“a Sound Mind means your were Attuned to hEARing it”

LIES is also “L. Eyes” and “L. I’s”

When our lying eyes see lies
Our tender ears say wise
Our achy feeling in the Heart
Is the sound of breaking parts

We wonder aloud on the Fear
When all along it was Th-Ear
Th-Ear spells Thera
And shows us a Mirror

The Earth spells Thera
What is there to Fear of
Is a reflection away from me
Or is it from Me


We fight for our guilt or innocence
while we, with nothing much to lose
except our souls are forced to choose

twixt god or mammon
feast or famine

so well disguised we must examine
deep within our heart of hearts
to see these worlds are world’s apart

and because our lives are metaphors for
our beliefs we cannot ignore

how cosmic conflict finds expression
upon this plane through a succession
of wars and pandemonium
where tweedledee fights tweedledum

each certain god is on his side
encouraging the fratra side
this purview helps us understand why the
irish live in ire-land

Why the romans rome
why the french have Gaul
And why it is US
against us all

Imperialists have said for Eons to conquered:
You are a Peon (european)
Why Hades in the singular
Is pronounced Haiti


All this conflict is about being specific
When we have perspective, there is always a directive
One way and many ways both still weighs
In wisdom exists neither night or days

When we find we are in a bind
We seek a response in the Mind
No one ever found an answer there
It seems as pointless as the Air

When we dig deeper into mystery
We wonder aloud about the mastery
When will this become my story
When I fade Time and Glory

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