Christology is a Science – NOT A NAME!!

Christology is a Science

Christ science is built into each cell of each Human per the teachings of Ieosus and designed to be personally validated in private…

Jesus Christ! Today is day 101 of UK Reigns Conflict

The word Christ is formally a science or a title. Christ is NOT A NAME.

Throughout the Ages, Christ has always been known as a science and a title of a teacher of Christ (the science) The man named Ieosus was later renamed Jesus by the Niceans/Romans. His name was also Ieosus High Priest of Christ which means he was an accredited (by means of the times) to be a teacher and trainer in the ways of achieving Christ within your own body – or to come to recognition and acknowledgement of Purpose.

His statement to the world was “I Am the Son of Man” and he meant that he could explain how to meet your own Christ within. The supposed ‘miracles’ he performed were always done by the person receiving the ‘miracles’. Through careful re-translations into English, these facts are revealed but at once they are revealed to the seeker of truth.

Christ SCIENCE = IO U – Inside/Outside You

The science we use everyday is 50% different from the science of Christ. Modern science relies 50% on measurements and conclusive definable evidence. When not possible the science community relies 50% on deductive reasoning leading to theoretical conclusions. Somehow scientists feel their theories are mysteriously more valid then those on the spiritual side.

The spiritual/esoteric side uses 50% deductive reasoning and 50% based on outcomes determined through observations, scribing, witness and testimony. Both sides rely exclusively on Nature. Science on definable and esoteric on undefinable.

Can both sides be right? Is that OK?

Christ science is built into each cell of each Human per the teachings of Ieosus and designed to be personally validated in private. He taught that every single person is the “Son of God”. He never, never, never would have said he was the one and only true son of god and that all other people are dirty sinners. No way, no how. You are now relieved of being born a sinner. But you may have fallen into sinning since then.

Christianity the religion and all of it’s satellites and other names are bastardized by men after the great teachers were alive. The policy makers of these religions do not have your best interest in mind. Instead they want you to believe your life has little value and if anything it is a series of never ending endings with continuous conflict. NOT TRUE.

No religions were formed during the Lifetimes of the named idols. The truth is hidden and revealed within the actual words and teachings of the great holy men. Each had knowledge to share to include their perspectives from the times they lived and the advancement quotient of the people.

Christ science can only be measured in outcomes and peace. It is unseen and permanent. Permanently connected to the mystery of Life itself. We play a game within temporary and permanent. The object of the game is to be determined by each individual.

In 270AD the politicians and rulers wanted a NWO with one religion only. They formed Christianity around the “science of Christ” which is a science, Christ is a science NOT A NAME. They used the story of Ieosus from year Zero as the people were still following the teachings along with several other mysticism religions or groups were co-existing but the followers of Ieosus were the strongest for the politicians to contend with. Ieosus is the character within the Teachings of Jesus Christ and these teachings are not Christianity. Christianity is full of doctrines and has been completely usurped by bad actors to keep humans in perpetual despair.

Where are emotions and logic in the human? The right brain controls the left side of body and has the emotional, spiritual, subconscious and unseen side – not measurable

Left/Right – In/Out – On/Off – Male/Female

The left brain controls the right side of the body and is in charge of rational and measurable decisions. When both left and right brain are in agreement to your actions then you achieve Cognitive Harmony. The antithesis is Cognitive Dissonance.

The vast population has been mis-educated to the point that their actions have created Cognitive Dissonance. This causes our reactions to events in our life to be largely fight or flight. The situations we land in are caused by our actions which are cause bu our cognitive dissonance which is caused by our decisions which are caused by our environment, peers and moral policies of our communities.

Did Jung really mean to say …

  • Humanism vs Anti-Humanism
  • Did he miss the Game vs Player aspect also?
  • Is judgement bad per se?
  • Is judging good when it is for betterment?
  • Is judging bad when it is for destruction or harm?
  • Who decides and how?
  • What is the metric? What do we share?

When great harm comes or perceived and you are angry and you are considering harm or worse toward another person or group:

  • How did they feel?
  • Do I really want to kill them?
  • Is it OK to be angry and sad?
  • What do we share?


Humanism is the thing we all share – fine, what is Humanism,
a blend of the finest aspects of humanity: appreciation, auto leads to humility.

Humility can be proven to come after appreciation in all circumstance. If you come home from work and your home is burnt to ashes, you will feel a huge wave of appreciation for what you had, then you will be washed with humility and anguish. But appreciation came first.

  • appreciation
  • humility
  • understanding
  • forgiveness
  • patience
  • courage

Built into every fiber of a Human. When a human sees another human or animal suffering we feel compassion for that being. That is Humanism. A respect and awe for a Life Being. When a human is faced with an animal and looking in their eyes, ask them if they can kill it with no remorse. They cannot.

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