You are a Limited Edition. There is only one of you. You have unlimited and awesome power. We have chosen to be materially engaged in the role of “repetition learners” as a natural progression of investigating, material, physicality and mortality. This is how you can be an eternal ‘being’ and a limited edition – at once.

There is no “action” anywhere in the Universe as expansive or immersive than what is happening inside and around you and your body – RIGHT NOW! Each of us are equipped, to tune in right now, to every ‘station’ in all of Creation and Wisdom. We are so incredibly awesome and diverse – infinite – and limited at once. Any ‘dept./station’ of knowledge or experience in all of present, past or future Creation or Awareness is available now to anyone of us Limited Editions. We have the whole world in our hands and all of Wisdom and Awareness as the environment we work and play in.

All can be taken or left. Each Limited Edition has full power to view themselves as powerful or powerless – to mold their ‘Limited Edition’ as they see fit. To become completely Unique amongst the complete wisdom and awareness we exist within. A challenge indeed, with a prize for trying and applying! No winners or losers. Simply put, Apply or Lie.

  • Repeat that!! Earth could be called “Repeat That!!” as we learn everything from repetition. Want to re-learn something? — REPETITION WILL BE REQUIRED> — IF YOU CANNOT REPEAT IT — YOU CANNOT HAVE IT!
  • Americanized school systems teach by ‘rote learning’ aka repetition – to keep you in your place. The world bosses are quite content with your ignorance.
  • All learning is done through repetition. BUT, is it ‘block sections‘ – teaching ideas and words or is it a nuanced teaching/learning? Depends on the school. 90% throw blocks of info at you as if you were being fed in a corral. The ‘better’ schools are select so there is always the elite educated and the rest.
  • Success is always based on your application of what you know. Application beats ‘knowing data and people’- every time.
  • Full retention happens when nuanced questions of varying difficulty are considered. (Use it in a sentence!Hear it! – See it in action on a page.) —
  • “Block Delivered knowledge” learning creates the illusion of mastery. The perception of the thing is focused on while ignoring it’s origin or true nature. (You ate it but did not chew enough – does not digest.) Most schools teach this way and miseducate their victims – by design.

‘Sensei’ and ‘Rote’ (etymologic/morphologic analysis)

Starting with ‘Rote’, oddly enough in Nordic terms, Norwegian Nynorsk sees rote as rotating rot! Alternatives in Norwegian are in plural róta -and vrót, Proto-Germanic *wrōts, rót, In Swedish – literally “a breaking off, rupture,” from Vulgar Latin *rupta (“a dispersed group”), (literal and figurative sensesroot.

From Middle English rote (“custom, habit, wont, condition, state”), further origin unknown. Found in the Middle English phrase bi rote (“by heart, according to form, expertly”), c. 1300. Some have proposed a relationship either with Old French rote/rute (“route”), or Latin rota (“wheel”)

An old text pre-Anglo Saxon shows: [Volumnia to Corolianus] “Because that it lies you on to speak/ to th’ people, not by your own instruction,/ Nor by th’ matter which your heart prompts you,/ But with such words that are but roted in/ your tongue,…” Coriolanus III.ii.52-55

In modern usage:

  • Commonly found in the phrase “by rote” and in attributive use: “rote learning”, “rote memorization”, and so on.
  • Often used pejoratively in comparison with “deeper” learning that leads to “understanding”.

Sir Francis Bacon who penned Shakespeare gave us:

  1. Mechanical routine; a fixedhabitualrepetitive, or mechanical course of procedure. The pastoral scenes from those commercials don’t bear too much resemblance to the rote of daily life on a farm. He could perform by rote any of his roles in Shakespeare.

Above Proves ‘Rote’ is How We “Spin Things” Next- Sensei Learning

… a suffix attached to the name of a teacher (principally in translations from Japanese). In English it could be seen as “T” SHH HER, to be parsed later.

The Sensei can unspin things so he can have a good look at them and make wise work from his gathering of observations and engagements leading to a range of Intel to resolve any quandary. A rote learner spins things and winds them up. A sensei learner slows them down and unwinds them. You can combine these types of learning and we all do. — We are each Prime Limited Editions “Y”? (spells pley)

Sensei Has the symbols for “Sense I”. The ultimate learning experience for a Human.

