The Spiral World is Our Days of Reckoning

The Spiral World is Our Days of Reckoning …… The Spiraling World – is it the Multi Verse

We are meant by design, to meet our original self-partner and our true state of being “Immortal Creation Mappers”. It is the ultimate job for an Immortal. Welcome to your Destiny. All is Well.

The Spiraling World – is it the Multi Verse

Alice in Wonderland Cards illustrating famous novel by Lewis Carroll, including Queen of Hearts, white roses painted red, Rabbit’s pocket watch, book title page and keyhole wall

William James is quite sure we have misnamed the multiverse the universe. Either way, it is huge and varied to the point there is no point? One has to wonder what is the point of the Myriad? We have found all answers and repayments go through the Heart. All of our Art is coming from the Heart. When we ignore this, our Art is distasteful. And our debt grows. As all things that move do, there will be a critical point.

Our great authors will find we are in two worlds at once and are destined to choose one. Our immortal selves, live with us in our Heart and power our Mortal Life. We are meant by design, to meet our original self-partner and our true state of being “Immortal Creation Mappers”. It is the ultimate job for an Immortal. Welcome to your Destiny. All is Well.

We find a myriad of ways and textures to deflect out attention from our position as a people and as unique individual persons, who are working off a long standing and mostly forgotten debt. As we take on more debt, we take on more knowledge of our debt we have forgotten. At a critical point, which cannot be avoided, our knowledge of our debt causing actions will be overtaken by our clarity of just that.

From Walking with Alice – a conversation, a book by Ron Horgan 2.5.2022

…restless matter and matching anti-matter….

“Wonderland is the mother of the Universe, the place where anything is possible because time and matter and radiation does not exist” (Mr Horgan is noticing here the place of Wonder existing within each Human Being. A place to access through contemplation. In the quiet, the subtle instructions can be heard and understood.)

More from Ron Horgan’s book: “Wonderland is and eternal game of “hide and seek”: a restless resting state, pregnant with possibilities as the vacuum energy of space bubbles with restless matter and matching anti-matter which cancel each other almost instantly. But once upon a time, someone had too much red cordial, and the precise balance went astray.”

(From this post’s author: It is funny using the word astray here as the familiar line – “ashes to ashes” and the term ashtray both come to mind. Our Mortality world is in the same location as the Immortal world. The world is a small piece of who we are. In actuality, Eternity is our Name and Eternity is our game. The world is a destination, a place to see destiny. A proving ground and a place of reckoning – at once.)

We find these two energetic opposites of Life and Life Force when meeting blend into a Spiral Nature. It has manifested all of our Life forms into unique spiraling units of Life. Whatever IT is, it is partly responsible for our state of existence as our actions seem to match. Our biology is always on the move. When we find quiet time to contemplate, we hear and see many subtleties that are normally drowned out from our busy and loud lifestyles. Slowing down and going for less – brings one more.

All of biology is spiraling energetically from a mysterious Life Energy Force. It is always moving whether it is alive or dead. Inanimate objects can be measured to have unique energetic signatures. The spirals can be seen everywhere, even amongst ideas and emotions. Even outcomes take on a spiraled effect.

There is a Duality of Opposing energetic life providing forces that are at play within Unique You and the Earth and these Perfectly powered and designed energies are what keep the spirals moving. In Asia it became known as Jing and Jang. These two when merged spell I A G. I A G is the fourth energy or the baseline Force behind and powering everything.

The language is so funny how it develops the same way as everything in Nature. Partly from Man’s influence and mostly from Nature’s influence. The sounds and letters we make and use are made to keep us confused and in the world AND to completely release us from it and award us the treasure we came for. Below is a snippet from a recent search of words in the language.

Everyday we parse and decode the letters, words and sounds we make to each other in our effort to know each other and ourselves more until we discover and uncover what IT and MORE ultimately mean to each of us. More in the next blog – …how to fulfill your repayment in the world of reckoning…

  • Spark
  • Special
  • Speaker
  • Spin
  • Spoon
  • Spill
  • Spot
  • Spurn
  • Spa
  • Space
  • Spectrophotometrically – 43 letters
  • specializations 15
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