Passive Vegans Empower Carnism meat putrefied to explain Humans

Passive Vegans Empower Carnism meat eating to explain Humans

300 million Americans eat meat. But meat eaters fall victim to their own game. They’re unknowingly fed hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bacteria, viruses, and animal waste—all so they can eat meat. They are the collateral damage of carnism. Outside of the millions of animals treated cruelty and slaughtered inhumanely. Only for their flesh to be putrefied and adulterated on the way to a couch, coat, shoe factory or diner or supermarket or meat processing location.

USA Vegans – Take a Seat to 300 Million

300 million Americans eat meat. But meat eaters fall victim to their own game. They’re unknowingly fed hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bacteria, viruses, and animal waste—all so they can eat meat. They are the collateral damage of carnism. Outside of the millions of animals treated cruelty and slaughtered inhumanely. Only for their flesh to be putrefied and adulterated on the way to a couch, coat, shoe factory or diner or supermarket or meat processing location.

22,893,901,326 animals killed up to the minute for 2022 in USA at 6:27 PM 5/31/2022 – for current data visit animalclock,org.

Ready to try Non Violence

You cannot be passively against violence and consider yourself anti-violence or non-violent. If you allow violence – you allow violence.

OK, you stopped eating flesh – now what to eat. Well first there is the rest of the world to consider – unless you choose to be passive, or a passive anti-violence person. Or better yet – passively against violence. In other words, you are not violent but are more than willing to have violence happening all around you. At the supermarket and on the plates of those next to you. If you were not ‘more than willing’ – you would not be in your chair – you would take action.

7 Billion People Kill Animals Daily

In a world where nearly 7 billion people eat meat and other animal products, one’s choice to be vegan solves very little. Rather, the transformative power of being vegan lies in our ability to influence others to follow suit. And that’s exactly the problem with passive veganism. Passive veganism fails to galvanize social change.

To see passive veganism as violence disguised, we must look at the root cause of animal exploitation — i.e., carnism. Carnism justifies eating certain animals. Whereas a vegan opposes the violence in animal-based foods, carnism excuses it. The day to day acceptance of carnism must be overcome to make societal change.

Carnism – the desire to kill

Carnism works by disguising what it actually is and all the horror needed to achieve a baby animal to mature animal to your plate/mouth and to the gazillion products made after killing the animal. An effective advocate – shines light on this and uncovers it’s disguises.

Carnism’s central justification is that it’s normal to eat animal-based foods and use/wear animal derived skins and products – And That, this belief must be left unchallenged for the actuality of carnism to stand. Sociologists and anthropologists have proven, it is not naturally normal to kill/eat animals, but instead a cultural meme that has been developed over time.

How to Make Change

It is not impossible to counter the harms of carnism without flipping the normalization of carnism. IE, we de-normalize carnism. Today’s vegan crowd gets bullied and pushed around – because they are all ‘passive vegans’. They oppose violence – and allow it. They are hypocrite and deserve what they get, no? Would you dine with someone eating their kitty cat or their Golden Retriever? Why not.

Since veganism has become a worldwide meme and trend – the numbers of vegans has never increased. There can only be so many hypocrites in one world. When one stands by in their house silently, while violence and injustice are taking place – it is a way of passively sanctioning the event. Your silence abets violence. A way of the hypocrite. Behold an old scribe:

Woe to you, policy makers and Presidents, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness. Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness

Effective Resistance?

On and around factory farms, workers and community members are exposed to noxious gases from animal waste. Many suffer from serious respiratory disease, reproductive dysfunction, neurological degeneration, seizures, and comas.

And all the while, 300 million Americans eat meat. But meat eaters fall victim to their own game. They’re unknowingly fed hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bacteria, viruses, and animal waste—all so they can eat meat. They, too, are the collateral damage of carnism.


We can refuse the violent system that is carnism today, and we can do so with compassion. Just look into the eyes of a calf and tell the person standing next to you that you don’t care whether or not that defenseless animal dies. You’re not cruel. You just can’t.

Most people in America would rather go vegetarian than kill their own animals for food. That fact should be seared into every meat eaters brain. We do care, all of us. Compassion is not about learning a new skill. It’s about unlearning carnism.

Carnism isn’t unlearned until we “witness the truth of carnism while witnessing ourselves.” As Joy puts it, we need to show ourselves as much compassion during this process as we show animals.

Undoing Hypocrisy

So, why does a hypocrite puts a great effort to look righteous? Because a hypocrite highly values the praise of men.

Hypocrites are after the fame and glory this world could offer. For them, it is the praise and recognition of men that give them value and honor.

A hypocrite is that they avidly point out the mistakes of others while ignoring theirs. For a hypocrite, they see themselves as righteous and see others as sinners. Thus, they take it to themselves to correct others.

Online Debate Below

S — “Therefore, the herbivore is actually carnivorous and sustains itself from the cannibalisation of its own microbiota and proteins that breakdown this cellulose.”