Sensei is a Japanese word that has been (rōmaji, literally “Roman letters) converted to English over time. Borrowed from Japanese 先生 (せんせい sensei).

We see sensei as Sensing Yourself and becoming your own teacher or Sense I.

“RST” rote, sensei, teacher – RST is 17,18,19 = 54=9

What is Beyond Rote Words? Sensei Can Hear w/o Them

We always prep for the ‘big game’ by practice and utilizing motivating techniques. Busting out of the “Rat” mold the world makes for us is a Big Deal! The biggest deal. You are born with the ability to do so. The only requirement (re-wire-meant) is to apply your mind, body and wisdom.

In many circumstances, a steadfast and reliable guide is imperative as the world we live in is saturated with misdirections and lies. However, these guides are in our presence now as an act of Nature and Wisdom and you will find them when you apply yourself toward that desire.

If you believe words (rote learning required) are between you and what is beyond words (sense I learning) – then you will be taking action to remove any barriers of ignorance you have concerning words and language and rote learning. While you apply yourself toward sensei learning.

Careful study by many men and women has revealed the ‘tricks’ built into the Anglo-Saxon developed English language which is the most influential word game on Earth. The language has proven itself to be carefully arranged to exploit and guide unsuspecting minds. Leaving these secrets to the highly educated elite groups and institutions is the reason for the great divide between elite power holders and everyone else.

Our leanings toward irrational materialism is fueled by the insatiable material and power/domination desires of the elite groups. They are adept at exploiting our sensual natures to the point we have become ‘tunnel visioned’ toward sensual things and conflicts prepared for us by the very same elite groups who exploit us.

Each of our camps/groups and it’s individuals are on the same path: “To find a reason or purpose for our Life.”

The great divide has left the populous uneducated and helpless among the elite directors of society. Any single person can change this for themself and their loved ones. It is as simple as applying yourself to the idea that you own yourself and your body is a splendid example of self perpetuating Perfection.

You are the caretaker of your body, your mind and your ‘reason for Being Here’. It is your birthright and your obligation. No one owns you or your mind. You are the one making all your conclusions or judgments reached after your considerations.

Undoing all the word tricks bestowed on you by society, schools, media and the powers that be, must be your first priority to becoming free and “the best you can be” and to grant yourself “the best life possible” for you and yours.

Join our group for one year for $14.00 and you will receive the course, the newsletter subscription and free invitations to bi-monthly live discussions of words and their influences per the news and events of that last two weeks. You will also get full access to our private website of over 600 articles and thousands of images, pdf’s and entire downloaded but no longer active websites. Full access to our data bank on Google Cloud, holds over 200 GB. – regarding the secret influences of the world, behind the scenes, including false history, cataclysmic events in history, the bible story, science, numerology, esoterica and more.

The Prism
The Divide
Increase Words
Actions leave Trails
The Brain and Language
Parts of Words
Power to the Word
Repeat New Words
Movers and Shakers
Language Skill

Manage Notes
Advertising Schemes
Intro to course
Where to share links
19 resources for word cracker

The Prism (prison)

The prism is our prison – so to speak. It shows our eyes via light, the captivating outer electronia element which encases the Father-Son in the nucleonic format of Protono and Neutron. The three make up the atomic structure of light and matter or ‘matter’. Our eyes only see the pretty and enticing outer feminine electronia part.

Matter and light are only differentiated by the frequency speed. This can only be manipulated by thought. Wisdom is beyond and within all of this constructed reality. Even still, what we believe and focus on – is what appears in front of our lying eyes
so to speak – cool theory?

The Divide

English today is so widespread, most other languages now have borrowed words from English.

Why we study language to solve dilemmas.

Language has always been used by hierarchies to maintain their positions and keep the average person, well, average.

It is much more than their higher word count that provides the advantage. It is also the deeper meanings of the words and the “trick people” aspect hidden within the language.

All higher educated peoples avail themselves to this advantage but almost none know the language has been designed and geared to develop and set the stage for competition and disagreements amongst peoples.

