Thyestes is a first century AD fabula crepidata (Roman tragedy with Greek subject) of approximately 1112 lines of verse by Lucius Annaeus Seneca, which tells the story of Thyestes, who unwittingly ate his own children who were slaughtered and served at a banquet by his brother Atreus.[1] As with most of Seneca’s plays, Thyestes is based upon an older Greek version with the same name by Euripides.

(2022 brief: Actions make outcomes, feelings make actions, thoughts make feelings, baselines and discipline make thoughts)

The ‘new citizens’ of MEDUSA from 1840s on – were installed from ‘ the East’. “Thyestes”. Folks, the words and the language carry all secrets in plain sight – if you look at it.
Socrates and Thyestes Seneca were both forced to commit suicide.

AS IN, not the tongue wagging but au contraire – ‘our mental focus’. Where, when, who, what, how much, how loud/soft – is exactly the simulation/reality we see appear in front of us. WE BECOME OUR FOCUS.

Socrates the philosopher and Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a Roman stoic philosopher, dramatist, and statesman are seen fused at the back of the head (Ending any face to face agreement)

The two philosophers are joined together at the back of the head; their chests are in the shape of a herm. Both men have the usual cloak of a philosopher or orator above their left shoulder, although Socrates also wears an undershirt.

The bearded Socrates is given a satyr-like form, as in literary descriptions and other portraits. Seneca, on the other hand, is depicted as clean-shaven with a receding hairline. His small, full-lipped mouth is pursed. It is speculated that the depiction of Seneca derives from a work created between AD 50 and 60—within the lifetime of the philosopher.

Estes means “from the East”, many Estes appear in America during the last repopulation of this land circa 1840s onward, after an apparent ‘shake up’ of the environment pre-existing. The bosses and ai know the record, you are relegated to become ‘their art/song’. (only because of our ignorance)

The most Estes families were found in USA in 1880. In 1840 there were 58 Estes families living in Maine. This was about 15% of all the recorded Estes’s in USA. Maine had the highest population of Estes families in 1840.

In 1940, Farmer and Housekeeper were the top reported jobs for men and women in the USA named Estes. 22% of Estes men worked as a Farmer and 10% of Estes women worked as a Housekeeper. Some less common occupations for Americans named Estes were Truck Driver and Stenographer

Between 1942 and 2004, in the United States, Estes life expectancy was at its lowest point in 1944, and highest in 1996. The average life expectancy for Estes in 1942 was 54, and 74 in 2004.

Burning Man August 28 – September 5 here is the ethos and culture as it had organically developed since the event’s inception.

Brains Make Simulations (Rendered Reality)

Radical Inclusion
Radical Self-reliance
Radical Self-expression
Communal Effort
Civic Responsibility
Leaving No Trace
Immediacy (Auto-Living)

When we dream/sleep – consciousness is utilized in another part of the neural network that creates our simulations/reality. Our brains are simultaneously playing different ‘time frames’ that we call past, present, and future when we are ‘here’ in our pretend/virtual physical reality. But that ‘reality’ we are picturing/living is a small part of the larger consciousness being. Yes we can limit our thinking to have the adventure we desire.

When we dream, something mysterious happens within our brains – we experience something similar to being awake, and yet also very different to being awake, and scientists are still trying to unpick exactly what’s going on in that in-between state.

– the ability to be aware of sounds or to identify them – actually gets switched off while we’re asleep. Apparently the study showed, incoming sounds are being analyzed, but not passed to the ‘consciousness’.

This goes against previous thinking: that during sleep, sound-related signals quickly decay in the brain. In fact, they stay stronger and richer than we thought, it’s just that there’s one significant difference in the way they’re processed while we’re snoozing.

“The strength of brain response during sleep was similar to the response observed during wakefulness, in all but one specific feature, where a dramatic difference was recorded: the level of activity of alpha-beta waves,” says first author, neuroscientist Hanna Hayat, from Tel Aviv University.

These alpha-beta waves (10-30Hz) are controlled by feedback from higher up in the brain – this feedback (including whether or not sounds are new) helps our minds work out which sounds are important and need to be listened to.

Thanks scientists!!

Time is an illusion, therefore so is everything else. The universe is a consciousness hologram or simulation. Reality is projected illusion within. It is a virtual experiment created in linear time to study emotions. Our simulation is composed of grids created by a source consciousness brought into awareness by electromagnetic energy at the physical level. The hologram is created and linked through a web, or grid matrixes.

Zodiacs have Razors

Our obsession with zodiacs and personalities along with the immaculate neural network proves the study of emotions and us spiritual warriors are the prize and the reason we exist and anything else too. We are literally all that which happens to include ALL THAT b4, after, limit and no limit.

The razor – It was Sir William Hamilton who christened “Ockham’s razor” in 1852.

It is also known as the law of parsimony, or the law of economy, rendered in Latin as lex parsimoniae.

The man-made elements with atomic weights from 113 to 118 are named ununtrium, ununquadium, ununpentium, ununhexium, ununseptium, ununoctium and are hybrids concocted from the Latin unus (“one”), various Greek numbers and the standard Latinate suffix -ium.

These no flavor names then mean “one-one-three-ium,” “one-one-four-ium,” “one-one-five-ium,” etc.

MEDUSA got americium (America) and europium for (Europe), and several named after countries. France appears in the periodic table twice – francium is obvious but there’s also gallium (from Gallia, Latin for Gaul). Polonium is clearly named for Poland, but it’s a little harder to spot Russia in ruthenium (from medieval Latin, Ruthenia).

Pale Horse

We get chlorine (Greek chloros, “yellowish-green”), cesium (Latin caesius, “sky-blue”), and indium because it’s indigo blue. But what’s up with chromium? It’s from the Greek chroma, “color.” Sure, it’s got a color but which one (it is actually named thus because its compounds come in several different colors)?

We might raise a similar objection to osmium, from Greek osme (“odor”) . Is it, for instance a pleasant odor or foul (Smithson Tennant, who named this element, characterized the odor as “pungent and peculiar”)? No such question arises with bromine. It is from the Greek bromos, “stench”.

All in all, being as precise as possible in naming or categorizing seems to be left to an elite few and the majority play along toddler/samdbox style. Thus becoming subjects of those who claim superiority.

The name ‘prometheum’ (symbol Pm) for element 61 after Prometheus – He stole fire from heaven for the benefit of mankind… This name…symbolizes the dramatic way in which the element may be produced in quantity as a result of man’s harnessing of the energy of nuclear fission.”

Funny today we have the 6/1 committees all over crying for a fire red head man who tried to give fire to humanity.

destiny is simple – it is related to density. Destiny-Density

Similar to mystery, my story, mastery.

Similar to language, languish, lane0gage.

Can We lean toward our Agreements?

Everything is related. Everything builds on itself.

Is the concept of agreements lead one to consider a policy of agreements. Is that OK in today’s world or have we all agreed to disagree on anything and evrything – or what?

Is this topic approachable or to be considered taboo as it “may” lead to a policy change of agreements and is that “too horrible” to bear or bare?

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