DUAL You – everyone is a Dual Player. And each of us is a “merge of World/Game and Player”. We can prove the Human format by observation and the symbols we use.

“the 50/50 Dual you” – fully explained on one hand! One day I presented this argument to Myself: Everything Matters versus Not Everything Matters. What came next was the proof of the Human format and reason for Being. Our Two Hands are the Hand’s of God and Reveal All including The Full Knowledge of a Human, the Earth, the “1”, the Quest/”?” and “2” or Division

Have a look at:
One Word for Each Finger: Mystery, Mastery, My Story, Word, World (5 destinies for your Right and 5 for the Left)

  • Pinky – Mystery – 1
  • Ring – Mastery – 2
  • Middle – My Story – 3
  • above is the game/earth/world — below is the DUAL player/determiner
  • Index – Word – 4
  • Thumb – WorLd – 5

Included is the dynamic of halving and doubling (L/R, 0/1, anode/cathode) everything is ‘Stereo’ to enhance the Challenge and infinite-ness of manifestations.

… the format reveals each of us is a Dual player inside a living walking Universe made of a triune material/energetic game/world. As the player you are Dual-Word/World – you are the Word and the World, at once — a Dual, a 50/50 Dual.

You are fully integrated and merged into a walking Earth/Universe. The Earth which is the game and your ingredients is two parts material and one part energetic. Revealing to you that you are a Player and a World/Universe – combined/merged.

The first, prime and most significant dynamic is YOU/”The Player” and your Prime Partnership out of which, All emanates. Your very own hand reveals the knowledge of You and God’s Hand to you right now. The correct allegiance for winning is to “your Prime Partnership”. This shows you and proves to you your True Nature and Purpose of “Entering the Human/Earth Challenge”.

It is similar to amnesia recovery AND being handed a map and directions/tips to your Home and Loving Family Members. If it were easy – you would not be here playing. You are playing the deferred gratification game better than any player who has come before you.

What makes it so hard? The idea of endless manifestations/explanations of Duality. Duality is regression and splitting. The symbol 2 is showing a question with a baseline in lieu of a point. Our anatomy and Minds along with the symbols and sounds completely explain that half of ourselves is “Me Assured” (measured) measuring out one simulation after another, while at once explaining that half of ourselves must be “undefinable”, unmeasurable and is the source of all verifiable Actuality. At once a failsafe system of perpetual Life/Death/Adventure cycles and dilemmas AND at once a failsafe walking/living/knowledge base Universe of Completions.

Watch the Hand – The First Duality is of “the Player” “11” Symbolizes the Defined/Undefined

To make the 11th letter (J removed from count) the “L” or “EL” in hand signing you point the index finger up and the thumb toward self. This reveals to you your format as a “Player” in this Human/Earth Challenge. As a great invited player, it is your time to reveal this to yourself, once the format is seen, your purpose is clear. By making this symbol with your hand you have pointed the thumb at your Heart or toward the measurable and definable you.

This L sign shows and explains your Life, “the 50/50 Dual you”. You are half temporary, measurable and defined creating one assembled illusion/simulation/rendering on top of another. And you are the other half “Un-measurable/Un-definable” while at once this half is the source of all observable actualities/permanence.

We can allow the above to flow through us and through our agreements of regard to each other, we gain resolution and achievement through application. Or we can defer our gratification a bit longer and instead yearn for an artistic man’s rendering on the back wall of the Sistine Chapel.

The Last JudgmentFinal JudgmentDay of JudgmentJudgment Day, or The Day of the Lord in Christian theology, is the final and eternal judgment by God of every nation. The concept is found in all the Canonical gospels, particularly the Gospel of Matthew. It will purportedly take place after the Resurrection of the Dead and the Second Coming of Christ . This belief has inspired numerous artistic depictions.

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