Togetherness and harmony are presumed for language but in fact, we use it for competition and to score each other’s successes and fails. This activity leads to more hurtful language and then to hide our guilt, we employ mundane and deflective language to “shield our shame” from all the “scoring, valuing and devaluing” we have done toward others – other human beings.

One thing builds on another and we end up with very different morals and motivations leading to animosity filled views and opinions of each other. Once we divide from each other enough, we will all fall and have to get back up again. It is the way of unguided children.

Language skill, repairs that and heals wounds. It creates peace, harmony and togetherness. It defeats the elite and highly educated ‘monsters’ who uphold this arrangement.

Increase My Word Count! Improve my Abilities!

Advice on Increasing Word Count and Recall Ability/Improvement

When you see the word for the 1st time.
Start with reading or listening to the word in a context paragraph and answer a context question you made up.
Read the definition and memorize your favorite “quick memory” of it. Look up the word on Google and pick intriguing links or scan the results page.

When you see the word for the 3rd time.
Visualize it. See the parts of the word in your mind. Ask yourself what the root of the word is and meaning.
Check the related words. Seek synonym checkers online. Ask – How do they relate to the word being learned?

When you see the word for the 2nd time.
Read the definition and quick glance again.
Read the word ingredients. Pay special attention to roots since these occur frequently. Does the word relate to a word you already know? How does it relate to the word being studied?

If you are failing still, continue to repeat the process with more diligence and “get it done” attitude, each time – until done. Remember to build on your word knowledge one step at a time. You are improving your:

  • Work Life
  • Relationship Life
  • Self View Life
  • World View Life
  • Nature View Life
  • Spiritual Being Life

Actions Leave Trails and Make Patterns

Every thought you have, every word you write, speak or hear – has an effect and reaction from you and toward others. Thoughts lead to feelings, decisions and actions. Humans are walking feedback machines across many planes of action, thought, emotion, knowledge and motivations. We adjust and affect ourselves and each other moment by moment via thought and LANGUAGE!

The world is made of cyclical things which can be recognized by the pattern trails they leave. This knowledge of the cycles and patterns is called pattern recognition. When you recognize patterns, you can adjust to exploit them to your benefit.

Vocabulary knowledge and word consciousness provide critical thinking skill, comprehension and ability to read, write and speak on any level. Thus any ‘best’ relationship or monetary enterprise can be easily acquired.

When you already know words and context at the highest level – the words never trouble you nor can they exploit you. You are free to focus on important things you want such as your ideas, your audience (who listens to you), your groups, your mate, your purpose.

Unfortunately for the ignorant, the mass schooling and education system is designed to divide people between the haves and the have nots. This can be completely equalized and neutralized by proper study and use of the language.

The Brain and Language

Our brains it has been found, are regeneration and growth machines on top of all the functions it leads. Once your desires are met with your actions – the first to notice is your brain and it will immediately yield to your will/actions and begin restoring where needed and re-growing where needed to provide the mental brain cells you will need. Thus patience is virtuous. Balance restored.

Your brain – it has been proven in studies – will regenerate and birth new brain cells as needed and move brain cells from one area of the brain to another – —

ALL TO SATISFY YOUR EMOTIONAL WILL! Your will becomes your experience! Words will help you!

Power to the Word ‘Cracker’

A word ‘cracker’ is aware that words make thoughts, feelings and actions and are SUPER POWERFUL. You become conscious that knowing words more in quantity and in the deeper understanding of the ‘true nature’ / roots and meanings will set you into a loop of empowering yourself with higher knowledge, clarity and peace.

Your new calmness and understanding does not go unnoticed by your peers, the opposite sex, your superiors, in your writing and in the new ways you can speak and comprehend words and ideas. Making you all around attractive and desirable to others, more peaceful and more powerful.

The opposite is to disregard or ignore the deserved respect of the overwhelming importance of word intelligence and usage. You will read past the unknown words and allow yourself to blow in the wind with the masses of ignorant fodder for the elites who are happy to exploit you and relish in your anguish.

Repeat New Words to Self!

