What of the Nose (knows, no’s, sense)

Wherever you set your sights and your nose – you will land. The nose points to the landing. Our senses adapt, adjust and mold us with our adeptness to the phonetics, the shapes and the consequences. Learn to Earn — Take a Stand to Win – Ignore to Burn — Lay down and Lose This part of our duality is NOT to be ignored DO NOT LAY DOWN TAKE A STAND WITH ME and NIN. A stand for agreements, righteousness and winning.

Human Beings are best suited to output Love and Consideration toward Others. Any other thoughts or actions against that – lead to antagonism, stress and strife. The World provides millions of glitters, seductions and attractions to steer us from this great truth.

Per Ancient Cosmological Texts: The Brain and Mind are in the Blue Zone of the body and experience. The Heart is the Green Nurture Zone. The stomach and down are the Red Zone. Our people today focus so much on Red and Blue lifestyle and thinking – our Hearts are now Purple coated. We are being Reigned by Purple influences.

Did you know how much rendering happens between when electrical impulses (light, sound, feel, taste, smell) enter your Brain and when they are ultimately ‘determined’ by your interpretive Self? Did you know each of our Brains Renders/Fashions/Hallucinates our Reality to us?

10+ Trillion Partners

10+ trillion organs, organelles, cells make up your operating systems in your body. Each a magical mystery machine of intense complexity, power and intelligence. One living human cell could never be fully understood across many lifetimes. The Brain Cell or Neuron is considered many times more complex than the most complex human cell.

Somehow, within each of our brains, the combined activity of many billions of neurons, each one a tiny biological machine, is generating a conscious experience. And not just any conscious experience — your conscious experience right here and right now. How does this happen?

A similar assembly of neurons lives in and is dedicated to your GI tract, about 200 million of them, Another 40,000 live on and maintain functions around the top of the Heart. All these neurons are creating a simulation of reality to us. These ‘beings’/neurons are demonstrating to us that without them – the world and reason for it – do not exist. These neurons prove half of our Duality – Measured vs Immeasurable. These neurons establish that we Humans are

“the Be All End All”

The Nose Knows

It is known, wherever your nose is pointed, you will land. The olfactory senses goes through the spongy area at the top of the sinus and then directly to the brain interpretation center. It makes no stops as all the other senses do. Each other sense makes a series of stops to prepare to land in the Brain’s interpretation center. Many stops and adjustments before arriving. But not the nose.

80% of brain energy is in the rear creation/simulation center. Only 20% is used to receive and prepare incoming impulses to your senses. Your brain/consciousness is a prediction machine and a reality/simulation creator.

Anil Seth: “There are experiences of the world around us, full of sights, sounds and smells, there’s multisensory, panoramic, 3D, fully immersive inner movie. And then there’s conscious self. The specific experience of being you or being me. The lead character in this inner movie, and probably the aspect of consciousness we all cling to most tightly. Let’s start with experiences of the world around us, and with the important idea of the brain as a prediction engine.

Instead of perception depending largely on signals coming into the brain from the outside world, it depends as much, if not more, on perceptual predictions flowing in the opposite direction. We don’t just passively perceive the world, we actively generate it. The world we experience comes as much, if not more, from the inside out as from the outside in.

Many experiments show that psychiatrists and neurologists have proven very well, that these different ways in which we experience being a self can all come apart. What this means is the basic background experience of being a unified self is in fact a rather fragile construct of the brain itself. Another human experience, which just like all others, requires explanation.

Now, I leave you with three implications of all this. First, just as we can misperceive the world, we can misperceive ourselves when the mechanisms of prediction go wrong. Understanding this opens many new opportunities in psychiatry and neurology, because we can finally get at the mechanisms rather than just treating the symptoms in conditions like depression and schizophrenia.

Second: what it means to be me cannot be reduced to or uploaded to a software program running on a robot, however smart or sophisticated. We are biological, flesh-and-blood animals whose conscious experiences are shaped at all levels by the biological mechanisms that keep us alive. Just making computers smarter is not going to make them sentient.

Finally, our own individual inner universe, our way of being conscious, is just one possible way of being conscious. And even human consciousness generally — it’s just a tiny region in a vast space of possible consciousnesses. Our individual self and worlds are unique to each of us, but they’re all grounded in biological mechanisms shared with many other living creatures.” Link: https://www.ted.com/talks/anil_seth_your_brain_hallucinates_your_conscious_reality/transcript

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