K — Seven is the magic number. “7 Nutrients That You Can’t Get from Plants” is pure propoganda. Any we are living a healthy no meat life since 2010 and have read many stacks of books on the body, biology, diet, nutrition, chemical analysis, various bodily productions and – WE chucked them all as the obvious became clear and the need for reference books became nil.

My perspective on this is from the viable and free thinking human being within their thoughts, decision making and actions. A Human Being and microbiota are ‘two different animals’ and two different discussions.

In literal terms: A carnivore is an organism whose diet consists mainly of meat or the flesh of animals. Sometimes carnivores are called predators. Organisms that carnivores hunt are called prey.

If we are talking about organisms that is different than a viable free thinking human being. Organisms in the bilological chain of evolution are described in the food web on three trophic levels.

!st) Autotrophs do not have brains or hearts as they are lesser organisms from plants on down. They produce their own food and are the first trophic level. Includes complex plants and algae and less complex organisms within these organisms. EX., inside the digestive tracts of organisms with digestive tracts.

2nd) The second trophic level is herbivores and fruitivores that eat plants, fruit and other autotrophs.

3rd) Carnivores are the third trophic level and are willing to kill and eat organisms that contain Brains and Hearts. Almost every carnivore is NOT OBLIGATED to eat flesh to survive.

There is a term called obligate carnivore implying the body of such cannot survive without killing and flesh eating. Currently only cats are known to be of this type along with killer whales.

Humans jaws and teeth are made for grinding and NOT for ripping, tearing and attacking for the kill/meat. We do not have claws or body types to chase and kill prey. However:

Carnivores have biological adaptations that help them hunt. Carnivorous mammals such as wolves have strong jaws and long, sharp teeth that help them grab and rip apart their prey. Plant-eaters, on the other hand, usually have big molars that help them grind up leaves and grasses.

Lions, cougars, and other cats have sharp claws that they use to hunt. Birds such as hawks and owls also hunt with their claws, called talons. Many carnivorous birds, called raptors, have curved beaks that they use to tear apart their prey.

Many animals practice cannibalism. For some species, cannibalism is a way of eliminating competitors for food, mates, or other resources. Chimpanzees and bears, for example, will hunt and consume the young of family members, sometimes their own offspring. Praying mantis females will kill and eat the bodies of their mates.

From Silas book: “That is, hunter-gatherer tribes, to which they were primarily meat-eaters, though they subsisted on fruit and tuba as well, never had the diseases we then find crop up (no pun intended) within the agrarian societies. Rampant tooth decay, abnormal bone atrophy in old age, Alzheimer’s and dementia-like diseases, cancers and other severe inflammatory diseases, rickets and other joint and ligament atrophic diseases, etc, etc.”

K — The reason the PTB pushes Veganism is so you will not investigate it. There are endless evidentiary studies after study of the non meat eater being stronger and living longer. To limit arguments to one side is foolish. The evidence eating meat is unhealthy is greater than all the propaganda that says yes to eating meat – for anyone to see if they look or know about the North American dilemma of a death by blood stagnation/heart attack EVERY 30 SECONDS. The end times are not coming. We have been within end times for quite some time. All strategems are used from both sides:
Status Quo

From Silas: “Veganism is designed to enfeeble and kill. We are apex predators that utilize tools.”

Just because we know tools does not equal killer. Veganism to enfeeble is pure propoganda to enhance Staus Quo.

Silas said: “we possess the potential to eat both plant and animal products; although, we invariably have issues digesting both, but more so with cellulose material.”

eating cellulose is not brainy. Watery foods especially fruit have the fastest way to your bloodstream and perfect health. All other science around this is perpetrating lies for money and death rituals.

Silas said: “but I can assure you the “pure” vegan diet is designed to make infertile and enfeeble you. It is a cult as well, we find “vegan youtube stars” being harassed for secretly eating a Salmon fillet to just survive, while lying that they are “purely vegan” to their subscriber-base, and then being outed and shamed for it.”

K — I can personally testify this is untrue. Starting in 2010 with a mostly watery fruit and leafy diet with some grains have maintained a weight adjustment from 255 at 6’1″ large frame, to 157 and all pure muscle and stamina. No enfeebling whatsoever. The exact Polar Opposite. Every morning when I wake I have to endure a super hard erection and I do not have dreams. When my head hits the pillow I am sound asleep in less than 30 seconds. My wife is constantly chasing me to get to my virility.

I am not in a cult and do not want to be in a cult and do not want to start a cult. I am only sharing my testimony, please allow for that.

Silas said: “Essentially, like everything self-destructive that is pushed by the globalist regime, veganism can be understood as a societally-acceptable form of starvation and self-harm. Vaccines, in many ways, are akin to this.”

K — Almost everything the PTB says is actually the opposite.

Silas said” “The destruction of physical matter (both plant and animal) for the preservation of our physical vessel. “Life” is out with the physical vessel and life is thus eternal. What we eat is the physical vessel – of both plants and animals – to thus sustain our spiritual connection to this physical world. This is how life functions and it is how Nature propels the equilibrium of life. To be against this process is to be abhor the propagation of life itself; to be anti-life.”