Each new word you learn needs to be exposed to you up to 12 times before it will “stick”. We are designed that way. All it takes from you is “getting off the chair” and applying yourself to get to know the words and develop “word consciousness”.

If you are not taking a serious class somewhere on words, at minimum, when exposed to a new word, keep a diary of them and reach out to google with that one word and peruse some text around the web history lanes. Make quick and efficient use of your high speed connections. Always find similar words (same categories/cpntext) to “know” word relationships as this empowers your word consciousness and knowledge tenfold.

The more you see and use a word in context(s) – the sooner your brain will robustly imprint it into your word database of words you have strong knowledge of. The sooner you build up your database, the sooner the money and mate requests will come pouring in as – people will be noticing you!

Movers and Shakers – Have Higher Word Counts

Who uses language the best for self-improvement and personal gain? People with high word counts in their regularly used vocabulary list.

  • People Who Demand Answers
  • Marketers/Advertisers
  • TV News and Programming
  • Education Institutions
  • Lawyers/Doctors/Engineers
  • Government and Lobbyists
  • Higher Educated Persons
  • Highly Initiated Persons (HIP)

Most in higher paying positions have better homes and mates. Most have gone through the higher education years also. And most are applying themselves in a major ways time wise and focus, ie, they are spending most of their awake energies toward getting and maintaining their position/income/status. They are all applying their abilities in language to maintain and improve their position in the workplace and the community.

Language Skill affords you the Lane Gage

Is is possible to have a best life possible without the immense and over burdening focus on materialism and status? Yes it is. Is there a shortcut to this language knowledge and ability to use and read words? Yes there is. We have the study courses here for instant download.

Languages are lane gages and have always had one purpose, to sort out unity and division:

  • Unity – language can bring parity, agreements and repair
  • Division – language can bring inequality, disagreements and destruction

in Ancient Greece, the numbers started at 3 (C) as 1 and 2 were reserved for the concepts of Unity and Division. Why are these two numbers kept out of the number system in Ancient Greece?

Unity and Division were considered the “format” so to speak, of Earth/Human Life. Language is our key to clarity on the more meaningful reasons for unity and division.

Our clearer understanding and use of words and language lead us to achievement and fulfillment in any endeavor. Better money, better mate, better life. Get started today.

Use this course for three main purposes, a better job, a better mate and to clearly understand what is happening to the world and yourself in these times.


How Membean works

Why reading just isn’t enough.
What goes into learning a word on Membean.
How our word pages provide students with rich and robust vocabulary instruction.
The careful consideration that goes into every piece of handcrafted content.
How our memory engine adapts to ensure long-term retention.

64% 8th graders read below grade level, meaning at age 14 the average student is failing at word comprehension and usage

trajectories and long lasting imprints are set early and determine future behavior and expectations

An intervention can awaken and remind the afflicted – what has happened to their progress in life

Knowledge toward to the rich as they get richer and away from the poor as they get poorer. More for the rich, less for the poor. One of the possibilities of words within a culture as is heir apparent.

Do we need perfection on all 450,000 English words? Of course not! Only 3% are used most of the time. The rest are infrequent but highly expressive. Membean promotes “word consciousness”

Encoding vs. Retrieval
Retrieving what you need from your brain is often a bigger problem than just learning what you need. Membean continually reshapes your memory to make information more retrievable by spending 80% of training time asking you nuanced questions of varying difficulty.

Blocked learning creates the illusion of mastery. In actuality, rapid gains lead to rapid forgetting. Alternatively, spaced practice – where learning a single concept is stretched over a longer period of time – leads to true mastery.

Linguist-Educator Exchange – Bowers+ — has image graph — Harper signup page

MiddleEnglish Dictionary
The world’s largest searchable database of Middle English lexicon and usage for the period 1100-1500. An invaluable resource for lexicographers, language scholars, and all scholars in medieval studie

All Acronyms

Thesaurus (has live search monitor)

WordSense is an English dictionary containing information about the meaning, the spelling, the pronunciation, translations and more.


