SAY G’Bye to Seven Dealies (deadlies) – Class “S” goin’ UG — Ant “I” watt?

SAY G’Bye to Seven Dealies (deadlies) – Class “S” goin’ UG — Ant “I” watt?

Class “S” is for Sovereign. aka Sovereign Grand Inspector General is title given to 33rd level of FM

Who is this Class “S”

Class “S” is for Sovereign. aka Sovereign Grand Inspector General is title given to 33rd level of FM. There are 7 million 700 thousand of them amongst the wealthiest, most connected and celebrity and other ‘fit ins’. These are the new elite that you will soon come to know as your new parents and rule makers for the rest of us. Class “S” is connected to FM – but also Class “S” means Saved or “Special”.

Where is 33 Long by 33 Lat

33.33 EL X 33.33 EL is Mt Hermon (My Her) the place of prophets and giants. Both sites full of leys and lies. A UN post is there. Exact opposite coordinates for Earth are Roswell NM (repeating OZ – well) Only one person can get me coming and going and that person is always a girl showing me 7 deals of sins.

The Cist’ Em …system

Our ‘Cist Em’ is dominated by feminine energy – the mottled her Mother kind. A pissed off momma! The ones pulling the puppet strings behind those who we call leaders. ‘Momma’ and her energetic nameless cohorts boss around the elite leaders we all lokk up to and complain about.

The ones we โ€œvotedโ€ for. โ€˜Theyโ€™ are Illuminati, Masons, CEOs, Philanthropists, Scientists, Judges, Lawyers, Police Officers, Academia, Priests, Popes, members of Congress the list goes on but know these people are ๐˜ฑ๐˜ญ๐˜ข๐˜ค๐˜ฆ๐˜ฅ there on purpose. They have a boss too.

Sin is never ๐‘—๐‘ข๐‘ ๐‘ก that . Syne is a reaction to an action. All things are developed or built – one thing on top of another. Known as order. All things in our world are ordered.

Chaos is merely a mental construct.

It is a response to difficulty and distress caused on purpose. This is a direct result of the manufactured chaos put upon us so we look to our leaders for help. This is their motto โ€˜Order Out of Chaosโ€™. In actuality, sins happen one after another, ie, one thing builds on another, as in all things. All things, develop and that development is always under our guidance and control.

Make them Selfish – We Win

Memes are one of our strongest tools right now, use them. Use them for your advantage. If you are living a lie as a copy cat – find something relieving and progressive to copy! โ€˜Theyโ€™ love to cause this chaos in an attempt for us to run to our oppressors for hope and salvation as we point the finger at our each other in hopes of a reward for doing this – leading to exploitation of Vanity. Are we even entitled to exist?

Prey animals always cause panic to the group they are stalking causing them to make poor decisions which leaves a portion of the group vulnerable to being harvested by the predators. Same thing here amongst humans. Except we are much more sophisticated. We find ourselves with a menu of 7 deadly ‘sins’ to have us feel forced into ‘amending’ ourselves – so we can be righteous again, what we ultimately desire.

The Order of the Deals (7 deadlies)

First one is Vanity – comes from accepting lack and materialism – which you will never get enough of. Gaslighting rules the day with the S/M platforms pitting one person bragging on their best of versus another with lack. A continuous “rubbing your nose in it” behavior leading to envy and vanity.

These two Envy and Vanity become Anger or Wrath. Constant accusing and defending twists and turns us toward agitation which we share and then label it anger or wrath.

The emptiness created from above leads us to deaperately want to be accepted so – any partner will do. This is known as Lust. Look around and see if we have evolved to this point.

With everyone involved in devaluation – money fills the void. here is when we turn to avarice, selfishness and Greed.

The build up of the above creates a sense of guilt, shame, emptiness and loneliness leading to Sloth or Laziness.

The final nail in the coffin is Gluttony. America provides Americans (the top salesman of the English lane gage and Hollywood) – all the activities they need to contentedly fulfill actions within the 7 deadlies. Even the final act of gluttony is more than provided by the ‘ranchers’ of the ‘people/salesman’ of A Mer Ica. Each American is a self running and ending salweman of English and Hollywood agendas. Splendid accomplisment, bravo!

One thing builds on another

The 7 deadlies are available to those drawn into the lower frequencies of behavior and thinking. The opposite is the ‘fruit of your origin’ which has no name , place or agenda. We swim within this total awareness while we sense that wisdom bubbling through us. This sense of total wisdom and awareness is real but has been named and devalued by the upholders of sequences and never ending endings.

We are physical-mortal and non-physical and immortal. Our current directors of memes and behavior would have the mass of population lean toward physical for their own agendas. Each person has the right and ability however, to operate within their own agenda/method of operation.

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Letโ€™s change our tools for dealing with life back to the fruits of the spirit. The seven deadly sins in my opinion are the terms for emotions leading us to vibrate and resonate in the realms of lower frequencies which is ๐˜ฆ๐˜น๐˜ข๐˜ค๐˜ต๐˜ญ๐˜บ the energy, spiritual vampires feed on, hence the reason for all the fear porn being fed to us via media and entertainment every day of our life from birth to death. I will be going much more into depth in future blogs on our frequencies and the grid (Leylines) of our planet being used to enhance emotional exploitation.

The theme above is why โ€˜The Golden Ruleโ€™ is so important, the old, โ€˜you get what you giveโ€™ saying. We are all connected and need to vibe on the same levels to flourish. Break your programming it isnโ€™t serving anyone but those who believe they, are our masters. The Matrix-like simulation that has been created for us is your only chain and itโ€™s keeping you from your Creator. I am not trying to scare away non-believers of Christ but if you canโ€™t feel the push and pull for your soul from outside sources you desperately need to know you might be on the wrong side, without you even knowing. Good and evil exist whether itโ€™s something we are sending outward from within in the form of a hologram or something outside us, an external force in which we have no control. It ๐‘‘๐‘œ๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘›โ€™๐‘ก matter because there are enough people that do and did believe this enough, and sides have been created already. Which one will you choose? Pick smart as we already have an idea of how it is all going to play out. Good wins, the power that love and hope create is immense and unbreakable. If you have any doubts about warriors for Christ, it was the Heathens and the Broken that were devout, which ironically are the personality types that are capable of protecting their beliefs with a fierceness you will not see until too late.

On the theme of Heathens and the Broken:

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