24/7 Support to: RECLAIM Your Body Health

24/7 Support to: RECLAIM Your Body Health

We are here for you 24/7 as examples of the correct way to live a complete natural Life – free of pain and disease and you will be COMPLETELY HAPPY in every way.

We are here for you 24/7

24/7 Support to: RECLAIM Your Body Health

We are here for you 24/7 as examples of the correct way to live a complete natural Life – free of pain and disease and you will be COMPLETELY HAPPY in every way. Tons of resources and knowledge, please learn to own and operate your Natural Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit.

Are Corporations Leading Me?

Yes, we have allowed the corporations and their messages and products to take a front seat in our thinking and actions. And thereby, our outcomes.

We are in a crisis. We innocent people of the masses are allowing crimes to be perpetuated on us to the point – it appears we are begging for it. We are not. When the foods offered to us (by the corporate food industry) have not completely destroyed us – the ignorant (college/university educated and approved) medical community takes over and painfully and offensively, finishes us off with pain and misery. A veritable corporate/medical tyranny.

Most people do not realize their food habit has turned them into an alcoholic as the foods we are sold turn into alcohol in our digestive tracts and we inadvertently become alcoholics/addicts.

SAD/MAD Standard/Modern American Diet

Most Western diet human bodies are covered with lesions and warts under their skin where pockets of poison have condensed. A campaign should be instituted to recover and reclaim your natural health and say NO to the corporations who are devaluing you and ending your life early. Making a claim to your own body and ending the psychological attack by media stars is the first step to your new life and happiness.

Balance is Key. We as a culture have lowered our insights into the mechanics of our bodies. We have traded balance for excitement/dullness. We as a group have validated each other into bad behavior that harms our bodies, families, groups and societies. Is it time to Re-Educate Ourselves? Shall we end the struggle and self inflicted harm?

OK, balance is Key. I do not even know what to balance?? Look around you – everything has a polar opposite, yes? Do opposites require conflict? NO! Can opposites ’empower’ each other? YES! Can opposites both have Peace and Production? YES!

A comment on Dr Morse web

Alkaline/Acid – Me/You – Anode/Cathode – duality and opposition are one part of the story. Agreements, production and resolution are another. First looks give short answers. What is ‘Actually’ happening inside?

Our bodies are under attack and they are in ‘Defense/Survive’ mode. Our own submission to suggestions and copying others has lead to the environments and sustenance choices we make. Our environments and food choices are literally destroying our bodies.

This leads to chronic depression in the body and mind and more ‘submission’ to a depressed lifestyle. Can this cycle be broken?

About 1 minute after you read this – you can break the cycle and reclaim your birthright and your Life. Go for it!
Since 2009 and earlier – thank you Dr. Morse (-:

Meat Eaters – HUMANS ARE NOT!

Major acidosis and bacterial and parasitical attacks are prepared and executed in our bodies – when we eat modern meat. It leads to horrible outcomes inside the body physically and emotionally and in the peace department. Our societies have developed to lie to us about these matters.

Of the four major vertebrate species, Humans are least adaptable to meat outside herbivores. If we ate raw meat that we fresh killed it might be less offensive to our inner body but the product we call meat today is adulterated with chemicals to quell the toxicity of the putridity of the actual product as it goes through the processes of animal to plate.

Adrenal and Endocrine and Fungal

Grains feed fungal cravings. Real carbohydrates will fix this like grapes , berries, melons and watery fruits. Our internal environments are garbage junk yards and we must CLEAN THEM to get healthy. Acidosis is brought to you by corpse orators and their partners in tyranny – chemists and medical specialists. Chemo therapy is shooting hot acids directly into the bloodstream. NOT GOOD!

Apathy – Sleep Walking – Is it Dairy?

The dairy lobby is a wide range of professional dairy hustlers who mold public and governmental opinion into policy and execution. It’s efforts are seen in the wide distribution of dairy products into the bloodstreams of the average MAD/SAD diet regimented person. The natural detriment of entering dairy into a person of any age other than it’s own Mother’s milk at the early age milk is needed is then compounded greatly by adulterations.

Cows do not carry benefit to people in regards to consuming them. Eating a cow’s flesh or it’s milk can only bring harm to the Human Being. It is naturally abhorrent and very dangerous for a Human to consume, regardless of measures or adulterations. The attempts to make cow’s milk and flesh safe to eat has only compounded the danger and the outcomes to the human population. More drastically in the average person consuming the MAD/SAD diets.

Healthy Lifestyle

It means resonate with Life. Dead animal tissue, dairy, complex sugars, industrialized salt, preservatives and wheat does not resonate with our bloodstream and causes fermentation. Our complaints of pain and immflamation are answered by corporate medical and governmental tyrants and tyranny.

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