Can Bawa Give Me A Special Prayer To Say?

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A conversation of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen with small children compiled in the book Why Can’t I See the Angels?

Questioner (7 years old): Can Bawa give me a special prayer to say?

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen: We cannot give you a high prayer at this time because you are still a child. You still have much to learn. You have to start slowly, and along the way you will go higher.

  • The first prayer is: 
  • La ilaha illallah, Muhammadur-Rasulullah. Write this sentence for him. (Take Muhaiyaddeen and say it word by word slowly so the child can pronounce it.) Take this as your special prayer.
  • La ilaha inner meaning: There is nothing that is not You. 
  • Illallah inner meaning: You, God. There is no god that is equal to You or equal to You. You are the owner of all greatness. You are the only God. You are the self-sufficient God. You are the God who created all creation. You are the God who provides sustenance to all things. You are the Father* who protects all living things, Allah who created all things, guards all things, and preserves all things. You are the God who makes the living dead and you are the God who raises the dead again. You are the God who will ask questions tomorrow [on the Day of Judgment] about the good and the bad that we have done. You are Allah who will give judgment on the Day of Judgment. You are God; there is no god but you.
  • Illallah. You are God. Muhammadur-Rasulullah, Muhammad (SAL.) is Your messenger. He is an apostle of Your kingdom. He is the messenger for the whole kingdom of Your grace. You created him, the Apostle (SAL.) through your wisdom, you sent down your wisdom through his form. An Apostle (SAL.) is a form of Your wisdom and is a light for faith, for trust, confidence and determination. For those who have faith in You, for those who have faith, an Apostle (SAL.) is present as a light. Through that light, he guides us to know You and see You. Muhammad, a Messenger (SAL.), is Your slave, Your messenger, Your Wisdom, and Your greatness.
  • La ilaha illallah, Muhammadur-Rasulullah.I follow and believe in the Apostles (messengers) that You have brought. I accept this truth as faith and this truth as holiness, as I receive You, I receive Your messenger, and I move towards You.
  • Give a copy of the explanation of this sentence to this child. There are many explanations of this sentence. There are so many meanings in it, but this is only one part of the explanation for your faith, your belief, your conviction, and your determination. Amen.

As we know that the meaning of 

“La ilaha illallah” is “There is no god but Allah”. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen explained with an inner meaning because at that time he was explaining it to Americans who were completely blind to Arabic. Furthermore, the deeper meaning of 

“La ilaha illallah” according to Bawa Muhaiyaddeen is “There is no reality outside the Supreme Reality”.*”Father”. When we imagine a father, what do we imagine? Maybe you will imagine a figure who raises us, takes care of us, guides us, loves us, loves us, etc. Sufis often use metaphors to describe a “taste”. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen uses the word “Father” instead of “God” so that the “feel” above arises in our hearts when we remember God. It is further clear that QS. 112:3 “(God) Begets neither begotten nor begotten”. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen often describes God’s love for holy souls like a father’s love for his child, and besides that every human soul comes directly from Allah Ta’ala.*********

Article source & translated by Dimas Tandayu

Bawa on Business/Commerce

My beloved brothers and sisters, this post is about business. Maybe all this time we think that someone who seeks God must forget his worldly life, or someone who is on a spiritual path must sacrifice his worldly life. Perhaps a person seeking the truth should go to the mountains to be imprisoned, or go into seclusion from the life of the world. There are some who do like that, but real humans are those who serve humans and live normal lives as ordinary people. They work, have families, live like ordinary people. The difference is that even though they are busy at work, their hearts don’t forget God for a second. Their hearts continue to remembrance (remembrance of God) in every activity. In the end, all their worldly activities are dedicated to God.

Many holy humans live normal lives as ordinary humans. The clearest example is the Prophet Muhammad SAW. He is a professional trader and is known for his honesty. The Arab community bestowed the title al-Amin (the Trusted) to him for all his highly commendable attitudes. The saints (beloved of Allah) also many who support themselves by trading. Farid al-Din Attar was a Persian Sufi who traded perfumes, Hasan al-Basri who was also a Sufi was a gemstone trader, while Sheikh Bawa Muhaiyaddeen himself lived like an ordinary human being, he had been a hairdresser, had been a bakery shopkeeper, he also had a rice field which he worked with his sweat and his own efforts.