From Middle English ethymologie, from Old French ethimologie, from Latin etymologia, from Ancient Greek ἐτυμολογία (etumología), from ἔτυμον (étumon, “true sense”) and -λογία (-logía, “study of”), from λόγος (lógos, “word; explanation”).

Is Lexercise therapy appropriate for an English language learner?

Other sources

Lexercise’s Structured Literacy (aka Orton-Gillingham) methodology connects the spoken, written and meaning elements of English words.

Decoding and spelling of English words is best taught using this kind of clear, sequential, and structured curriculum, but English language learners especially benefit from this approach as it begins with a clear differentiation of each English speech sound and its letter symbol(s). Lexercise’s Structured Literacy method also goes beyond decoding and spelling to include a deep understanding of each meaning unit in the word.
Jacques Derrida was an Algerian-born French philosopher best known for developing a form of semiotic analysis known as deconstruction, which he analyzed in numerous texts, and developed in the context of phenomenology. He is one of the major figures associated with post-structuralism and postmodern philosophy
describing telepathy and the phonetic alphabet ‘merging’ starting in 14th C

manage notes

on text paragraphs
Used in complete sentences.
simplest definition of the word
the parts and root of the word
seeing the parts and roots makes words simpler to recall and decode
find your new word used in images, videos or the news – this causes a mnemonic imprint in your mind to allow instant recall or use.
Look up the word constellation on bowers flash card to see a word broken down into parts to show various connections

word as theatre and method of inducement
Preparing for patterned recognition
constellations and halcyon multi platform learning
in context
examples in use
related words

word ingredients/parts/roots
variants in words

word ingredients

  • first vid is intro to initiative and the series with titles like
  • parsing of the words reveals them – that is etymology
  • however this does not change courtesy, respect or timing in conversation which needs to be re-learned.

initiative – to begin w power point screen cap vid of project conception and plan to save humanity w language skill teaching

  • youtube,
  • twitter,
  • tiktok,
  • twitchTV,
  • website,
  • discord,
  • quora,
  • wp/twitter/twitch-tv/youtube/tiktok/disqus based

Advertising Schemes and Memes and Keywords

Will You Claim Your Destiny?

Public project to reveal the divide between the educated elite and the general population via language trickery and the use of Neuro linguistics and deception motivated by and based on the desire for power and status quo.

There is 15,000 (trackable) years of non-resolution historical data to prove it.

To further reveal known and newly developed techniques to “beat the system” when reading, listening, viewing, speaking or writing. This also enables better interactions with all people and ideas.

Providing peace, togetherness and positive progression amongst all people.


Increase your word count. Become a better reader, writer, listener and speaker. Get anything you want.
Use your new intelligence in words for:
Better Job! (more money)
Better Dates! (best relationships)
More Peace (freedom from anxiety)
More Answers (all your questions resolved)

word-S-kill Wordplayer – Words-killer

learn happiness and responsibility thru re-education of language – the right way, with no anymosity toward others and none received either.

“Every word carries a secret inside itself; it’s called etymology. It is the DNA of a word.” — Mary Ruefle, Madness, Rack & Honey

“Etymology” derives from the Greek word etumos, meaning “true.” The practice of etymology is uncovering the truth by tracing the root of a word. If you’re interested in language, it can be quite exhilarating. Like being a linguistic detective.

The English language is strange at the best of times, it being a historical cocktail of Germanic and Latinate influences. Never is this more apparent than when we trace the origins of words.

Can Language Heal marriage
boss/employee relationship
co worker relationships

Can language get you a list of girls who want you
Can language get you a list of boys who want you

Can language get you a large bank account

Can language get you relief from depression/anxiety

Can language get you all the friends you want

“… a picture is worth 1,000 words. A picture of a word equals peace, power and prosperity. Problem solved.”

Come here to learn tricks you can use and what to avoid when using, thinking, hearing, reading, writing or speaking language. These techniques and knowledge will relieve you of all anxieties and empower all your relationships with self, nature and people.

Phrases to spark interest

AI Assault the Infrastructure –
Own the Language and the Skills to get the most money and the best mate.
“is it legal to personally own the language?”
If I take apart the language will I forget how to read, write and speak?


