Will th Young Torch th Establishment?

This lady went to a safe place for the finale/climax.

Died same day I was given a second life with shoulder reconstruction, miles apart from each other.


I just got mocked, destroyed and blasted again on a chat channel for being an ‘asshole wanna be helper of humanity‘ – wherever I go of late – there are haters of all human life ready to explain what a pile of shit I am for caring or trying
thank you for the fucked up challenge!

Funny, as I almost died for this cause 21 days ago and ppl are still calling me a pompous deluded fool – for caring about humanity and wanting to share 50 years of contemplation and living. I get “We hate you, you are a suck ass fool, go kill yourself” – what has happened to ppl?

I would have given up on you but I helped make you, we olders have a debt to you youngers and neither side will see until the intense fighting happens – so I must and will stand by your side to the end – even while you call me a hater and a fool.

My Visions Started in 1967

I actually ‘foresaw’ and read about these times – many, many times. Where those who consider themselves the “younger generation” will intend to revolt, persecute, torture and destroy what they consider the age group of the “established generation” or “the older generation” It has started. I get regular confirmation in chat rooms that those youngers – a set of them – intend to torture and destroy the olders.

They have any and every support for this action. In our opposites world we have created — They ALSO have any and every support for the opposite action, toward agreements, peace and love. How will it end/shake out? Our intentions and actions will decide this -or — we can allow the event to simply wash or roll over us with no objection. Saw this as visions millions of times and have watched it develop live – for decades

This ‘revolt’ thing has been repeated so many times in history, you would think simple observation would save us. Apparently, ignorance is weigh more attractive — duh?? If we only look for the parts we agree on – this would never happen. Instead we have chosen material, ignorance and cyclical death. See this is my personal problem. I want to collaboratively discuss these revelations – all others are deep into cheeseburgers and TV News – how will it end?

Rumi-Miru or Mirror

Rumi spells Miru or mirror After Shams was extinguished by Rumi’s youngest son (an honor killing), Rumi fell into a deep state of grief and gradually out of that pain outpoured nearly 70,000 verses of poetry. These thousands of poems, which include about 2,000 in quatrains, are collected in two epic books.


How will this resolve – this time around.

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