Humiliation to Appreciation!

Humiliation to Appreciation!

July 21, 2022 my left shoulder exploded into fragments, including the head, during a clenched fist seizure, at 4:00 AM, while I was sleeping -…….

Humiliation to Appreciation!

What is the order? Humiliation or Appreciation, which is first? Entire cultures, countries and groups have soared to great heights of achievement after realizing humility/appreciation. And of course, this applies to (IOS) – individuated one source beings – us humans.

So which is first? When you come home and to your amazement your house is burnt to the ground and all your possessions are dust – a great wash of humiliation and despair come to you. But preceding that – a very bright but brief moment of –all the appreciations– of your house and possessions.

Sometimes we look back at humbling experiences and find great lessons and joy are to be born from and indeed do evolve from them. If guided improperly, it can instead lead to a lifetime of despair and non-resolution.

…my left shoulder exploded while asleep!

July 21, 2022 my left shoulder exploded into fragments, including the head, during a clenched fist seizure, at 4:00 AM, while I was sleeping – I do not recall, it was later relayed to me. An ambulance was called and my 48 hour stay in the ER being tested and scanned for everything Joe’s trillions will sign for – began.

Why This Happenned?
Equal Measure

I learned later that my despair cup had filled to the limit and I had put a sealed lid on it. I learned
this leads to extreme tragedy or rather – counters. As everything we are and can attain are equally measured to All.

Nature, Earth, Hearts, humans — All Equal Measure from OS One Source.

I learned you can look at despair and learn about despair, but you can’t keep despair. Despair
means, the spare. There is no spare you, there is no spare other that can be you, there is only
unique you, plus all the other unique beings out there.

So if you take all the despairs, and put them in a bucket to hold them, you will get a reaction.

A counter.

Shame, Humiliation = a counter

My shame score resulted in me not being prepared financially for this tragedy, causing an 18 day delay in my repair surgery. I am not the first one to go through this type of delay with this type of injury.

The 18 day delay naturally caused scar tissue to develop after the body starting to heal itself.
Between the loose fragments and my shoulder, the healing-scar tissue developing, the constant discomfort and the inability to sleep, for me personally was 18 days of hell.

Never having gone through surgery or a broken bone or a joint replacement was not adding to
my confidence level. Here is the score of the 18 days. The first 30 hours I have no memory, the second day was pure depression.

The third day I drove 2 hours with one arm, one in distress, to the orthopedist that we had been referred to. He explained the gravity of the situation, the fact that I needed immediate surgery, and the fact that I was not financially prepared to not make that happen.

Starting the 4th day, we found the money through the government, but it caused the surgery date to be delayed until August 8. Every single day, starting from the third day, I found more reasons to live, more reasons to be happy, and more purpose in my life. Although the 18 days were miserable, my growing faith in my fate and in the measurable side of Life and the ‘immeasurable’ side of Life and the love and support of my partner and savior, Nina made Life a Joy amongst the Pain.

8.8 Surgery – survived!

So the big news on 8.8.2022, August the 8th, is that ‘master teacher’ Kevin has happily become a humble student. I find the small life that I was avoiding to be the thing that I was missing.

written 8.8.22 after surgery

“So I live to tell another story on another day. My need for OxyContin should end in 3-7days. I have yet to feel the ending of my nerve block, (it lasted 30 hours!) so I wanted to get these words out before then. There are literally hundreds of people who have turned their heart expression toward me to return to a life of happiness and normality.

As much as I swore this was a reality, it is not the same until it happens to you. Four days before the surgery, I came to full knowledge of this and turned almost all of my attention toward my heart meeting theirs. Just wanted to give those concerned an update because I care about you and I wanted you to know.”

images to contemplate…

UPDATE Sept 11 2022

Surgery happenned. — Mrs. Trump’s and Baron Trump’s private drawers were being spilled at the same time along with the passing of OLJ – the ‘ELO Hymn Rider’
Olivia (illuminated) Newton (neutrons) John (the Baptist). What a morning on 8.8.22! It will be 60 days on Sept 21 – since the attack and I am recovering well.

“lead up” Convo Day B4 Attack/Devastation

(despaired)Apple: & (mocking)TB:

Apple: “All I said was I was looking for a nod or a thank you instead of insults and ignorance. Is that looking down on others?

TB: “and I say that’s your ego talking.. just let it go.”