Magic Etymology – Healing Initiative (HI-ME!)

Language has been used for centuries to “dis-associate” the average person from knowing their greater powers in this Life and their Purpose. It is done for purposes of control. Any single person can relieve themself from this and have “the Best Life Possible”.

This course on ‘decoding words and language’ will single handily reveal all the dirty tricks language is doing to you right now to spoil your income and choice of friends and mates. And to spoil your awareness of your greater powers and purpose. The educated elite at many levels of understanding, hold themselves above the commonly educated Man/Woman. They literally enjoy, being “on top”.

The letters are actually shapes. All shapes have energetic influence when gazed upon by the Human Thinking machine. We see them, process them and then we “feel” the energy of the shape. This happens millions and millions of times per year of a lifetime and we are conditioned hard and early from birth to accept and conform to this arrangement ( Arrangement is saying – “A range of mentality”)

Overall, most people conform to what they see and feel that others in their close groups are doing, regardless of the outcomes. We are somehow pre-set to accept following along. However, any single person can decide how much they want their life to be following others or their own Energy, Mind, Spirit and Impetus/Origins.

Your overall word count and word knowledge – defines you and your position in the world but more importantly, how you see yourself and your purpose in this Life.

The language you are using courses through your thoughts, feelings, decisions and actions. As you know your words and clarity in language and as you increase your ability within it in speaking, writing and reading/listening – you become the Star of this Life you intended. You gain clear control of your Destiny and Contentment.

Healing Initiative – Magic Etymology

Project Initiative to “better the world through parts of words learning” ie Etymologic study – linguistics and neuro linguistics”

A public project to reveal language trickery. Neuro linguistics and deception based lexicography techniques have been employed to exploit the common man for many 1,000s of years. It is an old an established game to keep the masses ignorant of the revelations and simplicity in language and instead keep them focused on the confusing and concealing nature of a developed by tyrants, language.

teaching, scientific and historical etymology
how dictionaries function
events that changed words and spelling
orthographic evolution
history and dynamics in history of letters
delineations of spoken vs written
detail of relationships between phonetics, etymology and morphology


Uncover all the tricks the world leader dominated / mainstream education and media are utilizing to have a few at the top of riches and the rest of the people as only merchandise.

It is legal and beneficial to claim ownership of the language – after you have taken it apart to reveal it’s various hidden meanings and influences. You will actually become a much better reader, writer and speaker entitling you to the most riches and best relationships. Owning the language is invaluable.

Intro to course

Over decades, conversation and lifestyles have become fast paced and lazy leading to a general disrespect in conversation – which has led to a general malaise across enterprises, families, neighborhoods and populations.

Etymology (Gr. etymon “truth” + Gr. logos “learning”) is a branch of linguistics that studies the origin and history of words tracing them to their earliest determinable source.

Topics of study in these courses:
Orthographic teaching
Philology, Phonology, Phylogeny
lines, curves, serifs influence
Purposeful deception via neuro linguistics and lexicography, the
lexical word matrix and word sum, the central analytical tools of Structured Word Inquiry
3 suffix addition patterns of English

Part One – Meaning of etymology.

Etym in Greek meant “truth” but in actuallity the spelling reveals it means “energized time”. Ology is “the study of”.
It is widely considered a branch of language study (linguistics) of the origins, history, development and tracability to the earliest reference. So, two deinitions for etymology.
The study of the history and origin of words.
The study of the eternal connection to time and decptive directing toward the Life/Rebirth Cycles.
Or the study of Man/Spirit within a world energized by words (thought). Such is etymology!

English is the most prevalent, most powerful and most influential language in use today. Most Americans know half or more LESS English words than their counterparts of different Mother tongues. All English words through study are determined to be either Native or Borrowed words.

A native word originates from the original English word stock, getermined from the earliest manuscripts of the Old English period. A borrowed word is taken over from another language and modified in phonetics, shape, spelling, overall meaning or paradigm according to the standards in English language.

