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Everything is Elemental or Mental. We are 50/50 Elemental/Mental. The word mental is also within the word elemental – adding more relevance to “Mental”. We all know the feeling of “Hitting a Wall” and it usually carries mostly mental obstacles.

When we become aware of the Psy-Culls we – End Them!

From PsyCull Today, haha –

  • The concept of hitting the wall can be applied to mental and emotional fatigue in everyday life.
  • When you feel like you’ve hit a wall, take a pause to rest and evaluate the situation that led to your fatigue.
  • Stress management and knowing where your wall is are the keys to better navigating anxiety, overwhelm, and fatigue.

Most have heard the phrase “hit the wall.” This phrase, whose origin stems from marathon running, when a runner has reached the limits of their endurance, has been used across many sports and athletic endeavors. It can be associated with giving up, even failure. The athlete has nothing more to give and can go no further. Avoiding the dreaded hitting of the wall could mean more training and preparation, both physical and mental.

Hitting the wall has also been applied to mental and emotional fatigue in everyday life. We can hit the wall when under a lot of stress or pressure, and this can be a combination of internal and external factors. Many people hit the wall at various points, and many even push past it without realizing it. Both hitting the wall and pushing past it can reverberate through a person’s life, impacting relationships, work, etc. It can help to understand and identify the warning signs, some of which are discussed here.

As people strive to achieve their goals, they take on varying stress levels. Each person can handle a certain amount of stress while still feeling stable and comfortable, as well as fulfilled. In addition to the stress that a person voluntarily takes on, which they may have a certain degree of control over, additional stress can be involuntarily added to a person’s life, which the person will usually not be able to control. A glaring example that we’re all keenly aware of is the Covid-19 pandemic. Stress can accumulate when we fall behind in tasks, we don’t have an adequate amount of time, and when we lack control of one or more situations.

Stress and anxiety are related phenomena. Physiological stress relates to an induced biological state prepared for danger based on external pressures, whereas psychological stress relates to the internal emotional turmoil that a person may experience. Stress initiates the sympathetic nervous system that tells us to “fight” (confront), “flight” (avoid or move away from), or “freeze” (mentally disconnect). Anxiety pertains to the fear or worry of anticipated danger, which is the cause of stress. For many, anxiety can be painful. For some, the anxiety can be so painful that they go towards avoiding or disconnecting.

Different kinds of people can hit walls for different reasons and at different times. For example, some incredibly regimented people can have difficulty compartmentalizing their focus on tasks and therefore be overwhelmed by a growing list of “to-dos.” Whereas for other people, avoidance of tasks can overwhelm due to the inability to follow through, which can lead to accumulated or past due tasks. Avoidance can lead to an accumulated amount of unfinished tasks, which can lead to more stress. You can see how this snowballs or becomes a downward spiral. As discussed earlier, this can have a deteriorating effect on one’s relationships and life.

Facing the Wall Is Confronting a Mountain

When people hit a wall, it is usually when their anxiety and stress have brought them into a “fight”/”flight”/”freeze” state without the opportunity to think through the problem with success. This could happen, for example, when time has run out, and external reminders make us confront what we have not accomplished; or a new obligation or pressure has been added, and the burden just becomes too much.

intense negative emotions will dampen the thinking process necessary to handle stress, burdens, and goal-oriented initiatives. A person may reach a point where the stress and anxiety become overwhelming, but the coping mechanisms to handle this are hampered and weakened. A person may have excellent skills in high-stress situations, but if they hit the wall, those skills may not be there. Imagine the marathon runner hitting the wall yet still trying to maintain their pace. They are just not physically able to do it.

Focus on the task at hand rather than any negative judgments of ourselves. Shame over unfinished projects or unmet expectations can contribute to a downward spiral as the negative judgment can create a lack of confidence, which can impact performance and handling stress, and you see how a cycle can form or perpetuate.

Everyone can hit the wall, and it can feel like a weakness, but when you know where it is and when you’re approaching it, you can turn it into a reminder to take control and draw upon your strengths.

Push comes to Shove

When ‘push comes to shove’. When the curtain at the voting booth closes – no one can push you around anymore. It is you, alone in the booth, with the selection buttons. Totally private, just you and your vote. Not one manipulator any where near your ear.

When arguments turn to pushing it leads to shoving and worse. Look at the issues. Face them, look at them. Plan your life as you want it and not as a reactor to it. You are self determining. Do not let us down. Shine on you crazy diamond!

(The song is a tribute to Syd Barret. Although he got sick, he is still as precious to the members as a diamond and is a guide light for them (shine on).)

Mental Walls – Dreaming Walls

Walls as dream images are generally considered obstacles and sources of isolation or confinement. Some people are emotionally guarded and feel unable to express themselves freely.

If you are such a person, this dream symbol might be pointing to the walls that you have built around yourself. Additionally, if you are experiencing challenges and seemingly impenetrable difficulties in daily life, the wall in your dream may be a reflection of those factors. Consider your current situation and attempt to identify the source of the walls in your dream. Climbing the wall suggests that you are becoming prepared or are able to overcome difficulties and/or challenges.

The Bedside Dream Dictionary | Silvana Amar

To dream that you find a wall obstructing your progress, you will surely succumb to ill-favored influences and lose important victories in your affairs.

To jump over it, you will overcome obstacles and win your desires.

To force a breach in a wall, you will succeed in the attainment of your wishes by sheer tenacity of purpose.

To demolish one, you will overthrow your enemies.

To build one, foretells that you will carefully lay plans and will solidify your fortune to the exclusion of failure, or designing enemies.

For a young woman to walk on top of a wall, shows that her future happiness will soon be made secure.

For her to hide behind a wall, denotes that she will form connections that she will be ashamed to acknowledge.

If she walks beside a base wall. she will soon have run the gamut of her attractions, and will likely be deserted at a precarious time.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

1. A barrier or barriers that someone has to get through.

2. If one is surrounded by walls, they may represent barriers that one has erected to keep others away emotionally.

3. Breaking walls down is clearing access to oneself—or others.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman – Tom Philbin

These are obstacles, and if you climb over them, all will be well with you. But you will have to face hard work.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive – Anonymous

Walls signify a block to progress, a difficulty we have or will come up against. Often the nature of the wall will give some clue as to what the block is.

For instance, a wall which looks old will signify an old problem, whereas a glass wall would indicate some difficulties with perception. Walls closing in could describe the remembered feelings of birth, but is more likely to represent a feeling of being trapped by the lifestyle we have.

A brick wall, rampart or dividing wall all signify the difference between two states of reality – often the inner psychological state and the exterior, everyday world. Windows – windows describe the means by which we appreciate the world we live in, the way we perceive reality. Dreaming that we are looking outwards through a window can suggest that we have a more extrovert view of ourselves and will tend to look at external circumstances. Looking inwards through a window indicates we are looking inwards at our own personality, and perhaps at our own motivation.

The interpretation for opening a window depends on whether we are opening the window from the inside or the outside.

If the former, we are dealing with our inner feelings which we may need to escape; the latter shows our attitude to outside opinion. Breaking through a window (or glass door) can suggest the first sexual experience, or the shattering of illusions. Because of the connection with religious buildings, stained glass can be accepted as picturing religious belief and ideals.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile – Anonymous

Walls are the divisions between rooms and reflect separation from others or the boundaries and barriers we erect to protect us from intimacy. Demolishing a wall in a dream may. therefore, indicate your readiness for a more intimate relationship or more openness.

Ariadne’s Book of Dream | Ariadne Green

Dream On!

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