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“28” has always been mysterious, ever since the Moon appeared on Earth running a 28 day cycle, and since. This Lunar cycle ‘maps’ and clocks the daily Sun movements and our yearly clocks and calendars. Yes the Moon is very important to the “format” of our Human bodies.

There are many ways to disseminate “28” and 80/20 toward recognizing and exploiting to your benefit the format of the “Natural World”/Human Body” Assembly we find ourselves within. Our bodies match perfectly in format to the “Natural World” we experience and sense around us. Our Brains is two brains, left and right and uses 20% of it’s energetic power to ‘receive’ electrical stimuli our senses detect such as light, sound, taste, touch and smell. Only 20% used to ‘receive’ the ‘outside world’.

The entirety of the remaining 80% Brain energetics is devoted to – assembling the data/stimuli/sensory perception and “rendering it” into a reality we can experience from our neo cortex or as we call it here – “the driver’s seat of your body” – the rendering you experience from the brain dissemination of light, sound, taste, touch and smell. Or as we all agree – reality. As you can see, a great collaboration is occurring between the “Natural World”, a matched Human Being and to Each Other in pairs and groups.

When a single person comes to recognize this unchangeable natural format of Life and Reality – they can more easily exploit the “challenge/game” as the baseline format has been established. Only execution of the knowledge remains. This single person can transform themselves and bring as many others as they want.

Of the 5 senses, the olfactory/smell sense has a direct connection into the brain, completely unfiltered. The other 4 go through miles of wiring and filter/modification ‘stops’ before the impulse itself reaches the ‘rendering’ area in the base of the Brain where 80% activity takes place, energetically measured.

The 6th sense or ESP, represents the mysterious Mind and most studies show ‘controlling’ one’s Mind is controlling ones ESP and Bodily functions and outcomes. The proportionate factor toward outcomes, appears to be around 80% influence over the ‘actions’ the Human and his body take/decide on.

Tony Robbins Loves 80/20

Tony says, “One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power.” The 80-20 rule is one way of explaining – and overcoming – this very common problem. When you understand the answer to the question “What is the 80 20 rule?,” you’ll understand that high achievers don’t have fewer obligations, more help from others or better luck. They have more directed focus. We live in a world with sayings like “go big or go home,” “think big” and “too big to fail.” But what if bigger isn’t better? What if having a one-track mind isn’t a bad thing? The truth is that it’s not. And the 80-20 rule proves it.

One saying that is true comes from Tony Robbins himself, and that is, “Whatever you consistently think about and focus upon you move toward.” No one wants to spend their life being pulled in a hundred directions at once, feeling like they never have any time. And when you leverage the 80-20 rule, you don’t have to.


below excerpt from: https://www.tonyrobbins.com/productivity-performance/pareto-principle/
The 80-20 rule is the principle that 20% of what you do results in 80% of your outcomes. Put another way, 80% of your outcomes result from just 20% of your inputs. Also known as the Pareto principle, the 80-20 rule is a timeless maxim that’s all about focus. Because so much of your output is determined by a relatively small amount of what you do each day, focusing on the most productive tasks will result in greater output.

The Pareto principle comes from the mind of Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who first introduced it in 1906. But it is Joseph Juran, a business theorist, who is credited with popularizing the idea and relating it to business situations during the 1940s. This is why the 80-20 rule is usually used in business, but you can also apply it to your personal goals, like finances and spending or even learning a new skill.

The 80-20 rule requires you to throw out a few time-honored myths about productivity. First, the myth that everything matters equally – it doesn’t. Break down that wall and prioritize. Second, the myth of multitasking: When you try to focus on everything at once, you end up not truly focusing on anything at all.

A Strongman’s Workout

There are four phases to the program – and one rule “Burning Desire”:

  • Foundation: Focusing on isolating specific muscle control
  • Strength: Development of muscle recruitment and force
  • Strength Endurance: Sustaining muscle stamina
  • Taper: Recovery sessions with programming to stay sharp

some links to 80/20 strongman advice sites:

Below Mirrored from Legendary Strength

My name is Logan Christopher and I am the owner of Legendary Strength. Below you’ll find a fairly complete history of my training.

My beginnings

I was a weak kid growing up. Very scrawny. More interested in computers and games than being strong or athletic.

In eighth grade I went out for the basketball team. We had ‘Camp Rambo’ which was to get us in condition and build skills before try-outs ever took place. The beginning of each practice was a mile and a half run. It took me about 13 or 14 minutes to run it. Then I got a pair of running shoes which magically cut minutes off my time. Despite this I didn’t make the team. That was a shot to my fragile ego.

