Reptilian Brain – ‘Drag it on Queen’

Reptilian Brain – ‘Drag it on Queen’

Stress means – you have more on your plate/table than you can handle. Momma dragon queen in your brain loves to ‘partner up’ with you in these situations. Her and her loyalists create most of the stress situations we encounter!

Reptilian Brain – ‘Drag it on Queen’

Stress means – you have more on your plate/table than you can handle. Momma dragon queen in your brain loves to ‘partner up’ with you in these situations. Her and her loyalists create most of the stress situations we encounter!

The resulting emotion is anxiety now anxiety can disrupt your brain function it interferes with thinking and memory and makes it harder to solve the problems that are making you stressed.

“Simple methods of reducing that stress reaction”:

  • Your breath controls the levels of noradrenaline in your brain
  • Noradrenaline is part of the critical fight/flight reaction
  • Excessive noradrenaline interferes the brain resonating in synchrony
  • meaning – clear thinking and clear memory
  • Take a long slow breath to the count of five and then out to the count of six
  • This will lower the noradrenaline levels in your brain
  • Enabling it to function at a manageable ‘sweet spot’ level
  • Manage what to ‘focus’ on – you X focus minutes a day
  • Develop an order and tactics to manage thoughts
  • what/which/when thoughts can be allowed in deeply
  • which ‘feelings’ we allow or dis-allow
  • when the ‘buy’ light is lit
  • and when the ‘do not buy’ light is lit
  • will literally change the neurochemistry in the brain
  • will make it healthier
  • will make it calmer
  • will make it more powerful
  • your brain’s neuro-pharmacy adjusts as your mind calms
  • becoming more positive and celebrates small wins each moment and day.

Current Humanoid Form

Our latest version of being humanoid sentient being wisdom warriors (human beings) includes being formed by some entity called the “Drag it On Queen” or the Dragon Queen. An overarching feminine force of containment and protection for US and our well being and progression.

Primal drives, such as self-preservation, preservation of family, and reproduction are the the situations when the Dragon Queen reptilian brain inside us – activates/reacts!

Our beliefs installed/instilled into us by society, family and peers – determine our feelings, concepts, beliefs and actions. Whomever can manipulate my reptilian responses can controlmy thoughts and actions!

One of the major functions of the reptilian/primal brain is to help us distinguish between threatening and non-threatening stimuli.

She – the reptilian Dragon Queen in our brains – enables us while disabling us for our progression and protection. We, are the Reason, Method and Prize of our existence. The Dragon Queen influence is throughout our cultures and we even have a mini me Drag it on Queen reptilian brain in the center of our brains!

Three brains, a body and a Mind. All managed by Apple, Google, Samsung, General Electric and many other Corpse Orations with technology and “DESIGNED ‘for you’ thinking”. These power groups understand your brain. The nine muses of the arts and sciences have passed down to us great creative innovators in literature, art, music, science, engineering and business and they have practiced the Hermetical arts passed down to them. Molding human thought process, confidences and decisions. Learned from powerful ancient alchemy, now secreted, from thousands of years ago.

Brain Hierarchy

“It took millions of years for man’s instincts to develop. It will take millions more for them to even vary. It is fashionable to talk about changing man. A communicator must be concerned with unchanging man, with his obsessive drive to survive, to be admired, to succeed, to love, to take care of his own.”
— William Bernbach (1911–1982), American advertising creative director

In 1952, Paul MacLean introduced the term ‘limbic system’, which refers to the interconnected brain structures responsible for much of our emotional experience. MacLean’s recognition of the limbic system as an important and functional set of connected structures perhaps represents his most prominent contribution to the field of neuroscience.

Our ‘beliefs’ are directly tied to our survival. Without careful thought, ‘beliefs’ can be fed to us subliminally and with peer pressure – this will not be realized – that when your beliefs are changed – it changes your awareness/response to survival situations and what are ‘survival situations’.

Kevin and Nina

The ‘reptilian brain’ or the basal ganglia are referred to as the primal brain, as this structure is in control of our automatic self-preserving behavior patterns, which ensure our survival and that of our species. The primal brain is also in charge of, what are often referred to as, the four Fs: Feeding, Fighting, Fleeing, Fu**ing – to include behaviors of self defense of family, and personal property. In the acts of physical communication, socially approved actions, like handshakes, head nods, and bowing.

Paul MacLean introduced the concept of a triune brain in the 1960s. This model of brain structure and function is based on three specific regions of the human brain: the 1) basal ganglia, 2) the limbic system, and 3) the neocortex. Each of these structures is thought to be responsible for a specific group of mental activities: 1) the fight-or-flight survival response and other primal activities, 2) emotions, and 3) rational thinking.