Part Two – before English:
Before English, most peoples are European speaking and developed from Proto-Indo-European roots or PIE. Then we have it’s development into the Germanic languages up until today with English now dominant everywhere. Many words across different languages can be tied to the earliest known lnaguage of PIE such as:

P I E – Origin Words
• Family relations: father, mother, brother, son, daughter
• Parts of the human body: foot, nose, lip, heart, tooth
• Animals and plants: cow, swine, goose, tree, birch, corn
• The most important objects and phenomena of nature: sun, moon, star, wind, water, wood, hill, stone
• Adjectives: hard, quick, slow, red, white, new
• Numerals from 1 to 100: one, two, twenty, eighty
• Pronouns – personal, except they (Sc.): I, you, he; demonstrative : that; interrogative: who
• Some of the most frequent verbs: bear, do, be, sit, stand

Germanic Origin Words
• Nouns denoting parts of the human body: head, arm, finger
• Periods of time: summer, winter, time, week
• Natural phenomena: storm, rain, flood, ice, ground, sea, earth • Artefacts and materials: bridge, house, shop, room, coal, iron, lead, cloth
• Animals, plants and birds: sheep, horse, fox, crow, oak, grass • Adjectives denoting colours, size and other properties: broad, dead, deaf, deep, grey, blue
• Verbs: see, hear, speak, tell, say, make, give

Part Three – The Christ Era(s):
A huge event around year zero was the advent of the idea of “Christ Within” put forth by Ieosus aka Jesus Christ. The following ideas have been promoted since then in many variations:

“The essence of being a Christian is not to know about Christ but to be another Christ : “Me in Christ” or “Christ Within”, in Your Own Mystical Body, in Your Church, and the “Christ is in me”, by actions, evidence, by grace, freely, and example, I no longer live, but Christ/All lives and is recognized within.”

“(Ga.2:20… John 15)… to live on earth the glorious adventure of a Christian with Christ within, doing wonderful works, and to conclude in eternal Nothingness with All. … (adapted):

Part Four – The Borrowed Word World

In History Books
• The Roman invasion (1st c. B.C.),
• The introduction of Christianity (7th c. A.D.),
• The Danish conquests (11th – 13th c. A.D.),
• The Norman conquest (1066 A.D.),
• The Renaissance period (14th – 16th c. A.D.),
• Direct linguistic contacts and political, economical and cultural relationship with other nations.

Language “Periods”
• Celtic: 5th – 6th A. D.
• Latin: 1st layer: 1st c. B. C.
• 2nd layer: 7th c. A. D. (the introduction of Christianity)
• 3rd layer: 14th – 16th c. (the Renaissance period)
• Scandinavian: 8th – 11th c. A. D.
• French: Norman borrowings: 11th – 13th A. D. Parisian borrowings: the Renaissance period
• Greek: the Renaissance period
• Italian: the Renaissance period and later
• Spanish: the Renaissance period and later
• Russian: the Renaissance period and later • German, Indian and other languages

So we can see the most “damage” or influence happens in the Renaissance period.

Shortcuts in the Dictionary- Using Corral as an example:
[SP< corro, a circle, ring<L currus, cart< currere, to run]
• This means that corral comes from a Spanish word, corro, meaning “a circle or ring.”
• The Spanish word came from a Latin word, ‘currus’, meaning “cart,” which in turn comes from the Latin word currere, meaning “to run.”
• SP = Abbreviation for Spanish • < = “comes from”
Dictionaries contain a guide in the front that shows all language abbreviations and other symbols.

Some “P” words:
• phil loving philosophy, philanthropy
• phob fear phobia, claustrophobia
• phon sound phonic, phonetics
• plic fold, bend complicate, implicate
• pon, pos place, put component, position
• port carry, bring import, transport

SERV words:
• serv keep conservation, preserve
• sist place, stand assist, resistance
• solv, solu loosen dissolve, absolution
• somn sleep insomnia, somnambulist
• soph wisdom sophisticated, philosophy
• spec, spect, look, appear inspect, specimen spic

Parts of Words

Uncovering the parts of words makes every word less emotional and more analytical. When we see the building blocks in words, it reveals where and when they are being exploited. Leading one to have more peace and time to do the things they really want from life.

Also leads one promptly from mundaneness to Enthusiastic Purpose.

