T Levels Dropping

T Levels Dropping

The apps have turned hard working, disciplined and purpose driven men into soft, sensual driven and genitally inspired reactoids.

The value of a Human person has gone from 100 to about -3.

T Levels Dropping

T Levels Dropping

… in direct correlation to CCP run Ten Cent holdings going up. A back door SeeSeePee takeover of the West.

Chinese tech companies like ByteDance and TenCent have been buying huge shares in social media sites sites like reddit discord and snapchats and more. Soon, the Chinese government entities will dominate all the SM apps.

The apps have turned hard working, disciplined and purpose driven men into soft, sensual driven and genitally inspired reactoids. The value of a Human person has gone from 100 to about -3. People are trashing each other in a wave of discontent and deceit. The Chinese psychologists working for SeeSeePee are getting quite the lesson on the easily uncovered weakness of American Fighters. No Mas.

Theses “services” are ultimately serving us depressed, suicidal and super de-masculinated Men and boys. The downfall of western civilization. There are no Men left to stop it and the girls are not complaining either. What to do?

Along with loss of masculinity comes loss of courage, willingness to experience discomfort and loss of loyalty to self and purpose/family.

We men have become accustomed to comfort and lost our will against struggle To struggle or to strive makes a Man’s Life. The loss of struggles has led to us losing that will to succeed – to overcome.

This is what we bought with these Chinese money lord products. Historically, China has always been the top commerce national entity. They have any and all avenues to dominate markets, countries and people.

Ten Cent is a SeeSeePee Co and they are heavily invested in these apps for the purpose of devaluing the “Fight” or masculinity of Western/USA Men. Masculinity and T levels had been in slight decline. The apps 100X it.


T count testing today is averaging the same as 100 year old men. Averages are 300 – 700ng/dl
compare to previous generations of average 1,000 ng/dl


Testosterone should be measured fasting and as close to 8 AM as possible

You need to abstain from alcohol the day before the lab and also get a good nights sleep – testosterone is made at night while sleeping, and peaks around 3:00 AM

You should also refrain from supplements containing biotin for at least three days prior to the lab – biotin interferes with hormone measurement

If the total testosterone is under 400 ng/dL, then you should look at the free testosterone level

If free testosterone is low, then LH and prolactin should be measured to determine the cause of the low testosterone. Both are made by the pituitary gland. LH (luteinizing hormone) controls testosterone production. High levels of prolactin inhibit LH production

If LH is high, then low testosterone is due to testicular failure. The cause of that should be found and then one should strongly consider testosterone replacement (if there aren’t any contraindications)

If prolactin is high, then an MRI of the pituitary gland should be done to rule out benign tumors which can decrease testosterone

If LH is low, then the cause of this needs to be determined and fixed. Common causes of low LH are shift work, untreated sleep apnea, diabetes, long term use of opiate containing pain medication, excessive alcohol, and obesity.

Whack a Man

Men and boys masturbating to social apps leads entire countries into becoming weaker.

Hard work is replaced with instant pleasure. The
distractions make obligations easier to forget and easy life breeds weakness and too much comfort kills.

Men transform into an ‘insult’ when detaching themselves from their God given birthright of
their masculinity and after normalizing to this behavior – Men become accustomed to comfort and lose their will to struggle or overcome obstacles.

We would like to start a group of men who get things done without cracking heads. Are you out there?

Thanks to “Moon” for his super expose’s on YT, here are links:


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