K — I am not against ‘the ways of the world’. This place is our location for these times. It is what it is and I anm not fighting it. I am for something. I am for resolution to issues, dilemmas and questions. My sole purpose.

We are two beings in one. One is ego and physical with Brain. The other is subconscious, unseen, pure and non-physical with Heart.

The ways of the world are the way out of the world. I am not mad at the world or it’s ways. I want resolution to my purpose – and then, to achieve it. We have a ton of details to share to overturn all above propoganda nad show evidence of the best diet for the best life possible, link here later.

AudaxVent said: “Many of the fruits available in Western supermarkets should not be consumed by people in the West as they can cause diabetes – pretty much any tropical fruit is laden with sugar which the body can’t break down – bananas, mango, papaya, pineapple and others like grapes, strawberries.”

K — Pure and evil propaganda, I am afraid. Diabetes is from ingesting poly-saccharides made in labs for large food producers. You cannot get diabetes from fruit as it is Mono Saccharide and quickly and painlessly turns into food for blood cells in less than 30 minutes from intake.

Veganism gone wrong! Human Body is Reliable

The least fruitful place to discuss harms of another’s action is while they are doing it. Cognitive dissonance between one’s actions and values are too deafening to bountifully engage with.

Our option has been to denormalize violence and flesh eating by not partaking in the restaurant world ot anywhere meat is being served. We have yet to find an alternative to supermarket but are striving to.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the Human Condition is our body. It is a meglo-manufacturing enterprise of undefinable complexity, power and adaptation. Overlooked indeed! Within the smallest unit, the Human Cell is undefinable complexity, function, enterprise and adaptation.

Even at the smallest unit, our body can be awesomely and instantly powered, handle mega numbers of functions instantly and flawlessly and instantly adapt to most any condition. And this is at the smallest unit. Times that times many trillions including intensely energetic and complex power nodes called organs – all working in perfect harmony and synergy – and you have a very capable organism. Known as the Human Body. Completely resilient and self sufficient. Able to manufacture almost everything it needs form the Air.

We eat a tiny proportion of every 24 hours in proportion to the Air we breathe in and out. Obviously, our breathing is far more important to our Life than eating.
We can live on water alone and breathing for up to 90 days per many studies. IE, many moons can go by without food and your body is ready to keep you alive all the same. It is a wonder.

I am sure body builders are getting what they want. I have zero issues with strength, stamina, endurance, virility, clear minded ness, creative thinking, ability to complete thoughts or projects. It must be other vegans having these issues.

Regarding living in the Oregon desert, we did that last summer for one week and came out fine. In growing season here there are endless berries and fruits along with plants and roots. No need to kill in Oregon even thoughit is considered one of the most baren places. We even have hot springs for bathing and de-bacterializing. Sage grows endlesly and immortally here and is a cure all for most anything including antiseptic and many many more uses. Even our pine trees here yield endless foods and uses. So Oregon desert – no problem.

ANSWERING more challenges: Thank you!
Gorillas eat fruit and vegan. Horses and other grazers eat grass. The most muscular animals on Earth.
Barny du Plessis. He is vegan, and won the Mr. Universe in 2014. There’s also Kendrick Yahcob Farris, an American Olympic weightlifter who finished 11th in his weight class at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
Muscle gain. You need to stress your muscles through exercise, which stimulates the recovery process. Then you need adequate nutrition to aid that recovery.
A wide variety of fruits and veggies in your diet every day: especially leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables.
Eating kale, spinach, or broccoli may not directly contribute to your muscle gains. But they improve digestion, metabolism, and hormonal function.
These functions regulate how you absorb nutrients from your food, and how well you use them as fuel for muscle building which your body has built in processes to do for you.
NO CASHEWS> Almonds, pecan, pistachios, and other nuts are good non-dairy sources of calcium. You need calcium for bone health, which will support your efforts in the gym. Vitamin D is essential and only available from sunlight, mushrooms and pine pollen.
Kale provides Vitamin K for strong healthy bones to support those big muscles you will have.
Protein contains amino acids, which play a significant role in muscle growth. What non violence foods provide protein or the conditions for the body to manufacture protein?
chickpeas are a nutritional powerhouse. They have been used in middle eastern cuisine for ages. If you’ve ever had hummus, it mostly contains chickpeas.
A 100 gram serving of chickpeas contains around 10 grams of protein. It is also a good source of iron and fiber to promote muscle gain and optimal digestion.
100 grams of boiled kidney beans pack around 9 grams of protein. They are rich in fiber, and various vitamins and minerals like folate, iron, manganese, and potassium. Kidney beans also contain vitamin K1, which helps maintain bone mineral density.
boiled lentils pack around 9 grams of protein in every 100-gram serving. They are also a great source of iron, which could be beneficial to you on a vegan diet.
Inca civilizations proved quinoa as a gluten-free seed, and one of the world’s trendiest superfoods today. And for a good reason. It is highly nutritious and a rich source of protein.
One cup of cooked quinoa contains around 8 grams of protein. Quinoa also contains critical nutrients like zinc, manganese, magnesium, folate, and more.

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