Later that year we had the Presidential Fitness Test. I remember hanging on a pullup bar not being able to move an inch, wondering how it was possible to do so.

School finished. My brother was ‘making’ me go out for football in high school. He put me on a basic lifting program which I did in my backyard. I don’t remember the full details. I do remember the first time I deadlift over a hundred pounds and how happy I was about that. I also remember knocking myself hard in the chin, doing a barbell clean one time.

I joined the football team at under 100 lbs. We lifted heavy. We ran a lot. I made some progress but really not much. I was still weak and scrawny.


In the off season I did bodybuilding, getting routines out of the muscle mags. Typical routines involve four sets of squats, four sets of leg presses, three sets of hamstring curls, three sets of leg extensions. I make some progress on the squats, until I realize each time I add weight my range of motion decreases and I have to start over. (That’s not the proper way to do partials.)

I do it for a while then stop, only to return later on. I play football for all four years and this cycle continues. I would say in that time I became marginally stronger, but was still scrawny weighing in at about 140 at 6 foot.

In my senior year I become friends with another guy who likes to bodybuild. We become training partners. We did some crazy routines, like working out for an hour, going out to the parking lot and drinking a protein shake, then going back into the gym for another hour and a half. We take a lot of supplements and get marginally stronger.

Somehow my friend stumbles across an Ironmind magazine and orders some grip stuff. We mess around with it a little infrequently. I couldn’t even close the Trainer the first time I tried.

Bodyweight Training

My brother, who got me into football and bodybuilding, tells me about this guy Matt Furey who has some crazy bodyweight exercises. I read about them online and give them a shot. They whoop my butt. I start doing them regularly between gym workouts. After a period of time I stop going to the gym and focus on the bodyweight exercises exclusively.

I’m getting results. I’m progressing quicker than before. One of my first goals was to do a handstand pushup. After several months of training I hit that goal. I continue onwards and upwards until I can hit the lofty goals of a 3 minute wrestlers bridge, 500 Hindu squats and 100 Hindu pushups. I keep going. At this point I believe weights are for people who don’t know that there‘s a better option of just using your own bodyweight. I can start doing things others can’t. One arm pushups, handstand pushups, bridge kickovers, one leg squats and more.


My friend buys kettlebells. I scoff at the idea of using weights but put that idea aside and give it a try. Its fun and it kicks my butt. I start training with the kettlebells too. About a year later in 2005 we head off to the RKC. I remember training hard to hit my thirty snatches with each hand to pass the test.

At this point I’m doing lots of bodyweight stuff and lots of kettlebells. At this point I’m really into training. Buying all kinds of courses, studying all different systems and trying to do it all. One guy in particular, Bud Jeffries, is the first person that I see that talks about combining it all in an intelligent way. I follow his advice.

I assist several times at the RKC studying more from Pavel and all the other top kettlebell trainers. I learn about competitive kettlebell lifting and get certified at the AKC. I continue to study Matt Furey and even go on to win his Combat Conditioning Athlete of the Year.

Strongman and Everything Else

Depending on the latest thing I read, and to a smaller degree my goals, I’m doing different things all the time. The world of physical culture is quite wide.

I got interested in hand balancing after watching my friend walk on his hands. From that point on I have steadily worked on increasing my skills. I joined an adult gymnastics class even though I had no prior gymnastic experience. With their help and facilities I increased my tumbling and hand balancing skills.

Hand balancing use to be something that almost everyone practiced to some degree. All weightlifters had various amounts of experience, though that is far from the case today. I aim to bring hand balancing back to everyone with this site.

I read a biography of the Mighty Atom. I get inspired and want to become a strongman. So I start to get heavily in grip strength, especially bending steel. I remember the first time I bent that Yellow Nail bracing it against my leg and taking 10 minutes to complete the bend. I learn more feats, primarily from Dennis Rogers, who I later get to study with down in Texas. I begin perform small shows demonstrating my strength.

I’ve done it all. Dinosaur Training, Combat Conditioning, Twisted Conditioning, Kettlebells, Clubbells, Strongman, Powerlifting, Crossfit, Partials, HIT, GTG, EDT and things that don‘t have a necessarily a name or acronym to them. There was training to failure, training beyond failure, not training to failure, and not training to effort. There’s club swinging, joint mobility, gymnastics, slow movements, fast movements, isometrics and more.

In ‘07 I also start my own personal training business which later evolves into the online entity it is today, all starting with a book on hand balancing.

