UV ALDE – 2.3 decodes

UV ALDE – 2.3 decodes

Each letter of the alphabet has many properties and locations of influence.
Each set of letters making a word also has an arrangement of influences and all are changed in context, location, placement, inflection, volume, the presenter and so on.

UV ALDE the many possibilities

Does U valde look like a real event, and unreal event and a surreal event. it has elements of all three. Is it plausible that an 18 year old go find single room full of 4th graders and shoot 19 of them? Therefore we look in every other way for an answer. The obvious and not so obvious. With the same old questions and never asked questions also. Application is the only hurtle to cross.

The Letters – The Word

Each letter of the alphabet has many properties and locations of influence. Each set of letters making a word also has an arrangement of influences and all are changed in context, location, placement, inflection, volume, the presenter and so on. Starting with UV, as valde has an obvious meaning:


  • The “U” in a name is a letter for duality or give and take – a giver and a destroyer. Taurus Moon sign.
  • The “V” in a name is a letter for ‘great intuition’ or seer.

Together these letters in a name can mean Lord Sun (aka ultra violet). Also known as the personified Pleaides nurse of Earth.


  • Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
  • Association of Lutheran Development Executives

By the Letter

  • A. Persons are confident, independent pro activity. they influence people with both leadership and motivation.
  • L. Influenced by magnetic, optimistic and expressive energies.
  • D. Energies of stability, reliability and determination. They influence hard work and practical thinking.
  • E. Freedom and expressive energies as a driving force.

The Name Alde

Alde is personality No. 7 and seeks religious wisdom. They are introspecticive and analytical. They love earth and peace. They love perfection and teaching spirituality. They are creative, dignified and tolerant. They are intuitive and magnetic. Their character has been associated with trailblazers, torch[bearers, researchers, teachers ad they are who show others the way. The are leaders, motivators and idealistic visionaries who are aware of their own innate powers.

Alde in Astrology

In ancient Vedic astrology Alde is the moon sign and constellation Aries. The element is fire and the ruling planet is Mars. The animal is the ram and considered Cardinal. The symbol that looks like 7 in Nakshatra Vedic astrology is for the name Alde and Krittika. That name is for personified entities from Pleiades who perform as nurses of Karttikeyea, a son of Shiva. The zodiac is 22×40.

Other name options, having Aries moon sign are name starting with : Chu, Cho, La, Che,Lee, Lu, Le, Lo,Li, A, I,Ee.

Fancy News Clips about Alde

My whole life is like radio stations going silent and moving to the next station. Wrecking potential relationships and chasing others away before they can grow.

Maia Cirillo 11 years old exclusive blood smearing interview on CNN (MALE) Cirillo means “master lord” Maia means Maya or Illusion. Maia reported on cnn that she smeared her schoolmates blood all over her body to save herself in case the gun man came back. She had many more super fantastic things to say in the interview and even more amazing than that in less than 48 hours from the incident. And more amazing, an 11 year old girl going through the greatest trauma that any human can experience is appearing on live television in less than 48 hours and speaking eloquently. Implausible. Not to be believed – is the expression on the street.

UVALDE is about another cog in the machine of REMOVING ALL HUMANITARIAN LAWS and replace with laws toward non-human entities who can be possessed without the encumberance of HUMAN LAWS.

Past to Future

Over time and eras – we have ‘de-humanized’ ourselves. Our wishes and focus shall be fulfilled. We want all Human Laws to be removed and all of us to be fully clarified of all of our s(P)ins.

Over many aeons we have developed, undeveloped and developed again to a babysitter world of undervalued Spiritual Beings being managed by a complex hierarchy of known and unknown bosses who also are dysfunctional.

As we started as Original and Perfect – we will end that way also – to include the ‘live look’ we are having of a tiny slice of ‘life’ in our eternal world. A close up view we are now having of ‘clarification’ of materialism versus humanism. At once faced with the 8 ball track of birth and death and our own presumed immortality. Immortal is one of those words that reverses it’s meaning at the beginning with the “IM”. These words become phrases like “I M Mortal” which is the opposite of the meaning of immortal. So what gives?

This proves to you that this language is not suited to the concept of zero beginning and zero ending. This concept and actuality resides outside of the limit of language. The limit of the English language – the one from England – and the most influential language worldwide. The Sun never sets on the English language.

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