while he heaps maledictions upon some poor, benighted wretch who did not keep his eyes closed during grace!

On the other hand, those who have learned to know something of the greater verities of life worship a growing God. This does not presuppose that God is necessarily increasing, but rather that man’ increasing capacity to comprehend ever reveals more of the stupendous nature of Divinity.

As a person approaches a physical object, the object apparently increases in size. The same is true of the mind as it approaches the subject of its consideration.

Hence, to the philosopher God extends through the infinitude of time, distance, and thought, and to him it is inconceivable that even for a second Deity should descend into a state less dignified than the all-inclusiveness of its intrinsic nature. — MPHall

Is It Done? Are You (a) Full?

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