Apple: …”seriously? nothing I have offered has been engaged on, I am basically wallpaper and do not enjoy it. Basically – I have no value in your circle (people age 18 to 45) – ZERO – just a play toy “to hate”.

….really hate that and do not enjoy hating anything. — …for sure I am only a commodity to be harvested, kicked and mocked in your group, sorry it is like that as I like your company, the cheer in your world is deserved.

Mock the old guy – torment the old fucker – revenge the old stupid tyrant! Sorry it is like that, but I guess me and my fellow old fuckers earned your mistrust and venom. “..revenge is sweet…”

Apple: “HOLY SHIT” ….one thing has led to another and my kind will be executed/culled. The writing is on the wall! Run for your fkng life!! The cyclical Earth cataclysms are all timed for the climate collapse – the monsters/ptb and loyalists will go safe underground. We supplied them with our blood, sweat, tears, suffering and the fruits of our labor that we eagerly and obediently returned to them, the monsters. (Mon Stir, my stirrings)

This gave them more confidence tp print excessive dollars from nothing and declare them real. This ‘money’ was used to pay men to build their ‘getaways’. That is the history.”

Apple: “For sure I am only a commodity or a ‘presumed – old fucker – enemy’, to be harvested and mocked in your group – revenge the old stupid tyrant !

The only “win”- escape hatch is through the origin point – the “N”-trance point. The lane gage (language) you use to interact with (thinking) “THinking, thoughts, or LESS THOUGHTS” determine your awareness, relationships, progress and outcomes.

(thought/Thoth) Hermes, Mnemosyne, Thoth, Mercury, The Fool – all here and assuming their roles within the ‘current leaders’ of our –

I.L.L. – Illusion Illuminated World.

TB: Yo y’all one more time I come Knucklehead flow that make you act real dumb Yo, I burn your food like Florence Run up in your crib like my name was search warrants Shut your mouth nigga don’t you complain Fix you up, mix you with cut like procaines — Ooh, insane to your brain Right on your subconscious, I leave my shit stain..

Apple: I am in touch with the subtle consciousness. Will the children be laid to wait? Do we allow them to be stolen from us?

TB: I be the moistest with rhyme overdoses Hot stepping over shit like Ini Kamoze’s Sick lyrics like multiple sclerosis Focus, while I display flows ferocious Weak niggaz just fall and keep tumbling Distribute lyrics like I’m hand to hand herb hustling Hardcore like Quick Draw McGraw Fuck what you heard you ain’t heard this before..

Apple: did I trigger you? You are a very good reader!??

TB: Yo, when I step in the place I leave damages Nuff bandages on pussy from miscarriages Yo, watch me bring the newest recipe Fuck you up quick and condemn you all with leprosy..

Apple: Is that some anti peace and harmony or are you jest ticked off? Can we rename you “CP” (cutandpaste)?

TB: why why.. u the apple of ma eye I.. but all u do is cry imma go like bye bye..

Apple: too hot in the Kitchee In? Good times make men weak. They run from a fight – outside of their mouth!

TB: I own 150 acres

Apple: Gov will take it and redistribute for common good and to convince reg guy on street. This has been done MANY times before as evidenced by the precision amongst the complexity , and conciseness.

Add the many grains of sand and you have a very long epic. All are poisoned and mind controlled into prime harvesting position. Not a happy scene. Of course people my age should be ignored or extinguished – as they are the ones “responsible for the mess.”

  • The phono spins round and round but phonetics answer who, why and how.
  • The EN Trance is the same as the X It (bullseye!)
  • Boring to answer when questing is so Fun, Nigh. No, kNot
  • Who chooses fun-nigh over actual fun – would become an asshole

Famous John Travolta scene: btw, JT is in the “S” Class so he will be spared – behold several pet names the elite had fun sharing with their pets in the year 2000 (think conan the tv show) 

The Man Animals in Battlefield Earth


We Are Sovereign

Based on L Ron Hubadubdub c1982 novel. No, he never tells prophecies, of course not. Now you can believe and make it happen – as you have that power.

The power to focus, imagine and speak Creation into existence.


ABRACADABRA is a real thing


The prison is made by the prism showing the OUTER-SUPERFICIAL feminine aspect only of matter (outer electrons, very light, spinning ultra fast)- atomic structure) – plain as day and clear as the air.

Sanctity – Humility – Consideration

  • Sanctity of Life
  • Consideration and Respect For Each Other
  • To regard all lives as your own.