Once the picture diagrams of words are taken into the mind, one will remember them when using language. A general calmness and power will grow within the person using this technique.

Further study reveals techniques and validations to use language to gain any item, relationship or knowledge desired. The language is so intricated into our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical life that it affects every moment of our life and happiness.

Nothing will serve us better than to know the secrets in language that all the media, governments and upper level bosses and executives are using – against us and for their own gain. Our leaders, media and bosses are not born bad, rather they were born pure, the same as youa and I.

They are a result of the same thing all peoples are: the accumulation of our thoughts, emotions and actions/decisions – one thing building on another. Evolution. You or I in the same circumstances as they would be in the same place. From our lower position – we can equalize the field – by learning the language and how to see, hear and use it.

What is morphology? • the study of the structure and content of word forms • the part of linguistic that deals with the study of words, their internal structure. • It is also interested in how the users of a given language understand complex words and invent new lexical items. • It is the subdiscipline of grammar.

What is lexicon? • A collection of linguistic knowledge that cannot be captured by rules • The collection of words–the internalized dictionary–that every speaker of the language has. • An understanding of the rules that govern the formation of words • Similarities and differences in the behavior of words • The function of words

Morphemes might have different meanings, functions and morphological standing. • Although morpheme and syllable boundaries of a word may sometimes overlap, lack of correspondence between these boundaries is common. • A single morpheme may be composed of more than one syllable. • A single syllable may include more than one morpheme.


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KevNotes —- no domain —– searched site, can grab a history of a mathematician from their site or the search page – not good link – retired 2015, see nins notes for her summary and docs stuff that is good – retired 2017, see nins notes….same as above

The word ‘shibboleth’. An English word. It isfrom Hebrew. Entering English from the Bible. Originally, it was a word used by the Gileadites to detect their enemies, the Ephraimites, because the Ephraimites could not pronounce it properly.

Shibboleth came to mean, in English, any word that had an unusual pronunciation that outsiders did not know. Such words were used to identify and exclude the outsiders. Shibboleth came to English in the 14th century.

In our modern societies, many groups practice their inner circle dialect with shibboleth in order to detect outsiders and as such, keep their group exclusive and “above others”. Especially in the legal, medica, science, education and government realms.

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I am with you. I observe matter itself speeding up and becoming light and speeding up and becoming invisible and slowing down and becoming light and then matter. How is this possible? Thought. How are thoughts controlled? Ask me.

I promise you, hierarchies are a construct in the world, religion and science. There in actuallity – no hierarchies. There is one thing – pure wisdom, still, no light, imperceptible to our outer senses. Easily uncovered with observation, logic and detective work.

What we see as the highest triune feminine godhead under the I Am creator is in fact fake. It is the atomic structure viewable with light and our eyes as either invisible light, visible light or matter depending on the frequency rate of the though applied. See bewitched and Star Trek and ancient histories.

Behind our thought is our misunderstanding of the stomic structure of repetition we are in and its Father/Son proton/neutron format that is completely encased by the feminine electron element which traverses the entire outside of the nucleus at all times blocking our view and we only see the captivating, leading and tricky feminine aspect.

I respect anyone who claims to want control of their thoughts and is actively working on it. Anything is better than letting monsters control your premature death, endless conflict and never a resolution to your existence. Why. It is behind the thoughts.

I lucid dream at will daily and refer to my wisdom still awareness state throughout the day and am constantly allowing loyalty and awareness of it.

but is the format of matter have a built in deception


emotions are linked to thoughts and make decisions and outcomes

we can become sensual nature based and with that materialistically leaning, which causes a bigger blinding of our origins of Wisdom and no movement or comparing. Total awareness.
The “Ram in Thicket” of Genesis 22

jump the line
you get a fine
you can whign
or you can walk the line

find the time not the sublime
your mind is made to be mined
not minded too long or you will get it wrong
find the time not the sublime
the location where you hear the chime

the chime and the chimes
of your time and the times
telling you and your mates
about us and their fates

two of us begin and end equal parts
balance we promise at the starts
we make all the dates
and see all the states

still we stare at our plate
and we wander in our bubble

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