  • Reptilian or Primal Brain (Basal Ganglia)
  • Paleomammalian or Emotional Brain (Limbic System)
  • Neomammalian or Rational Brain (Neocortex)

What are beliefs in life, values, examples

Primal drives, such as BELIEFS, self-preservation, preservation of family, and reproduction. One of the major functions of the primal brain is to help us distinguish between threatening and non-threatening stimuli.

Below is mirrored for your education

from Disclaimer:

The information on the Root Races and the philosophies on their existence has been tainted by so many, Helena Blavatsky, Annie Besant, theosophist societies, the lucis trust Alice bailey etc.  Given that, it has forced me in a way to bring the information from my personal research into place. Along with my memories and experiences.

It is not important to know how I recall the memories, but I have a few people who know this story for a long time…since they have known me and it can be verified.

The Reptilian ComplexThe Seven
It is proven that the earth was not created in 7 days but in 7 ages, linier timelines, and that there is a pre adamic race before modern man, in turn this can be explained , further reading is required…9]
The Brotherhood of the serpentine race. The second child that was born from Eve, Cain.

Many thousands of years ago, it was believed that there were many creations of many humanoid initial species on the earth, the first creation of Adam was created from the DNA of the Lyra beings, a race that was dying out. This was the First Creation or the Genesis.

The Pre Adamic Race was known as the Garden Keepers of the Earth, and it was made to be understood that they would take care of this earth ,so that all may partake of this planet in its rich organic resources and sustenance.
Time followed thereafter and the children of the Original Creators came to earth and manipulated the DNA of the pre Adamic race, to become slaves, upgrading the original Adamic beings to a newer evolved Adam, Cain was the second born of this new genetically manipulated race, the manipulation of the DNA was a direct violation of the laws of the Great Spirit or Old Creator Pantheon, and so they fell from their position of grace, lost their identities and many more were sent to restore and repair, but they too fell into the primordial darkness of ignorance, bringing with them viral bacteria and technology. The Primordial Darkness was banished, the human biogenic experiment emerged from light-solar light.

Even though it appeared that Man had lost part of his former self, he gained more knowledge and the Creator Power never left him. A group of beings, humanoid, also similar to the big foot or Sasquatch or Yeti,  were native on the planet at the time known as the Neteru. The entire planet soon filled with a pyramidal system, pyramids placed upon key points of the energy of the earth or leylines. Using a language of light, the jedaiah which meant “the way of the Word” and the pyramids as tuning forks or harmonizers, to adjust the earth’s tectonic plates.

The Bloodline of Cain soon took over with their knowledge and intelligence, a warring man forming new laws, formed alliances, groups, called themselves the illumined ones, those who have the light of wisdom.

Zep Tepi- is the void of TIME+SPACE, the moving from reality to reality creating programs in which souls exist also known as the abused zero point, later using Max Planck’s formula, discovered by Einstein and Otto Stein 1913.
This is the Mechanics of How we are manipulated, but it is within us to change our hearts and our world, by using our light to bend and change our realities with color and sound.

Devoted to guarding the secrets of the ages, the secret doctrines of the Lucifer or the light bringer of the second creation of man.

The Artificial Intelligently created symbiosis is a frequency that has settled within the DNA of the civilized man, this modern man. This bloodline has been utilized and manipulated to enhance intelligence, Secret societies mirror many orders of society, and there is an exclusivity membership, signs, passwords and tools. It is usually fraternal and is found in all pressure groups where humans congregate, sharing hardships, forming strong bonds. Their worlds are shattered and rebuilt, it is an emotion born out of initiation and Ritual.

Your Human bloodline is not a pure one, but you are unique, because when you were created you were made aware of your Soul and that you are not lost or forgotten, when you have entered into this fleshly body, you have entered into the land of forgetfulness. This too is an illusion. This is written in your soul and spirit, this is your destiny.

But as I have pointed out in the beginning, the truth in this article is meant to inspire you to find the TRUTH which connects you to the Great Creator, there is Truth in knowing who you are.

It is important that you learn and understand the hidden elements or mysteries. The Truth is that you are made of pure potential energy, this power is hidden within you because you have not witnessed it inside of your DNA.

Your body is not your cage, but it is your suit, your spirit is immortal and this is infinite in its existence. This is the element that frightens the negative cold hearted ones, the ones that attack you for who and what you are.

The ability to care, the soul determines depth to consciousness and not the body or its contents. To understand the why, we can look at our DNA, our origin and how we have unconciously carried out old programs of control since we set foot on this planet.

Once upon a time Our Star Fathers and Mother created us from their own DNA and brought us onto the planet, this means that in our inherited nature of our fundamental existence, Our DNA level, we share mannerisms, behavioral, belief systems, tendencies and a Full Potential to expand and become more than what we are now.

A free will to choose, an inborn right to change our destinies, Courage to change our world to accommodate each other with RESPECT and to honor our natural law of existence. This is our human Right to exist, Our Free will has never been taken away, but we have been led to believe that we are without it .We are the universe and can change the path to a new state.

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