Bad Ass Moon of Aug 11,2022 – will change “U”?

Bad Ass Moon of Aug 11,2022 – will change “U”?

We move from 8/11 (equals 19) in 2022 (now equals 25) into the final months of 2022 and the migrating magnetic north. Expected to arrive in Siberia at the 40 degree mark in the next 2 months.

Bad Ass Moon of Aug 11,2022 – will change “U”?

We move from 8/11 (equals 19) in 2022 (now equals 25) into the final months of 2022 and the migrating magnetic north. Expected to arrive in Siberia at the 40 degree mark in the next 2 months.


A Sturgeon Moon is the fourth full moon of the year after May’s Flower Moon, June’s Strawberry Moon and July’s Buck Moon.

The August full moon gets its nickname from the Algonquin tribes of eastern North America where large sturgeon were caught at this time, NASA explains.

Sturgeons are often called ‘living fossils’ as the fish can be traced to 136 million years ago.

The full moon is also a holiday in countries such as Sri Lanka. In India, it is aligned with the Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan, which celebrates the precious bond of sisters and brothers.

Spiritually, August’s full moon allows you the opportunity to “align your spiritual intentions with the strong sturgeon,” claims.

YouTuber Alina Alive claims the August full moon holds a special meaning as an Aquarius full moon at the time your intuitive and deeper self come to the surface.

Also known as the season of Leo, astrologers claim the August new moon stands for perseverance and the ability to adapt with time and change just like the sturgeon.

The August moon is also called a Corn Moon as it refers to the corn harvest season about to take place.

Bustle claims the August moon also helps to activate the north and south nodes of destiny, which is known as a grand cross in astrology, making the Sturgeon Moon even more significant for believers.

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On Thursday (11 Aug), people in Singapore were treated to the last supermoon of 2022, also known as the Sturgeon Moon.

Last Supermoon Of 2022 Graces S’pore Skies On 11 Aug, Ethereal Beauty Stuns Onlookers

Many probably thought that it would be some time before such a sight graced our skies again, but something similar surprisingly cropped up the very next day. On Friday (12 Aug), the full moon seemed as bright as the Sturgeon Moon. Better yet, many local photographers managed to get stunning close-ups of the phenomenon.

Photographer shares jaw-dropping close-up of 12 Aug full moon

The Sturgeon Moon on Thursday (11 Aug) was unfortunately marred by cloud cover. But on Friday (12 Aug), thanks to the much clearer sky, expert photographers shared jaw-dropping shots of the full moon taken that very night in the CloudSpotting & SkySpotting Singapore Facebook group. One shutterbug named Joe Isabel astonished netizens by sharing a close-up of such sharpness and clarity that each crater on the moon surface could be seen. No, this was not taken by NASA.

Much more here:

below mirrored from Full moon of August 12, 2022: what effects on my astro sign?

Friday August 12, 2022 at 3:36 a.m., the sturgeon moon will shine in the sky of France. A powerful light that will have many repercussions on the Zodiac, charged with a “rebellious energy”, as predicted by Nina Kahn, astrologer, for Bustle.

Full moon being located on its point of orbit closest to the Earth, it is therefore a super moon that we will observe in the summer sky. And not just any, since it will be the last of 2022.

Like all full moons, the latter will bring with it its share of renewal and heightened emotions. Installed in the free and unpredictable sign of Aquarius, this sturgeon moon invites you to free yourself from all the shackles that still hold you back, in order to begin a return to school in complete freedom.

“It’s time to mark the world by embracing your passions and your uniqueness. Be proud of who you are and forget this obligation of having to fit into a mold to please others. This lunation can help you get out of your comfort zone”, continues the star specialist for Bustle.

The Sturgeon Moon: Stand out from other fish in the ocean of life

After the moon of flowers or that of strawberries, the full moon of August is known under the name – less poetic, we grant you – of sturgeon moon.

According to Farmer’s Almanac, this nickname echoes the “giant sturgeons of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain (North America), which were more easily caught during this part of the summer”. This time of year is associated with abundance.

So the same goes for its spiritual significance. This full moon carries the following message: while there are plenty of fish in the ocean of life, we don’t all need to look alike to shine.

“Being a big fish in a small pond can give us the illusion of power – but wouldn’t it be better to be in a big pond, where you are free to explore the open seas and get out to safety? limiting your comfort zone? This lunation asks you to push the limits you place on your self-expression”, translates Nina Kahn. Clear : it’s time to be you.

