Sovereign binary/unary ‘beings’

Sovereign binary/unary beings

Everyone likes the idea of being self-directed, blazing your own path, self-determination, ‘tuned-in’ to intuition and synchronicity. At the same time, we are presented a caretaker world, where all the toughest decisions are delayed or left unresolved. A sovereign being would not behave that way. What is a Sovereign Being/Person”

Sovereign binary/unary beings

self critic

Boo-Hoo is ‘my boss’

Everyone likes the idea of being self-directed, blazing your own path, self-determination, ‘tuned-in’ to intuition and synchronicity. At the same time, we are presented a caretaker world, where all the toughest decisions are delayed or left unresolved. A sovereign being would not behave that way. What is a Sovereign Being/Person

sovereign beings are ‘self determined/bossed’

“sovereign means – Reign over “S””
and pre-eminence, superior, ruler, master, super, above, over-top, overlaid, on top, — “S” Over Reign or Reign over “S”

late 13c., “superior, ruler, master,” from Old French soverain “sovereign, lord, ruler,” noun use of adjective meaning “highest, supreme, chief”

  • hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by:
  • Sanskrit upari, Avestan upairi “over, above, beyond;”
  • Greek hyper, Latin super “above, over;”
  • Old English ofer “over,”
  • German über, Gothic ufaro “over, across;”
  • Gaulish ver-,
  • Old Irish for. sovereignty (n.) mid-14c., “pre-eminence,”

Is it “Bi-Nary” or is it “Bin-ary”?
Is it- “U-Nary” or is it “Un-ary”?

Mainstream awareness of “binary” and “unary”: consisting of two members or parts that are usually joined AND a binary star is a system of two stars that revolve around each other under their mutual gravitation

Similar: bipartitedoubledouble-barreleddouble-edgeddualduplextwintwofold – Related to binary matedpaired

Opposites: single, one, unary

Hidden meaning: -binary – “Bin” is a container, “Airy” is the mysterious Air
unary – Un is One, it is also corner-stoned by “U” or ‘you’, the sovereign being. The small case ‘n’ is at your side as your companion and ‘reference’.

Unary: having, consisting of, or acting on a single element, item, or component MONADIC

unary – un (adj.)
1923, from Latin unus “one” (from PIE root *oi-no- “one, unique”) on model of binary, etc.

Proto-Indo-European root meaning “one, unique.”

It forms all or part of: a (1) indefinite article; alone; an; Angus; anon; atone; any; eleven; inch (n.1) “linear measure, one-twelfth of a foot;” lone; lonely; non-; none; null; once; one; ounce (n.1) unit of weight; quincunx; triune; unanimous; unary; une; uni-; Uniate; unilateral; uncial; unicorn; union; unique; unison; unite; unity; universal; universe; university; zollverein.

view universe website

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Greek oinos “ace (on dice);” Latin unus “one;” Old Persian aivam; Old Church Slavonic -inu, ino-; Lithuanian vienas; Old Irish oin; Breton un “one;” Old English an, German ein, Gothic ains “one.”

Air Airy Ary Nary

nary (adj.) “never!” close to in dictioNARY: narrow-minded,
narrowness, narrows, narthex, narwhal, *nas-, NASA, nasal, nasality AND “N”-air-“Y”.

NARY: 1746, alteration of ne’er a, shortened verse for the phrase “never a”. Thus nary a is pleonastic (redundancy).

-ary “man engaged in” or “belonging to”
adjective and noun word-forming element, in most cases from Latin -arius, -aria, -arium “connected with, pertaining to; the man engaged in,” from PIE relational adjective suffix *-yo- “of or belonging to.” The neuter of the adjectives in Latin also were often used as nouns (solarium “sundial,” vivarium, honorarium, etc.). It appears in words borrowed from Latin in Middle English. In later borrowings from Latin to French, it became -aire and passed into Middle English as -arie, subsequently -ary.

The word and sounds/variations of “air” come up quite frequently in language. It is a ‘tell’ of a counter measure – always demonstrating equal measure in All. See end of article for examples.

‘nu — un’

When mirrored and reversed, the ‘n’ becomes ‘u’ again. As in “un” or “nu”.