In certain things I make progress, even good progress overtime. Other things I let backslide and get nowhere over the course of a year. This continues for years. The overall trend is upwards though never as quick as I would have liked.

I start to finally get it. I can come up with a good training plan that moves me towards my training goals. I can stick to this plan and get results from doing so. I make progress in just about every workout with occasional plateaus.


Then this weird concept called Biofeedback training comes along. I put it to the test and after an initial breaking in period I go to learn from Frankie Faires and Adam Glass to learn more about it. My progress starts to accelerate.

I continue training with this as it is the best way to stay in tune with my body, never receive a single injury, and continue to make progress. Over time I work with this, continually learning what the others are doing, and put together my own program called Beyond Biofeedback.

Mental Training and Energies

Then a new revolution happens. I learn many masterful techniques of using the mind including NLP, hypnosis, energy psychology and more. I start working with these mental training tactics and seeing even better results in the gym. I temporarily moved up to Medford, Oregon to train under Doctor John La Tourrette to learn more of these tools as well as begin in Kenpo karate.

I’ve continued learning, practicing and now teaching these tactics as they’re the missing key in what most people are doing. By adding this component in to whatever you’re currently doing I feel you’ll get even better results.

A good amount of this material is all found within the book I published with Dragondoor, Mental Muscle. I’m know an author along with some of the people that set me on this path.

Health and Nutrition

Starting out scrawny, I sought an edge wherever I could find it. This led me into nutrition, realizing it made a big impact on performance. As a kid I literally did not eat any fruits or vegetables besides watermelon and strawberries. Now I eat them all.

After watching my mother pass from breast cancer I’ve become even more committed to seeking superior health, which I’ve begun teaching along with the above as the Peak Performance Trinity.

I learned all about nutrition. I learned about healthy living. I learned about the power of herbalism.

The latter of which led to the founding of Lost Empire Herbs along with my two brothers.


This was my evolution. This led me to where I am now. Where I am now will continue to evolve. This is by no means complete and I‘ve got much further to go. More experiments to run. More training to do. More people to learn from. Much more progress to make.

Every system, every tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are better than others depending on your goals. Some are better than others period. Of course, I wish I would have had all this knowledge back when I started but what fun would that have been? In this case, the journey was worth it, and the truth is, it wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t taken the journey.

Currently I practice I wide variety of strength training and skills, including gymnastics, hand balancing, lifting heavy, extreme conditioning, flexibility, bending steel, and more. Because of my love for physical culture I wish to spread my knowledge out to others. Life is much better when you are vital, no matter your age, and physical training is a big part of that.

Important Tactical List to Oppose Hackers to your online life

Another place where 20% action will change for the better, 80% of your outcomes. from Logan’s web: You remember back when Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA was spying on you and I? Then the surveillance stopped, right?

Ha! Fat chance. It’s only grown since that time. And it’s not just the government, but every Big Tech company has their hand in it. Plus, there are the more of the garden variety common criminals looking to steal your identity and the like.

What can you do about it? Turns out there is a whole lot! A February 2021 poll in Security Magazine showed that 75% of Americans are very concerned about online privacy. But the poll also revealed that most people won’t take any action to protect themselves beyond updating a password or two.

I’ve been interested in this area for some time now, especially as the world grows increasingly polarized, censorship increases, and the powerful grab even more power. That’s why I was excited to get to know Glenn Meder an expert on privacy, whose has offered to teach a free webinar on the topic.

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Big Tech, Big Brother and Thieves Who Spy on You Without your Consent. 

Tuesday, August 16
7pm CT (8pm ET/ 6pm MT/ 5pm PT)

Please join us for this very important class.

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Your purpose is the foundation of everything in your life or in your business. Every time you make a decision or a change, ask yourself, “Does this serve my purpose?” If you don’t know your purpose, you can’t create goals or take action. It’s that important.

Your purpose could be something like having more time with your family, the freedom to live life on your terms or the money to travel the world. In business, your purpose is your company vision. It’s the reason you started the business in the first place. It’s the difference you wanted to make in the world. When you apply the 80-20 rule the right way, you start off thinking big – but not for long.


Now it’s time to get more specific: What’s holding you back from living your purpose, whether in life or in business? Maybe you need to finally take the leap and start your own business. Maybe you need to save money for that down payment on a home. As a business leader, you may need to find or create new efficiencies or improve your processes.

Write down five things you could start doing today to help you build the extraordinary life you want – one in which you get to live your purpose every day. Then prioritize them by how fast they will get you to your goal. The top item – the most meaningful – is your first priority….

above from: https://www.tonyrobbins.com/productivity-performance/pareto-principle/

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