  • What do we agree on about the word “WORD”
  • Assembly of letters to exchange ideas
  • 99% of us must contend or work with words and many words. (our survival we cannot ignore)
  • Everybody delves into words (interpret words any way we want) how is it possible?
  • Because we are born partnered and powered by pure wisdom
  • We can develop thru that or we can dis-establish ourselves from free will and choices.
  • We have so many commonalities, sameness’s and shared powers, it all proves out to UNIQUE/COMMON or 50/50
  • We are half unique and half the same

Words naturally lead to worlds – they establish emotions and emotional responses – our free will is replaced with submissive will. Our new sovereignty becomes our location, circumstance, timing, sounds/words. Ultimately, our focus, is what we become.

Baselines – Foundations

The Baseline is the FOUNDATION for the bedrock that everything lays on and revolves on. In human endeavors of the MIND SPIRIT and RELATIONSHIPS baselines are AGREEMENTS to PRINCIPLES and VALUES.

  • 1. Everyone supports life, health and peace.
  • 2. Everyone supports fairness and equality.
  • 3. A very small fascist group is dominating the illusion


These principles are agreed on in concept, but not in actions. Instead, many make believe scenarios that end up being presented and enjoyed. Thereby, everyone can have their principles and eat it too.

In today’s science, it is called cognitive dissonance (links down page), very understood by mass marketers and psychologists and not much understood by the population who is being exploited.


Intuition can be found and harvested by – face to face and eye to eye time with someone you have mutual respect and admiration with. My favorite word is apply – keep applying – take in a concept and make no policy change – until you are ready. Take a chance, let a new concept lay in your mind for a bit!. We are unique individuals and of equal measure.

Regard all lives as our own. Lean that way!

It is the sounds I make and by their proportions. “Regard all lives as our own. Lean that way!

We are 100% creation beings and creativity comes from thoughts. You will not lose anything – Every outcome is built from one thing next to another. Try to make something happen. Respond – rise from chair!

Haste is a Waste

I put concepts in my mind and keep looking at it at different angles. Understand the power of who we are and exploit it. Humans cannot lie. So many grains of sand (we must have those memories in us).

Pool taught me about intuition and subtleties. Concentration-ism: Everything is on the table at this time. RESPOND! Be angry – want answers – YELL IT;

I am going to reclaim my sovereignty!

Duality is false – the sameness of everything overpower the individualism. Everything matters / you do not lose anything – add up all you are, if you remove any part you will not be you. Life experience – not coming at you, you are emanating them.

I accept the challenges – what you focus on is what you get. Unification of the universe – we are individuated and at once, walk with the source of everything – OS, One Source. Single source – my power and my partner.

  • Baseline – all collective experience
  • Self determination – YOU ARE SELF DETERMINED! – re claim your sovereignty
  • Language – the underlying force we all have access to is Sovereignty
  • “U” – You are the most important thing
  • Change our focus.. a couple minutes a policy change (it took me years for some ideas to finish)
  • Beliefs: are tied to our survival instinct
  • Belief means survival ..what makes our beliefs

‘They’ – Methods of Forcing Beliefs

They – number one tool is phonetics:, — Ours is proportions and phonetics:
(not the phone, haha, the brain – 20% brain power used to receive stimuli inward, 80% of our brain power is used to ‘render’ a basically,, simulated in context – “reality vision” inside our heads!
Everything that builds is about proportionate use or distribution, the proportions of things.

I asked the question “does anything matter” led me to: “everything matters” –

Intuition and synchronicity confirms!


  • inTENsity / destruction and replenishing
  • we are in cycles,
  • we are alive living in one of these cycles,
  • the preciseness means it has been ‘played’ over and over many times before

I need to be needed!

  • intuition comes from a silent, non-detectable, still place
  • synchronicities come from a silent, non-detectable, still place
  • we are born perfect, loving, moral, peaceful and normal
  • everything is progressive –
  • intuition and synchronicities must be authentically ‘allowed’ to be discovered
  • why has “god” not talked to me directly in my ear or head?
  • the “god” the ptb put in my head is NON EXISTANT, that is why
  • stay positive – use proportions to claim self – be your own god

cognitive dissonance links

Links below to cognition Harmony and repairing Cognitive Dissonance.
Use search function also on each page at top.

Are Lessons to be “Less On” – what is ‘on’..

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