– Big “U” and smaller “u” –

In actuality you are a unary and sovereign being in two roles at once
– Big “U” and smaller “u” –

  • Big “U” lives in the ‘spiritual/airy realm’ and has more time and space for ‘considerations’
  • Li’l “u” in the ‘physical/density/destiny realm’ w/ has less time and space for ‘considerations’
  • “U” both, (big U and lil u), power and partner each other as One Source (for each other)
  • Big U and Lil u are “unary” or “un”-ary
  • un – nu – sameAKA, mental and elemental


We are each IOS or Individuated One Source (beings). All authored from OS or One Source. All of us are equal and self determined. Each of us also has a cup or “U” carrying and aggregate of every moment of your live(s) experiences. There are no outside forces directing us. All righteous decisions are built in to us and we are able to carry them out – to complete this challenge.

0/1 Binary Worldly Systems

Binary ‘systems’ – 0/1 are in fact a trick of enslavement:
‘0’ is the net/prison – 1 is the goal/singularity

It is a false system, constructed as part of a larger plan to own humans for nefarious purposes.

Binary is a made up construct by dominant fascist forces within the physical and other dimensional worlds or “a bastardized mock up of our authentic actuality”.

The human body has an invisible human power source or OS meaning One Source.
We each are IOS or Individuated One Source beings.

Current Evil Dangers

Eph. 6. [12] For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

disCERN (cern) is for inter dimensional astral travel and comms. with other-siders. Sovereignty is real and “U” are sovereign, along with all you have accumulated. Everything matters. There is a reason and counter for all things, actions or inactions.

a lovely chatroom

Blood work tells the story. Everyone is contaminated by nanolipids… also unvaxed. Where it comes from?
Water, chemtrails, transmission from vaxxed?
Don’t know, if someone has info on this I am happy to receive.

— From Marina: “I think what said Gideon with Bill is the Truth. You stupid agents can’t know how deep is this story. I’m in Rome, unvaxxed, so all my family, except my daughter, forced to no loose her work. I’ve loose my work. Cannot help her. I spread the message. We unvaxxed have to protect us against the hydra vax drones to be ok to go to fight in the other dimension with the right side against the cabala. Hope that I never have to fight against my vaxxed daughter. She is the highest and deepest love of my life.” —

British jogger finds glowing notepad with ramblings inside “
Please. This isn’t right. The way you’re living? It’s all horribly, horribly wrong… This isn’t what humans live for. This is painful to spectate.
Everything you’re doing.. Don’t you get it?! This is * plan. You live a LIE!! okay.. okay.. let’s start from the beginning..
My name is Faith, and I am a REAL human. Not like all of you, you’re all SICK. Me and my family watch you in despair. They’re using you!!! Humans and animals aren’t mortals, we’re the bloody creators of the universe. We control the whole thing. Were supposed to be immortal!!
But no, you’ve all been brainwashed by some idiot who thought it would be fun to make some wnespicsefomunah. Now somehow this APOCALYPSE is controlling US!!
WERE IMMORTAL!! STOP WORKING FOR THEIR PETTY INFLUENCE! The food you’re eating, the drinks, the clothes you wear, EVERYTHING on your planet as drugged you. I don’t know how, but this needs to ring true with you!!!
But now you’re planning to find us. And when you do, you’ll wage war. Just like you always do. And then you’ll destroy everything…

That’s why I’m willing to make you stop.
You MUST LISTEN, PLEASE! Theyre coming for me, the secret. Oh, you don’t know what I mean do you? OF COURSE YOU WONT! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!
The secret drugs you. It makes you believe that you kill. you live. you die. you make mistakes. you work. you aim to be happy. But you’re never told the answers to those questions that you thought were unsolvable.

You’ve missed so many messages, so many secrets. But that’s the secret for you. It doesn’t let you see them. Until you’re told. So remember me, please! REMEMBER THIS SECRET!!!

And if you don’t want to live for this secret that you’re living for, find me. I’ll be in the secret you don’t believe. COME FIND ME IN morodloeth
It’s so weird.. what’s ‘the secret’? whats all the random letters? the secret I don’t believe?! How is that a place? I need to sort this out…— Update:

I’m back, so I took this to the police. Like I thought, it has a connection to a mental patient they had a few years back, but she had disappeared. According to them, she left a note, similar to this, except it had a few scribbles on it, and a sentence, but the supposed information had been replace by an asterisk. But the weirdest thing was, when finished speaking to me, a woman police officer pulled me aside, and said to me,
“Let’s just keep this a secret, okay?””

Correct, water, chemtrails, shedding from vexxed. Also food, cosmetics, things like Q-tips, diapers.