Sheikh Bawa related that when he worked the rice fields, he built them with the aim of dedicating the produce to other people. He built his fields with hard work day and night, planted the rice, irrigated it, made the irrigation, made a fence around his rice field, all the results he dedicated to the poor people. Every time while working, in his heart he never thinks that the results of his rice fields are for himself, what is in his mind is his life is for others, not for himself as Sheikh Bawa Muhaiyaddeen said “Do it everything selflessly” do everything without being selfish .Now let’s sit down. For a moment, forget all the words above. Let’s calm our hearts so that we can take useful knowledge from the lecture that will be delivered by Bawa Muhaiyaddeen below.

Bismillahirrohmanirrohim , In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Bawa on Darkness and Indifference

My sons and daughters, may God protect you. May He always protect you and guide you with His mercy. He is the only protector we can depend on. May He take you and give you peace both in this world and in the hereafter.

My sons and daughters, you exist as love in my love, heart in my heart. Because of your patience and sincere intentions, God will always protect and guide you to the straight path. Because of your good qualities, compassion and concern in your heart for others, God will help your patience and good qualities to grow and remove darkness and dullness from your life. Don’t worry, you are in God’s hands.

This is a point that must be considered and kept in mind. When rainwater collects and there will be danger from flooding, what we need is a dam to contain the water. We choose to stop the water flow or divert it. Likewise, when childish thoughts flood our minds and wisdom with the murky waters of doubt and indifference(1), what we need is a reservoir of perfect wisdom and faith. We have to choose whether to divert the murky thoughts flowing into the sea of ​​illusion(2) or contain the murky water with a strong dam to drain it into the lake. If the dam of perfect faith and wisdom could be built, the dirt would settle to the bottom of the lake.

This murky water of indifference that overwhelms your mind and wisdom arises from some who can be called friends who are not good for you. These friends are the seven levels of desire, or nafs (3), which create desires in this world. They originate from the five elements, from earth, air, fire, water and ether, together with thought and desire. They always try to pull down human wisdom and wrap it in mud. However, there is an unstable relationship that will one day break up. This body will one day die and decompose back into the five elements that made it up.

Through God’s grace and protection, you will be able to get out of the flooded mire of thoughts if you cultivate faith and wisdom. You must cultivate faith that God is the only one and behave according to God’s actions, attributes and intentions. You have to connect yourself with people who have wisdom. This will be a friend who will purify your life, who can show you God’s Love and give you peace. What is most needed in our lives are perfect faith stability, wisdom, and God’s loving qualities.

My sons and daughters, when a venomous snake bites us, we cannot see the level of venom it emits, it can even cause immediate death. Similarly, it only takes a very small amount of indifference to kill the truth and wisdom that resides within you and to destroy your faith. At least you should think about this. If you don’t take this point into account, the mind will wander and pull your wisdom down.
Some human minds move around with a prejudice, “Business hurts people. Businesses take other people’s money and exploit them. I don’t want to be like that, so how can I become a businessman?” What they don’t realize is that everything in the world does business naturally. Farmers do business, preachers and other religious leaders do business. Doctors collect fees from patients, don’t they? Show me who in the world doesn’t do business. 

As long as we need clothing, food, and shelter, we have to do various forms of business.
Only people who are far from wise and clever try to harm and exploit others while doing business. Those who have wisdom can provide for themselves and their families by using the wisdom and attributes of God. They can control and get out of the devil’s trap in the world.
Never think about giving up on learning to do business. 

This lesson will be beneficial for you and your life. Humans who can live in this world without letting the world live within themselves are the smartest. It’s easy to make huge profits by cheating on customers, or by cutting employees’ salaries in half and by hiring them for twice as long, essentially enslaving them. It is very easy. A wise man, however, will look for ways to provide what business owners want, what employees want, values ​​fairness to customers, and even himself by providing what he needs for his body and mind.

If no one did business, no one would have food, shelter, or the necessities of life. If business can be done with love, justice, wisdom, and ingenuity, having faith in God alone and not trusting in the world, then the business will lead to success both in this world and in the hereafter. This is the way you should do business, and it will be of great benefit to mankind.

