Social Alchemy (Sa) = Consensus Reality (Kr)

Social Alchemy (Sa) = Consensus Reality (Kr)

Social Alchemy (now secreted), was learned and passed down from the Hermetical Arts (includes Mnemosyne, Thoth, Mercury and The Fool/Trickster – the Olympian 12, Zeus and their unnamed directors):

Social Alchemy (Sa) = Consensus Reality (Kr)

  • (Conned-senses) Reality (simulation/illusions)
  • Who stole my self determination and sovereignty?
  • How did I allow this?
  • What was the trick and how to undo it?

You are All inside “U”

First you are you and nothing can change that. All you are and will ever be are forever in the “U” of you. In the “U” of you is all your experiences as they happened at the time and as they blended into who you are today. But did you know you are an Eternal being? You have an equal partner and equal measure in all things. “U” and all the other you(s) you know and do not know personally.

You can stay in a ‘closed loop’ illusion but it can never change that you are an “Individuated” and recorded “U” – eternal being.

Social Alchemy

All corpse orations now use – learned from observation – these ancient arts with modern infrastructure to dominate minds and behavior. Social Alchemy (now secreted), was learned and passed down from the Hermetical Arts (includes Mnemosyne, Thoth, Mercury and The Fool/Trickster – the Olympian 12, Zeus and their unnamed directors):

It is the method of keeping Eternal Beings in a ‘closed loop’ of

  • inTENsity/Life –
  • Death/destruction –
  • Restarts/Replenishment – timed with Earthly cataclysms
  • This serves a tiny percentage of us who have become fascist.
  • 99.99%+ of us are pacifist, agreeable and peaceful.

Tricksters and Myster 13th

Mnemosyne, Thoth, Mercury and The Fool/Trickster – the Olympian 12, Zeus and their unnamed (Myster 13th) – ‘directors’ – are the known source of Alchemy and Language. These two Arts are combined to create a molded society via Social Alchemy.

We are each ‘Individuated’

All of us Individuated beings have personal, “relative to us” reality. The reason is that deeply rooted beliefs have been passed down for many generations as the “way of life” and coping with it or making the best of it. We are presented – through beliefs – an image of duality of good/evil – god/devil.

A false awareness of our true nature is hidden by these beliefs. It results in a deeply rooted belief in separation and complete disillusionment and detachment from the One Source OS that powers and partners our world, our bodies and our existence/consciousness.

What is individuation and self actualization

Consensus Reality or Simulated?

  • A group dynamic of shared reality – a peer reveiwed and approved construction of reality.
  • The relative reality accepted in your immediate group and cultures.
  • Beliefs make perception and lead to interpretations which uphold our allowed base reality.
  • All molded from beliefs transferred to us through our understanding of concepts, ideas, words, language and beliefs.
  • Real or simulated, beliefs shared with a group mean – remaining in the group or SURVIVAL.
  • Beliefs become overarchingly important regardless of validation.

Consensus reality is an aggregation of beliefs we all collaborate on; constructed in the background by hidden leaders of culture and subculture. We, through subliminal messages and peer agreement, unconsciously decide that our beliefs should be upheld and work concentratedly to make it so.

We have not noticed – YET – our ‘beliefs’ have been IMPOSED on us by a small number of fascists who own and control our world. We have not yet declared – NO MAS! We are in need of rage and anger so we can rise from our chairs, unwrap the ‘con’ being played on us and reclaim our self determination and sovereignty. Enabling us to resume our purpose with peace and agreements.

Intuition is the Resonance of our OS

Same as our demonstrations. It is our way of ‘showing off’ what level or strata we are at (demon strata).
“of my (demon) strata (level/progress)

In an effort to show others “I Need to be Needed!” – This feeling that overpowers us – “I Need to be Needed!” – is your partner/power source/intuition, speaking through you. We are Archetypes of the Supreme Mind. We are sharing the sensation of “I Need to be Needed!” with It.

Many names for our OS and our IOS:

  • IOS – Internal One Source – IOS’s Ieosus/Christ Within
  • String Theory/Unified Field Theory
  • Love/Jesus/God
  • God/Creator/All plus a very long list of deities/kings/gods
  • Supreme Mind
  • One Source – OS
  • Body of God/Man
  • Ethereal/Material
  • Elemental/Mental
  • Purpose/Pure Wisdom

Peace, Sharing and Agreements

Our OS – One Source/Operating System is resonating with peace, togetherness and agreements. Here is the number one code direct from the OS and installed into every Heart. It is there to be recognized or looked away from. It is the same resonance as our Power and Partner emanating from our Hearts. It is :

“I Need to Be Needed!!”

How They Did It – How to Unwrap

Many false gods show us our format falsely as duality

These false gods and kings and their legions of loyalists work hard to mold realities, perceptions and consensus reality or ‘beliefs’ tied directly to our survival and instinctual brain – our reptilian brain, the baby of the Drag it On Queen of Human form today.

thought era, ride thera, ride the ra, magnetic magic .net
PanGu (Ancient Chinese First Man that became the Earth)

The ability of mediating and moving freely between different contradictory realms (for example the heavens and the underworld) was one of the chief attributes of the Greek Hermes. In alchemy, it was in the hermetic vessel where the spiritual regeneration and rebirth took place as the intellect was blended with passions and emotions. The richness of this symbolism is visible in the glyph for the astrological symbol of Mercury is interestingly analyzed by Barbara G. Walker in The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets:

“ The cross marked Hermes a god of four-way crossroads, the four quarters of the earth, the four elements, the four divisions of the sacred year, the four winds, and the solstices and equinoxes represented by their zodiacal totems Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius-the bull, lion, serpent, and man-angel symbols adopted by Christians to represent the four evangelists. Sometimes, the cross of Hermes was an ankh, standing on a crescent that signified his mother the moon. This evolved into the conventional sign of Mercury, a circle with a cross Sign of Mercury (Hermes) below and a crescent above.


What we see here is that people go to great lengths to let it be known “I Need to be Needed!” – from above:
“…the Supreme Mind became enamored with Its own thought; so, taking the Word as a mighty hammer, It gouged out caverns in primordial space and cast the form of the spheres in the Archetypal mold”

“They” have openly admitted above to using the “Word” to “make us and the Earth”. This proves sound, phonetics and language are adapted just for us – “to make us”.

Do you want to stay a “made man/woman”?

When you feel “I Need to be Needed!” – that is the OS/IOS – personified in You.
The more you lean/intend/focus toward It,
the more It will lean back and reveal/reflect to You.

Let Someone Know – You Need Them!

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