A lunation characterized by the energy of rebellious Aquarius

If we are in the middle of Leo season, which encourages us to set long-lasting goals and work hard to see them materialize, the creative and non-judgmental energy of Aquarius comes to disrupt the studious calm atmosphere of this mid-summer.

“Now is the time to put yourself on the front of the stage. Remember, this full moon is the last supermoon of the year, if there’s ever been a time to shine, it’s now”, notes the specialist in the stars.

Especially since the light seems to be making a big place in our sky in this month of August. The famous Perseids – showers of shooting stars – will be at their peak the night following that of the supermoon (August 12 to 13). “The highlight of the show is expected around three o’clock in the morning. The meteor shower should offer between 70 to 110 shooting stars per hour for our greatest pleasure”, announces Geo.

But Aquarius is not selfish, if he forces you to put yourself back at the center of your priorities, it is also to anchor you in the world, by creating a link.

“Yes, Aquarius pushes you to embrace your authenticity and individuality, but not just because you want to feel special and stand out from the crowd. Being unabashedly true to yourself can create a sense of camaraderie with other like-minded and inspire others to do the same”, nuance the astro-journalist Maressa Brown,

Uranus will bring “emotional surprises”

If this full moon already has a busy schedule, it is without counting on Uranus, “installed in a powerful square with the full moon”, which will add spice to this scorching moon.

Because, let’s not forget, this planet is “the one that breaks the rules”, points out Maressa Brown. The shackles that the sturgeon moon tries to break could well find themselves pulverized by a dark energy, which would like to make us take more radical turns than expected. “Emotional surprises and sudden changes are to be expected”, announces Nina Kahn to Bustle.

“What do you feel is currently limiting in your life? What outdated traditions are you ready to break free from? What rules do you follow and why? Spend time thinking about these questions and get in touch with your inner rebel to avoid too much uproar”, she recommends.

But beware, all these achievements can leave you frustrated, when they are not changeable on the spot. “Recognizing these contradictory emotions that fuel frustrations helps you cope, without giving in to the ardor of Uranus, which could make you regret certain actions or certain words, once the full moon has passed”, warns, for his part, Maresa Brown.

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Full moon of August 12, 2022: what effects on my astro sign?

Few people can match your leadership abilities, friends. Rams – and this full moon asks you to use this power for the good of the people. While Leo season has caused you to focus on personal goals, now is the time to open your heart to the needs of your loved ones.

Your professional concerns may come to a head under this lunar moment. Even if your head is on vacation, Bulls, your professional life could be turned upside down in unexpected ways, but not necessarily negatively. New opportunities await you, it’s up to you whether you want to seize them.

Gemini, you breathe again and you will find yourself changed after this full moon. You may find that your interests and aspirations are no longer the same. Follow those sparks of excitement and take measured risks to satisfy your curiosity.

This summer, you have a troubled heart, Cancer. If this lunation has a message for you, it’s this: free yourself from your emotional burden. Whether it’s sorting out those around you, or confiding in yourself, put things in place so that you no longer have to face everything alone.

You are the stars of this month, dear. lions. But this full moon will not only be about you, but more about the attention you give to your loved ones. Look around you, some are experiencing emotional storms that you can calm.

Your rhythm of life will soon change, virgins. New work responsibilities will come knocking on your door and force you to reassess your priorities.

Powered by summer solar energy, the Scales made the most of the summer season. So put some of this light into your creative projects. You have passions that you abandon for fear of being judged, it’s time to take the plunge.

You are drowned in work and personal responsibilities, Scorpios, but this moon forces you to take a step back. Your private life is going to be turned upside down: meeting, moving, separation… An emotional storm is brewing, but it’s for the best.

It’s a lot of surprises this full moon has in store for you, Sagittarians. Good financial news, chance encounters… Make your choices by following your heart, and you will find the way to full bliss.

Here is a lunation placed under the sign of money, dear. Capricorns. If you are in the middle of expensive projects, make sure that all the funds are in your possession. If it’s a raise, or a new position you want, then be ready to sell yourself, your wallet needs it.

It’s your full moon, Aquarius. You are in full rebirth. Take the opportunity to let your own personality shine and no longer model yourself on that of others. You will grow out of it.

This month of August will be synonymous with emotional healing for Pisces. Discussions long avoided, buried emotions… Let yourself explode. To do this, take time for yourself, alone. Embrace these realizations and accept the new person you are becoming.

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