You have to learn how to run a business well. Be first and foremost in your line of business, and then do it with love and justice. If you do this it will benefit you and all mankind. Do not be lazy. Study hard. To run a business fairly you must know more than those who study only to satisfy greed and lust for power, sex, possessions and status. You must make your intellect twice as sharp as theirs, so that you can control them and prevent them from harming themselves and others.

You must surrender all responsibility to God and then do your duty. With wisdom, love, justice, and finally strengthened by intelligence, do good business. Do not be lazy. Someone who behaves like this in his business activities will be known as an extraordinary businessman. He will become a holy man for this world.

Never think that a business led by wisdom will hurt others. You must learn about business, and you must also learn about God, His attributes, and His acts of love. Do your study diligently and also do your duty to God. This will be very good. You have to give both, do your job with your best effort and leave the responsibility to God alone. Then everything will go well.

My sons and daughters, jewels of my heart, you are present as love in my love and live in my life. May Allah grant you wisdom and provide the best for you in this world and in the hereafter. May He grant you steadfast faith, holiness, His loving Attributes, intentions, actions, and obligations, and protect, protect you, your family and your relatives forever. May He provide you with perfect human wisdom. Give my love and peace to everyone. May God Almighty protect and protect us all. Amen.

Bawa on Destiny

MY dear children, actually what we do, what we do, that is what produces our destiny (Al-Qada’ wal Qadar). The pen is in our own hands, and we ourselves write the evidence that will be taken into consideration on the day of judgment. The final decision will be made based on our writing. Allah will read it and say, “This is your destiny (fate). We will make it your destiny.”

In certain circumstances, when we feel it is so hard to get rid of certain things, and when we feel that it is beyond our control, we will say, “This is my destiny.” If someone was sick, we would try all kinds of treatment on him, and when that didn’t work we would say, “This must be fate.”
Actually God was like that when he gave his final verdict, when He said “That’s his fate.”. He has given everything to us. He has passed down to us ninety-nine of His attributes, and only one of which He keeps for Himself. He said, “I have given everything to humans, but people do not understand and instead come to Me carrying the burdens of hell. Then that’s what I will make as his fate.” Then He will say again, “Come back with all that you brought to Me. It will be yours.”

We ourselves create hell or heaven for us. Whatever of ourselves we grow will be ours, and the result in the form of profit or disaster, we are the ones who work on it. Should we take hell piece by piece, then try to destroy it? Not. Push it all out of your way, and keep going. There’s no need for us to try to destroy it, just keep going. If a dog comes trying to bite us, we dodge and move on. Why do we stop and bite the dog back?
Just like that, if a demon is following us, tell him to leave, and keep going. Don’t waste time with him. He would only scream for a moment, but then he would leave. Sin will follow us for a while, but if we don’t look back, it will go away. They will say, “This is not our place,” and then leave. There will be many things that follow us during a certain time. If we look back and smile widely and then become happy because of their arrival, then they will continue to annoy us. But if we ignore them, they will walk away saying, “Failed. This human beat me. I can’t enter it.”
Just as prostitutes dance to catch a man’s eye, this is how they steal our attention. They dress up, dance, and catch our attention. But if we immediately turn away, if we have faith, belief and determination in the One God and keep going, they will not come near us. They will keep their distance. Still, they will follow us for a while, but then they will leave us.

They are only attracted to thoughts and certain bad qualities in us. If at some point they try to attach themselves to our bad qualities, then throw them away and move on, then they will not be able to influence us. They will promise everything: gold, silver, women, palaces, and so on. They will tease, “Look at this! Look at that!” But if you ignore it, they’ll say, “There’s nothing we can do about people like this.”

If you welcome them, smile and hug them, and feel happy about it, then they will continue to attach themselves to us. But if we drive them away, they will go away. If a dog is going to bite us, keep walking. We don’t need to stop trying to bite him back, because he will actually bite us. If we try to scare him, he will bite us. If we take a stick or stone, it will bite us too. Therefore, we must stand still and say to him, “Hey dog, why do you keep following me? I never hurt you. Go, and do what is your duty!” Then the dog will leave and we can keep going.
We have to do the same every time something catches us. Say, “No, I wouldn’t be interested. There’s no point in you following me,” and walked on. There’s no need to be afraid. If we look at them without fear and say, “Go,” then they will go.