Food is the major contaminant. All processed food everything sold in any grocery store will be contaminated and hidden under labels of “natural ingredients” or some bizarre sounding chemical ingredient listed on the package. Also the fruits and vegetables are contaminated with foreign DNA. Everything will contain the nano lipids.

They don’t need injected mRNA technology to mess with our genes. Here are some other ways they can do it:

Aware of Propaganda/Fusion

70 years in future dream w hey zeusie
i listened to it. this is very interesting. my gut says it’s fake and that it’s written by a cabal member. a mix of some truths with a fanciful story.

its interesting that it is being “recommended” to people on youtube. it has 310k views but all his other videos have average of 15k views. why would youtube want people to see it? hmm.

it’s oddly specific to just mention CSRQ /digital Id / social score tracking is activated in 2024 but then trump is elected in 2028 and deactivates it. wow. could be a mix of predictive programming / false hopium.

From We Are Sovereign – on TG:

For those attacking and doubting We Are Sovereign and Order Of Men, Bill, Gideon, Michael and the Admins, they absolutely truly care for humanity. They are also speaking the truth about the biometric crypto currency control software, I can assure you that as I knew of this software two years ago. You can read for yourself Who filed the patent and what the “Description” tab tells you how it works. This cannot be denied or debunked. It is record.


Bible (propaganda) Relief:

Let us always remember, that the most high God is able to unplug our souls from this mortal clay formed body any second and we will pass on to what is to experience in afterlife. We shall never be afraid, for when we cry out to the Lord he will hear us and take us home…

Psalm 68 kjv – Let OS arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him.
2 As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.
3 But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice.
4 Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name Y Awe, and rejoice before him.

Islam (propaganda) Relief:

Alexander The Great invaded India… One Yogi had such perfect contemplation on peace that, after a fitful meditation, decided that the only course of action was to levitate large stones, and drop them on the heads of the invader’s leaders.
It worked, it preserved the people’s commitment to peace, and the Alexander soldiers fled.
Kaivalya, Prasadana,
Ohm Namo Bagavate.

see Gideon on YT:

The courts are the foundation of the rule of the land, a blanket indictment of all law ‘enforcement’ is and will remain fully justified as long as the blue wall exists, even between two officers, and for howsoever long the ‘courts’ perpetuate such ‘legal’ atrocities by condoning both the destruction, suppression, and manufacture of evidence, forced confessions and other railroadings without penalty upon the perpetrators! Thus, the “blue wall” exists on a Black-Robe foundation.

There is so much more, but in the interest of time (TI-ME) let us move toward resolutions.

Virtual Powers

Within the powers of virtually any government-concocted disguise, Legislated Enslavement can be instantly enacted by Executive Order/President of MED-USA. Clandestinely and timely enacted one by one – here it is – treason shock! High Treason is alive and well in all branches and at all levels of government, corpse-Oraions, institutions and media. Some knowingly participate, some unknowingly, some simply ‘look the other way’.

THE WORLD means nothing
INTENTIONS & ACTIONs are everything

The “confirming to you” of OS or One Source can be two types; sufficient or insufficient, surprise! Both are your acknowledgement within your being. Insufficient is as much a Testimony as Sufficient is – ‘You’ (lil u) can allow the dogs of desire to be your leader or ‘leash/boss’. Finding truth does not have to always be comforting. Your sovereignty was stolen with many subtleties – the road back will be bumpy at times.

  • When Intuition/OS speaks to you within your ‘own heart’ about your gift of wisdom – that it either IS or IS NOT:
  • worthy/sufficient/aware – according to your worth or aggregated understanding of wisdom – or FAITH
  • that is vindication you are communicating wit OS or One Source as an ‘authentic’ or IOS, individuated one source (being).
  • An ‘authentic’ recognizes this ‘potential’ union in themselves of OS and IOS.

The “Reset/Replenishment Show” – New World Order leaders have their plan
it’s endeavors are now spewed openly like cess from a ruptured sewer main for all to see
and self fulfill – ‘authorize’ by non-protest.

Everything is on the table – for All to see.
the good, the bad and the invisible
an in/output of concentrating-ism

Have a look at how many grains of sand – how many eternity(s).
Search how much grains of sand are harvested daily by men for buildings and roads.

Our history is two places, in the sand and in our collective memory that each of us has equal access to – as everything is equally measured – and countered.

‘wake up’ & smell the ‘coughing’

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