My children, it is we ourselves who prepare heaven or hell for us in the future. Our destiny is written by our own hands, and later we will give it to God, and only then will He judge it and give the final verdict. He gave us ninety-nine traits, and said “This is your destiny. Go and do what you have to do with these ninety-nine qualities, then come back. If by this you accumulate goodness, then you seek heaven. But if it’s evil you amass, then you seek hell. Whatever you bring back later, it will be the basis of your final decision. I myself will make that decision to complete your destiny. I leave the final decision in your hands (Al qada’ wal qadar). Go, complete your destiny, and come back. The final result you get will be your qadha and qadar.”

If we don’t realize this, and instead prepare hell for ourselves, then He won’t prepare heaven either. He never said, “Whatever I give you is your destiny!” He will always change your destiny based on your intentions and actions. Whenever you ask for forgiveness, He will forgive you right away. Every time you regret and your self-understanding increases, He will forgive you. As your need for Him increases gradually, He will continue to bestow upon you these kinds of things. If He had predestined for you, surely He would not have continued to forgive like this. He has given you the ability to repent,and He has given you His forgiveness. Since He has given you both the guilt and the remedy, then surely He will forgive you whenever you ask for it.

Furthermore, if your destiny is predetermined, then you will not be ordered to ask. The ability to ask and beg has been specially prepared for you, so there is no such thing as ‘predestined’. Especially for humans, God has prepared His ability to repent, try, and forgive. Through this all you can achieve victory. You can’t say, “Everything’s been written down, there’s nothing more I can do.” You have to try. He has given you ninety-nine of His attributes.

Ask, and He will forgive. Expect and He will provide. Ask and hope, He will forgive and give. If you knock, surely He will open. Ask, it will be given. He definitely delivers. God said, “I will forgive. Ask for forgiveness, ask, and I will give you what you ask for.” If He had written your destiny before, then He would not have given it.

God will wait, wait until you are laid in the grave. He waited until the Day of Judgment came, and on that day only He had the right to ask questions. And it is you yourself who come to Him bringing good or evil. If He had written down all the results, then there would be no use for you to be ordered to accumulate good deeds. Why else would He be there, have to give judgment? He’s there because He has something to consider, He’s waiting to see what you bring. If if he had pre-determined hell for you, why would he command the two angels on your right and left to keep a record of your actions? Understand that as long as there are things that have not been written,

Allah sent down 124,000 Apostles. If He had ordained from the beginning, why did He send 124,000 apostles? Why were they all sent? For who? What’s the goal? If everything has been determined only based on His will, and everything has to happen as willed, then there is no use for all the Messengers to be sent down. There is no reason to change anything.

Allah has created a pair of ‘ khairr and sharr ‘, good and bad. He has also created ‘Al-Qada’ wal Qadar’. But He created all of them in such a way that whatever happens is the result of human action. He gave humans the ability to change anything that is not good. Whatever destiny that man will get, is the result of his intentions, words, and actions. That’s what God has said. Those are God’s words.

The Qur’an does mention destiny, but simply quoting the words of the Qur’an is actually not enough. There are people who are able to memorize the 6,666 verses, but just memorizing will not do anything good. Every letter in the Quran has a secret in it. God’s truth is in every letter, as a secret within a secret, and we must open each secret one by one, then we will understand. But it is impossible to fully understand the contents of the Qur’an. Until whenever, no matter what changes that occur in this world, the Qur’an will always be there, as well as the secrets in it. And within that secret, there is yet another secret.

The Qur’an contains the laws and words of God. The seasons may change, the world may change, but God and His words will not change. Depending on the state of the world at that time, the words of the Qur’an will continue to adapt itself for that time. Thus, whenever a person opens the Qur’an, no matter what time of day he is in, he will be able to get the answers he needs. He will find the secret explanation he needs. Depending on the level in which one is in when one opens the Qur’an, one will find the Qadha wal Qadar that is most suitable for his condition, as well as all his destiny and destiny.

Article taken & translated from Herry Mardian’s website “Suluk”

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